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Usually, this is not a bug in Adblock Plus but a problem with the filters (or filter subscription) you are using, these filters tell Adblock Plus to block something that shouldn't be blocked. You verify this by temporarily disabling Adblock Plus. GitHub is where the world builds software. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. Added log messages to the AdBlock pop up menu to help determine usage of each menu item. Added the '%' as an allowed character in a filter list domain. Updated the Israeli / Hebrew filter list contact info. Fixed an issue when a user subscribed to a language filter list that required an EasyList subscription.

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What is Adblock Plus?

  • AdBlock is one of the most popular ad blockers worldwide with more than 60 million users on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge as well as Android. Use AdBlock to block all ads and pop ups. AdBlock can also.
  • Adblock monetization should include both near-term revenue recovery tactics, as well as opportunities for long term visitor engagement via paid subscriptions, email signups, and more.

Adblock Plus is the most popular browser extension available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Android. Its primary purpose is to remove all intrusive advertisements from your browsing experience: YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, background ads etc.

How does Adblock Plus work?

In order to block ads, Adblock Plus requires the so-called filters to 'tell' it which requests to block. Out of the box, Adblock Plus comes without any filters, but, it will offer you to add a filter subscription on first start. With these filters enabled, it can block specific requests from websites, usually the requests to serve an ad. Blocked ads often leave blank spaces or 'Advertising Tags' on webpages. Adblock Plus is still able to remove these with a functionality called 'element-hiding': based on certain specific characteristics, Adblock Plus is able to hide certain elements from the webpage.

Installing Adblock Plus

For Firefox

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, click the install button on the Firefox installation page. Firefox will prompt you to allow Adblock Plus to install the add-on: Click on 'Allow'.

Firefox will start the installation of our ad block, and will ask you to confirm that you trust the author. Click on 'Install Now' to add Adblock Plus to your Firefox browser.

You are now protected against all intrusive ads!

For Chrome

Google Chrome allows two ways to install our ad block software. The easiest way is through our website, the second way is through the Chrome Webstore.

Installation through our website in two steps

Simply go to the Chrome installation page and click on the install button to add the ad blocker to your Chrome browser. Click on 'Add' when the following dialog pops-up in your browser:

Adblock Plus will be installed into your browser. You know it has been successful if the following message shows up:

Installation through the Google Chrome Webstore in three steps

If you wish to install Adblock Plus through the Chrome Webstore please click here to open ABP. The following screen will open our adblock for Chrome:

In this screen, please click on the blue 'Add to Chrome' button in the top-right corner. After clicking this button, the following pop-up will ask you to 'Add' Adblock Plus to your browser:

After confirming, you will be protected against all obtrusive online advertising by world's most popular ad blocker!

For Opera

To install Adblock Plus on Opera, go to the Opera Add-ons page and click on 'Add to Opera'. The following pop-up will show up:

Please confirm by clicking on 'Install', and Adblock Plus will block ads in your Opera browser.

On Android

Adblock Plus is also available for Android devices. It is important to note, that there are a few limitations for non-rooted devices. To install Adblock Plus, you will need to allow app installation from unknown sources:

  • Open 'Settings' and go to 'Unknown sources' option (under 'Applications' or 'Security' depending on your device)
  • Tap the checkbox and confirm the upcoming message with 'OK'

In order to download Adblock Plus for Android, access the Android installation page, download the app and open it.

Once Adblock Plus has been installed, enabled and configured, all ads should be blocked.

First steps

Choosing the right filterlist

As previously described, Adblock Plus requires filterlists to block ads. By itself, Adblock Plus can only see the webpage you are loading, but has to be 'told' by the filterlist which elements to block. When you install Adblock Plus for the first time, it will automatically suggest a filterlist to you based on the language settings of your browser.

There are a two basic lists out there, EasyList and Fanboy's List. These two lists block the ads from the most popular (often English) websites. However, these lists do not block ads on less popular national websites. In the case that you, for example, come from Germany, you will have to subscribe to the national German filter list. In this case, this will be 'EasyList Germany + EasyList'. An overview of all the lists can be found here.

It is important to note that you should not add too many filterlists to Adblock Plus. This will slow down the adblocker, therefore, your browsing. As a rule of thumb, it is highly recommended to not use overlapping filterlists (e.g. choose either EasyList OR Fanboy's List).

You can also use filterlists to protect yourself against tracking, malware, social media tracking etc. Read more about this here.

How to add a filterlist

If you want to remove a filterlist again check out this tutorial.

In Firefox

In Firefox select 'Firefox' >> 'Add-ons' (for Mac OS X / Linux, select 'Tools' from the menubar >> 'Add-Ons'), this will open your Firefox Add-ons Manager.

On Windows:
On Mac OS X / Linux

In the Add-ons Manager under the 'Extensions' tab, you will find Adblock Plus:

Please select 'Preferences' to access the Adblock Plus profile, and click on 'Filter Preferences':

This will open the Adblock Plus Filter Preferences menu:

Please click on 'Add filter subscription', and open the drop-down menu for the filterlist subscriptions to add new/more filters. Select the list you want to subscribe to, Adblock Plus automatically enable these lists by default. This menu only shows the most popular and recommended filters. Please go here for more filter lists.

In Google Chrome

To add a filter subscription to Google Chrome, please select 'Settings' from the menu in the top right corner. This menu can be found under the small icon with three horizontal bars:

In the drop-down menu, select 'Settings'. Next, go to the tab 'Extensions' on the left side of the screen. This will open the extension window of Google Chrome, where you will find Adblock Plus.

Under the description, you can find the 'Options' hyperlink. Please click on this link to open our adblock for Chrome's menu:

In the Adblock Plus Options menu, you can see an overview of the installed and enabled filter lists. To add a new subscription for our adblocker, select 'Add filter subscription'.

This will open a drop-down menu with the recommended and most popular filterlists. Please select the filterlist you want to enable, and click 'Add'. If your desired filter is not showing amongst these pre-selected filters, please go here.

In Opera

To add a new filterlist in Opera, please go to 'Menu' button (for Mac OS X / Linux, 'Tools'), select 'Extensions' >> 'Manage Extensions' . This will open your currently installed extensions, including Adblock Plus:

To access the filter preferences menu, please click on the small tool-icon on the right side. This will open your 'Adblock Plus Options' menu, where you can add your subscriptions.

Click on 'Add filter subscription' to access the drop-down menu with the recommended and most popular filterlists.

Here you can select your desired filter, and click 'Add'.

On Android

For Android, it is not possible to select multiple filterlists. In order to change your filterlist subscription, please open the Adblock Plus application, and select 'Filter Subscription'. This will open the menu where you can change your subscription.

Disabling Adblock Plus on frequently used sites

Many web sites depend on advertising income, and if you visit a web site frequently you might want to allow their advertising. To do that, navigate to that site and click on the Adblock Plus icon in the toolbar. From the menu you can choose 'Disable on ..' by clicking the slider (you can undo that choice in the same way by clicking the slider again) and then click “refresh”.

It will add an exception rule like @@^$document to your list of filters. You can find more information on exception rules in Writing Adblock Plus filters.

If you want to disable Adblock Plus on all websites, follow these instructions: Disabling/Reenabling Adblock Plus on all Websites.

Disabling/Reenabling Adblock Plus on all Websites

In Firefox

To disable or reenable Adblock Plus in Mozilla Firefox on all sites, please access your 'Add-ons Manager' by going to 'Firefox' >> 'Add-ons' (for Mac OS X / Linux, select 'Tools' from the menubar >> 'Add-Ons'). Here you will find an overview of your currently installed add-ons. Find Adblock Plus here, and simply click on 'Remove' or click the slider. If you want to enable the adblocker on all website again, simply click on the slider again.

For more detailed information on how to remove add-ons, please visit Firefox's page.

It is important to note that Adblock Plus saves your preferences settings, so if you would reinstall ABP in a later stage, you do not have to reconfigure your settings. If you want a clean start with Adblock Plus you should remove the directory 'adblockplus' in your user profile (how to find your profile). Also, you should go to about:config and reset all preferences starting with 'extensions.adblockplus' (to reset right-click a preference and choose Reset from the context menu).

In Google Chrome

To disable or reenable our Chrome Adblock Plus version, please go to 'Settings' in the menu in the top right corner. Then, select 'Extensions' on the left side. Find Adblock Plus here, and simply click on 'Remove' or click the slider. If you want to enable the adblocker on all website again, simply click on the slider again.

In Opera

To disable or reenable Adblock Plus for Opera, please go to the 'Menu' button (for Mac OS X / Linux, 'Tools' in the menubar), select 'Extensions' >> 'Manage Extensions'. This will open your Extensions menu. Find Adblock Plus here, select 'Uninstall', and confirm this.

On Android

Uninstalling Adblock Plus for Android is similar to any other app you have downloaded:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications (on devices running Android 4.x, Settings > Apps).
  2. Scroll through the list of apps to find the one you'd like to uninstall.
  3. Tap on the app you'd like to uninstall.
  4. Tap 'Uninstall'.

Solving problems

What if Adblock Plus blocks too much?

It might happen that Adblock Plus prevents some site from functioning correctly. Usually, this is not a bug in Adblock Plus but a problem with the filters (or filter subscription) you are using, these filters tell Adblock Plus to block something that shouldn't be blocked. You verify this by temporarily disabling Adblock Plus, if this 'fixes' the problem you are dealing with a bad filter. Please report bad filters by using 'Report issue on this webpage' feature that will automatically collect important data of the current web page:

When asked about issue type, please choose 'Adblock Plus is blocking too much':

Your report will be automatically sent to the maintainers of the filter list that you use. Please have understanding that filter maintainers don't reply to or act upon each of the many reports they receive. Your report will be more likely to be considered if you provide additional information to make the problem more obvious and reproducible.

What if Adblock Plus doesn't block an advertisement?

If you found an advertisement that Adblock Plus doesn't block, please check first whether you are using the right filter subscription. For example, expecting a French filter subscription to block advertisements on a Bulgarian website is unrealistic — you should add a Bulgarian filter subscription for that job. If the filter subscription is right, then the subscription maintainer is probably simply unaware of the problem and you should tell him by using 'Report issue on this webpage' feature that will automatically collect important data of the current web page:

When asked about issue type, please choose 'Adblock Plus doesn't block an advertisement':

Your report will be automatically sent to the maintainers of the filter list that you use. Please have understanding that filter maintainers don't reply to or act upon each of the many reports they receive. Your report will be more likely to be considered if you provide additional information to make the problem more obvious and reproducible.

To save you some looking around in our knowledge base, here are answers to frequently asked questions about paying for AdBlock.

Known Adblock Plus Subscriptions

AdBlock is supported by donations from happy users. We encourage payment because we like to feed our families, but the vast majority of people use AdBlock for free. Just close that page if you prefer not to pay.

Did we mention we're supported by donations? More than 99% of our users don't pay for AdBlock. Many of them have even forgotten they have it. When we have cool new features and bug fixes to announce, we occasionally show a page that reminds folks we're still blocking ads for them. We've found that most are glad of the reminder. Since payment is never required, you're always welcome to close the update page without paying.

We do our best to make sure the update page opens at the right time. It can be difficult to tell whether it's safe to open the page when we can't see what you're doing. We're very sorry if it appeared at an inconvenient time.

If you paid for AdBlock thinking it was something else, we will be happy to refund the payment. Just send a request to [email protected] and include the Order ID from your emailed receipt.

Adblock Plus Android Subscriptions

Of course you can! AdBlock is 'pay what you want' software. While we're grateful for every donation, we understand that not everyone who wants to pay is able to. Pay when you can, if you like, and in the meantime, please use AdBlock for free with our blessing.

You can still support our work by giving AdBlock a good review in your browser's extension store. You can also tell all your friends about AdBlock! There are a lot of copycats out there. Be sure to tell them to get it from our website,, so they get the right one. :)

Adblock Subscriptions

So glad you asked. Yes, you can pay with Bitcoin or by check or money order.

Paying by Bitcoin

Our Bitcoin wallet address is 13HEYMsooq1kFtbT5eK7HijAPgF6EaBGNe

Paying by check or money order

You can send a check or money order (no cash, please!) made out to BetaFish, Inc to our office:


665 3rd St., Suite 150

San Francisco, CA 94107

Depending on your location, you may have other options, too, such as AliPay in China. Please visit to set up recurring payments or use a local payment method if available.

We don't store any of your credit card information on our servers. All of our payments are handled by Stripe, PayPal, or (in some regions) a trusted local payment processor. Learn more about how these companies secure your personal information:

(Check the website of your local payment processor for its security policy.)

You can if your local currency is USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, RUB, or MXN. If your country (as set in your system or browser settings) matches a region for which a local currency is available, you will see it as an option on our payment page.

If your local currency isn't available, you can still pay in USD. Just use an online service to convert USD to your local currency. For example, try entering 'convert 5 usd to rupees' in a Google or Bing search box.

We aren't able to accept payment through these apps, sorry!

Since we don't require payment at all, how much you donate is up to you.

Please note, if you choose to pay, the smallest donation we can accept is US$5 to offset the fees our payment processors charge.


We don't process payments ourselves. We pay PayPal and Stripe to do that for us. Their fees are fixed, meaning the smaller the donation, the less of it we're able to keep. Please see this article for more information.

It's a much better idea to set a reminder for yourself on your calendar or phone.

This question has a two-part answer.

Part 1: If you chose the recurring payment (subscription) option, we will automatically withdraw your payment on the next payment date until you tell us to stop. (We hope to provide a way to manage your AdBlock subscription yourself in the near future.)

Adblock Filter Subscriptions

Part 2: Our payment page opens every time AdBlock is installed. We don't have any way to associate an installation with a particular payment or user. Everybody sees that page, whether they have paid or not. (Learn more.) Feel free just to close the page if you don't want to pay again.

Visit https://getadblock.comand click the GET ADBLOCK button. We have step-by-step installation instructions if you need them.

Not at all! You may install AdBlock as often as you like on as many computers as you have without paying again (unless you want to).

It shouldn't be happening. Please see this article for suggestions of what might be going wrong and what to do:

Adblock Plus Filter Subscriptions

AdBlock Premium is a new product. We created it for people who aren't necessarily comfortable with technology and may not be familiar with ad blockers. Onetouch usb driver. Like AdBlock, AdBlock Premium is free. Premium users have the option to purchase an upgrade to AdBlock Premium Gold, which comes with some perks. AdBlock Premium is still in early beta release. Pricing and features may change without notice. To try it out, visit

Adblock Plus Subscription

AdBlock is made by a tiny little company called BetaFish. At the time of this writing, the AdBlock team consists of a president, a product manager, four extension developers, two Web/backend developers, two designers, and one community manager (AKA customer support team). You can see our smiling faces on our Contributors page.

Adblock Subscription List