Mumps is a viral and contagious infection in which salivary glands are infected. Mumps is common in small children between the age group of 2 to 12 years old. These glands are responsible for creating saliva while swallowing and chewing food. You should know that mumps is a vaccine protected disease therefore routine vaccine is very essential in mumps.

Mumps: Causes

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Mumps infection is caused by the contagious virus. It can be easily transmitted from an infected person to another by respiratory secretion. Here are some common causes of Mumps,

  1. Coughing or sneezing
  2. Using the same dishes as an infected person
  3. Sharing drink or food with an infected person
  4. Kissing

Mumps: Symptoms

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The symptoms of mumps may appear within two to three weeks after the infection. The initial symptoms may be like-

  1. Headache
  2. Body pain
  3. Nausea
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Fatigue
  6. Low-grade fever

After the initial symptoms, you will see the developing of class mumps symptoms with swollen and painful glands. The later stage symptoms can be like-

  1. Pain in the face and side of the face
  2. Trouble in swallowing food
  3. Pain in joints
  4. High-grade fever
  5. Pain while swallowing

Use CBD in Mumps

Above you can see different symptoms related to Mumps and CBD can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of Mumps. CBD is a safe and natural chemical compound which can be used in different forms such as Isolate, Oil, Wax, Tincture, and E-Juice. CBD has no strain of THC because of which it can be used to treat the symptoms related to mumps.

Is CBD safe for children?

CBD is a completely organic and natural chemical compound which is obtained from different strains of the hemp plant. CBD has different therapeutic properties which makes it beneficial for treating different medical conditions. The interesting thing about CBD is that it has no composition of THC, which means CBD can’t get you high. CBD is made from non-GMO raw material which makes it completely vegan and safe for small children. You can also use CBD Oil as a supplement to make different dishes for your children. CBD infused dishes are the best way to give CBD benefits to your children.

What are the complications related to Mumps?

If proper treatment is not given in time then mumps can lead to severe health complications,


Sometimes due to mumps orchitis can be developed. In orchitis, both testicles swell which can be a very painful and uncomfortable condition.


In some cases, mumps can lead to severe brain inflammation known as Encephalitis. It is a life-threatening neurological condition.


Mumps can lead to abdominal pain which can extend up to vomiting and nausea like feeling. Mumps develops a medical condition known as pancreatitis.

Hearing loss:

In severe cases of mumps, hearing loss can occur in both of your ears.

Home remedies for treating Mumps

The best treatment is rest but here I will tell you some home remedies which you can try for reducing the symptoms of mumps.

  1. You should isolate your child for some time so that the virus does not spread. Mumps virus is so contagious that it can spread just by talking with the infected person.
  2. Use cold or warm fabric to ease the swollen glands.
  3. Use testicle supporter to ease the pain of testicles
  4. Avoid sour food and fruits
  5. Increase intake of fluids

Final words on CBD and Mumps

CBD is a magical chemical compound which can be used to treat different medical conditions. It is completely safe and non-addictive chemical compound. Mumps is very contagious and if proper care and treatment are not given in time then it leads to different health complications. Above I have mentioned all the possible symptoms related to mumps, therefore if you feel like any of those then consult a doctor right away. Before you use CBD or give CBD to your child for mumps it is better to consult a doctor for advice.

I hope you like my this article on CBD and mumps if you have any suggestions or questions related to this article then feel free to comment in the below section. Thank you for reading.

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