Absolute Obedience Pc Game

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Absolute Obedience. Released on Apr 22, 2005. The game is story based and gives you choices throughout that determine the different scenarios outcomes. Each character has 5 missions. Absolute Obedience is more about making the right choice to manipulate, charm, or seduce your target to do it with you, rather than by having the characters take it by force. Also, though the title may imply differently, there is no slavery or implied slavery in any of the storylines. Install pokemon diamond and pearl on android. ABOUT THE GAME In Absolute Obedience, you control Louise and Kia through a set of six missions each, with a possible grade of 'A' through 'C' or 'D' in each. 'A' and 'B' are successful grades; 'C'.

Absolute Obedience Pc GameNow that you have downloaded the game, you need to install it. (Wow, caption obvious)
You will need WinRAR to to exact the Zip file. If you do not have WinRAR, you can download it Absolute Obedience Pc Gamehere.
Absolute obedience pc game♡ Step 1:
Create a folder.
♡ Step 2:
Now extract the .zip file.

Note: Some people get confused and extracts the .zip file into the folder you just created. Do NOT do that.
♡ Step 3:
Once the extraction is done, open the 'Setup' text document from the folder.
Find, and delete 'DISCNO=1' and 'DISCNO=2', then save.
♡ Step 4:
Install the game.
And save it to the folder you created on Step 1.
♡ Step 5:
Don't start the game yet!
Copy 'Voice.arc', 'Se.arc', and 'BGM.arc' and paste it on the folder where you installed the game.
♡ Step 6:
Start the game and you're good to go~!
Don't understand?
Watch this video~!

And to answer Natasha's question where I found here.

♡ Step 1:
Open the game and click 'Config'

♡ Step 2:
Now select 'Full Screen' which is under Screen Size which is in the System category.
Absolute obedience pc gamesAnd that's all!

Absolute Obedience Pc Game


Absolute Obedience Pc Games

I hope this helps you out!
Absolute Obedience Pc Game
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