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Band Manager Game

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016

A card game dedicated to all the bands who haven't made it (yet) Band Manager: The Boardgame is a love letter to the music industry: players feel the pressure of becoming more mainstream to survive, and must navigate the uneasy balance between companionship and headcount in a touring band. Starting with nothing but pure passion, players go on tours to win career opportunities and fans. The Road 2 Success is a Music label simulation game where you take charge of your own label, signing artists and releasing singles and Albums as well as tones of other features. Game description from the publisher: Bring together an epic band and rock to the top in Rockband Manager! In this card game for three to six players, take the role of band manager, assemble a group, and guide them to stardom. Use your talented stars to record killer albums, book sweet gigs, perform sold-out shows, and gain decibels to win the game. Bid for new gear and opportunities to improve. Take your rock band from the pub circuit to filling arenas, writing chart topping songs, buying equipment and dealing with band politics along the way! Play Rock Band Sim Free game online at

HiQnet Band Manager currently functions with the original Crown XTi Series and the latest Crown XTi 2 Series amplifiers. This software allows you to turn loose the power of your Crown amplifiers while greatly simplifying system setup and management. This is the second version of Band Manager which includes support for the Crown XTi 2 Series amplifiers and a number of new amplifier preset files for JBL loudspeakers.


Band Manager 2 gets your amps configured with more speed and less work because it is tailored specifically to portable systems. Once the software has automatically discovered up to eight USB-connected XTi or XTi 2 amps, represented in a virtual rack, the included JBL speaker tunings can be easily loaded into each amplifier.

Band Manager 2 features a sleek function-driven interface and intuitive browser-style navigation. The home screen automatically configures and displays monitor strips for each amp in the rack plus front-of-house EQ and level control and allows you to quickly access each amplifier's processing. Once you have set up your system, the amp settings can be saved for quick front panel recall.

Rock Manager
Developer(s)PAN Vision
Publisher(s)DreamCatcher Interactive
Genre(s)Business simulation game
Mode(s)Single player
Band manager downloadBand

Rock Manager is a business simulation game for Microsoft Windows.


Rock Manager puts the player in control of a rock band with the task of making them into rockstars.

Play starts with putting a band together. The player chooses from a list of musicians with all tastes and styles. Record a demo in a studio, adding effects to the song to make it fit the band's image. With a demo in hand, it's up to the player to bag a record deal, arrange gigs, promote the record and go on the road. But it is important to keep an eye on the musicians and keep them happy or the band might self-destruct.

Rock Manager Game

Vcarve desktop 8.0 software. Options are selected using an icon system, but recording and practicing takes place in real time.

Manage A Virtual Band Game

There are five styles of music you can use: Rock, Pop, Dance, Punk and Heavy metal.

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