Blackberry Desktop Manager Backup And Restore

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Users can connect devices to a computer using a USB connection or Bluetooth connection, and log in to BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager to activate and manage devices, back up and restore data, specify email settings, and update the BlackBerry Device Software. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, click Device. Select the backup file. Click All device data and settings. To restore data to built-in media storage, select the Files saved on my built-in media storage checkbox. If the backup file is encrypted, enter the password and click Restore. Transfer data to a new device. You can use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to do the following tasks:. synchronize your organizer data (calendar entries, contacts, tasks, and memos) and media files (music, pictures, and videos). back up and restore your device data. manage and update your device applications.

Ugg pet carrier. Desktop Manager comes with many useful features, but unfortunately it doesn’t provide the option to simply back-up your third party applications. There is a relatively simple method to do this however, and it even works for themes. To begin the process, you will need to have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed, which can be downloaded here. This process does work with version 6.0 as well, and this guide uses the newest version, as seen in the screenshots.

To back up your third party applications and themes, connect your BlackBerry to your computer and open Desktop Manager. In Desktop Manager v5.0 and below, click on Device Switch Wizard. In version 6.0, Click Device and select Switch Device.

Follow the prompts as though you will switch devices. To back up only third party applications, make sure Device and Data Options is unchecked, but that Third Party Applications is checked. Continue to follow the prompts and back-up your apps.

Backup Blackberry Contacts To Computer

Blackberry Desktop Manager Backup And Restore

Blackberry Desktop Manager Backup And Restore Windows 10

Once the process completes, do not click Next or Cancel. Leave the window open and click Start on your computer and select Search. Search for your device PIN, selecting All Files and Folders as a search option. You may need to ensure the search checks hidden files and folders as well. To get your device PIN, hold ALT and CAPS, and press h from the device home screen.

Find the folder that’s named after your device PIN, copy it, as well as the .alx file found in the search results, to your desktop or another safe place. There may be multiple folders named after your pin, make sure to choose the one that contains numerous .cod files named after your applications. Move the .alx file into the folder named after your PIN. Once the files are copied, you can exit the Switch Device wizard. Your apps and themes are now backed up in the items you copied!

Blackberry Desktop Manager Backup And Restore

To restore this back-up, the process is just as a simple. Just open desktop manager and connect your BlackBerry. Go to the Application Loader, or in the case of v6.0 Applications, and choose Import Files.

Blackberry backup files

Choose the folder you copied and highlight the .alx file contained within it, clicking Open. You’ll see all of your applications populate into the apps field, where you can select or deselect applications to be re-installed to your device. Choose Apply and allow your BlackBerry to update and install the applications. This could take several minutes, but once complete, your applications and themes will be restored!

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