Alan Parsons Project Freudiana

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The amazing spider man 2012 full movie. ALAN PARSONS - Freudiana (CD) Item Information. Condition: Brand New. Alan Parsons Project – the Essential Project/2 CD Album. Freudiana was to be the 11th album by The Alan Parsons Project, but during its development, Eric Woolfson decided to turn the album into a rock opera. It was released as simply 'Freudiana,' though fans and sources debate on whether it should be considered an Alan Parsons Project album or an Eric Woolfson solo album. For those who enjoyed the defunct Alan Parsons Project or the Alan Parsons Band, you might consider Freudiana the final curtain for the Project. I personally considered Eric Woolfson to have been the heart and soul behind the Project.

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  4. The Alan Parsons Project - Freudiana (1990)
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01. The Nirvana Principle (3:45)
02. Freudiana (6:21)
03. I Am a Mirror (4:07)
04. Little Hans (3:16)
05. Dora (3:51)
06. Funny You Should Say That (4:36)
07. You're on Your Own (3:55)
08. Far Away from Home (3:12)
09. Let Yourself Go (5:27)
10. Beyond the Pleasure Principle (3:14)
11. The Ring (4:23)
12. Sects Therapy (3:40)
Alan13. No One Can Love You Better Than Me (5:41)
14. Don't Let the Moment Pass (3:40)
15. Upper Me (5:16)
16. Freudiana (3:43)
17. Destiny (0:51)
18. There But for the Grace of God (5:57)The alan parsons project - freudiana (1990)
- Laurie Cottle / bass

Alan Parsons Project Youtube

- Stuart Elliott / drums and percussion
Alan parsons project freudiana album- Ian Bairnson / guitars

The Alan Parsons Project Freudiana Songs

- Eric Woolfson / keyboards, lead vocal (2, 5, 9, 13)

Freudiana Cd

- Richard Cottle / synthetizers and saxophones

The Alan Parsons Project - Freudiana (1990)

Alan Parsons Project Singers

- Alan Parsons / additional keyboards
- Leo Sayer, Graham Dye, The Flying Pickets, Kiki Dee, Eric Stewart, Frankie Howerd, Marti Webb, Gary Howard, Chris Rainbow, John Miles / vocals
- Orchestras Arranged and Conducted by Andrew Powell