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  1. Return Of The Jedi Despecialized Download
  2. Crc32: 42a67cc6
  3. Harmy's Despecialized Edition Watch Online
  4. Star Wars Despecialized Edition Blu Ray

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Return Of The Jedi Despecialized Download

Note: All releases until version 1.0 are in the testing or 'beta' phase; please report any bugs you find!

Crc32: 42a67cc6

Harmy has completed work on his v2.5 Despecialized Edition and it is superb. The MKV file is available now and a Blu-Ray w/ Bonus Disc should be available late 2014. Decoded hash haval192,4: faadcd48d52871f0f03a5e2d3bbc7f74c5b118bd78acd39d: CRC32: 42A67CC6 (unhashed, decoded, lookup, decrypted, decoded). .note. this is only if you own a copy of the special editions on blu-ray. I do not claim ownership of these movies or of the despecialized editions!!!!! This is a reconstruction of the 1977 theatrical version of STAR WARS. The original shots were painstakingly restored using various sources (listed below) and the film received an extensive shot. The extraordinary lengths a group of fans -with skills-went to, to de-construct Star Wars back to its original form, and ended up doing a better job than Lucasfilm: Star Wars: Despecialized Edition.

If you want to be notified if there is a new version available, please use the 'File Monitoring' feature Sourceforge.net provides.

Harmy's Despecialized Edition Watch Online

Release 0.6.1
RapidCRC 0.6.1 Installer
for Windows NT(2000,XP,2003)

RapidCRC 0.6.1 Installer for Windows 95,98,ME (Experimental)(*)
RapidCRC 0.6.1 Binary Only.zip
Note: You don't need to uninstall older versions. The installer will detect this.
SourcesSince version 0.5 the sources are available via CVS. If you don't know how to use the CVS system please feel free to drop me a note in the forum; I will send you an exported version.
There is also a special Compile & CVS FAQ that holds some infos regarding CVS.
Older versions: Older versions

Star Wars Despecialized Edition Blu Ray

(*) Before a new release I do a brief test of the Windows 9x version under VMware. But that is not really enough to be sure that it works as expected. If you want to use a similar program that is tested more intensely under Windows 9x then I recommend QuickSFV; it's not open source but at least freeware.