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The ECO AutoSmart is a single disc, fully automatic disc repair system for CDs, DVDs, Books on Disc, Blu-ray, and even the latest game discs.

  • Established in 1979 and based close to Lichfield in Staffordshire, Autosmart International is the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional vehicle cleaning products. We create, manufacture and distribute a wide range of market leading vehicle cleaning products for a range of industry sectors including car dealerships, valeters, hauliers, vehicle rental companies, bodyshops, agricultural.
  • National Auto Lock Service, Inc. Was founded in 1994 by Michael Hyde. We offer a large supply of quality and reliable products for the automotive locksmith & security profession markets. With over 25 years.
  • AutoSmart 2019 by Michael Hyde-Foreign/Domestic SET Spiral Book Item #:9691 / Model: MH-AS2019-BOOK $239.99 Quantity Add to Cart. Add to list Create a new list; MOTO QUICK GUIDE 1-Year.

AutoSmart 2019 Foreign & Domestic Book Set Completely re-designed the books for a whole new look that combines the features of AutoSmart and the Transponder books. All the info for specific vehicles. 2019 AutoSmart books are all new for this year. I have completely re-designed the books for a whole new look the combines the features of AutoSmart and the Transponder books. All the info for specific vehicles is found together, no more having to go from section to section. Speedgrade cs6. Expanded Transponder & Cloning information.

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC - Just insert a the depth of repair & close the door. It's that simple!! The door will even open automatically when the disc is ready to go back on the shelf and into circulation.
  • SUPER FAST PROCESS - Cleans disc's in less than a minute and most repairs take less than 3 minutes.
  • SUPER QUIET PROCESS - The ultra-quiet design is perfect for a library or retail environment.
  • FROM THE MACHINE BACK TO THE SHELF - No hand finishing or cleaning after the repair process. With all of the ECO brand Disc Repair Systems, discs come out of the machine clean, dry, free of residue and ready to go back on the shelf. Compare that to ANY of the competitors machines.
  • NO MESS - Do you really want your staff subjected to the mess the other brands make. ECO Brand Disc Repair Systems are the cleanest repair process available. Try the others, then compare. Just make sure you bring a change of clothes when trying the others.
  • NO HEAT..NO ODOR - The liquid cooled repair process means no heat or damage to the disc. Other brands use heat from a high-speed buffing process to repair the disc. The problem is, heat can damage a disc by warping it. Heat also produces odor. Do you really want your library to smell of melted plastic?
  • TABLE TOP DESIGN - At just 35 lbs and a very small footprint (9' x 16'), the Autosmart can be placed virtually anywhere and moved easily by anyone.
  • VERY LOW COST PER DISC - ECO Brand disc repair systems have the lowest cost per disc than any other machine.
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