Aqw Undead Champion Recruitment Bot

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Exalted Legion Champion Items Required: Champion Head x13. Dropped by Undead Champion (Monster) (/join battleunderb) Undead Head x1. Dropped by Angry Undead Giant (/join battleundera) Lalu apasih Keuntungan kalau sudah menjadi Legioner, keuntungannya adalah kita bisa Memerge Item-item AQW item buatan dari DAGE THE EVIL bisa berupa item acs. Does metropcs work in bahamas. Grimoire 3.3 Legion Token Undead Champion Recruitment Bot. This bot let you automatically do the 'Undead Champion Recruitment' Quest. This bot do the following steps Join dreadrock map and then accepting the quest. After that it kills the monster for the quest. And it will loop until you stop the bot. Get Price; Aven Greywhorl s QuestsAQW. The AQW Bot makes bots for AdventureQuest Worlds the game, the bot lets you farm when you are away, yes its unfair but its possible, why not? If you are going to use bots, please support the AQW.

  • Guide Bots AQW Shop ID AQW Quest ID. Hey, I'm having bit of a problem with le bot 8.4 Ive been trying to used generic attack bot at battleunderb to farm Undead essence but after 5-10 mins more if lucky I just get disconnected and this is happening a lot.
  • =AQW= Pirate Mage Token Bot.dmbot MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so.
CETERA - Undead Champion Recruitment Bot
ChampionChampionA simple Undead Champion Recruitment that make sures that you are in another cell to turn the quest in and goes back to r3 to kill the monsters. I'm having problems with Carbon so I decided to make my own bot in Cetera. I know I'm not a professional bot maker but it does the job. Turn on the Max Skill Range on Cetera's functions, under the Misc. tab, and kindly pre-glitch the room. /join dreadrock--99456 is the preset room but you can still run the bot even if you are in another room. For example, you room glitched dreadrock--1234, you can still start the bot there and it will just run. Start the bot at the glitched dreadrock.


  • A good AoE class
  • Undead Champion
  • Cetera

Aqw Undead Champion Recruitment Bot Server

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