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Kit is based on the classic look of a 1950's-1970's motel design that could still be in business today. This type of motel could be found on any well traveled highway in big or small towns alike.

Includes an office structure, two 4-room motel units and roadside sign. Computer games free download for windows 7 32 bit cricket download. Flexible design allows the structures to be positioned to fit your available space. Typical arrangements would include straight line like the photo at top of page, angular as shown just above this description or and 'L' shape layout (not shown).

Office structure is reminiscent of a streamline moderne design. Structure includes tab and slot walls, floor and sub-roof, canopy over driveway, laser cut peel-n-stick windows, door, roofing and trim. Also includes 'Motel' rooftop sign and laser etched sidewalks and curb. Optional flagstone wainscot is also provided.

Motel units include two identical 4-room structures as shown. Each motel structure features tab and slot clapboard walls (HO) or scribed walls (N), roof and floor. Peel-n-stick doors, windows, gable vents and trim. Peel-n-stick laser-cut printed 3-tab roofing. Decorative porch posts and laser etched sidewalks. And a rooftop 'Sunset Motel' sign.

Details include a spectacular laser-cut roadside sign and a soda machine. Also included are a great selection of realistic motel signs from the Blair Line photo collection.


N scale motel office (including canopy) is 2.62' x 1.80'. Each N scale motel unit is 3.50' x1.50'.