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No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Simply install floppy to usb

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You can’t, as the question is written. A floppy disk is a thin round piece of plastic with some magnetic particles on it. There’s no electrical component to it, it just passively sits there until a read head reads the ups and downs of its magnetis. I did the same thing, I used a normal floppy drive in my external enclosure. Please note that if you are using the external floppy drive for booting SATA drivers for XP you need a Windows certified floppy drive. Only Mitsumi, Teac and SmartDisc floppy drives are certified by Windows. The other brands will not work. Use Easy Disk Drive Safeguard to hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for them. A password protection can be applied to the program to prevent your users from changing the security settings.

Upgrade floppy drive to usb with floppy to usb to use USB as floppy. Finally, you will no more need the floppy drives and the floppy disks.

Replacing the old Floppy drive with this floppy to usb will surely increase the reliability and productivity of your machine. These floppy disk to usb emulator are designed in such a way that they permit to read and write to and from your USB to machine and machine assumes usb as floppy. These devices enable old machines to use USB as floppy. These floppy drive to usb are so intelligent designed that they befool the machines, and the machines will never come to know that they are processing data using USB flash drive as floppy or usb flash as floppy. The floppy to usb converter have a big edge over standard floppy drives in terms of fault tolerance and down time. These floppy drive to usb are capable devices are manufactured in such a way that they can even emulate a USB Flash drive as bootable floppy disks. This booting feature is often required by many equipments.

Main Features of USB as floppy

* Floppy drive to usbemulator is easy to installation. Even a layman who can change a floppy drive can do the job. The same 34/26 pin data cable and 5V DC is used. Even the screws locations of these usb as floppy drive emulator gets fixed in same place.
* Ease of operation. Floppy to usb is simple to operate, its practically just plug and play.
* Floppy disk to usb converter uses USB as floppy disk as the source of storage media.
No alternation or changes need to be made in the equipment in which it is installed
* * The media used ( Flash Drives ) are easily available in contrast to the Floppy drives and Floppy disk. So the user can make machine use USB flash as floppy.

Storage requirements are multiplying with each passing day and everyone is trying their level best to use Floppy disk to usb. Few of our industrial users are still stuck with the old floppy drive and floppy disks, as it is not viable to destroy the expensive machines which have no other option other than floppy drives to get the required data. Alternatives to floppy drives as floppy drive to usb have now been successfully been tested on many industrial machines. These floppy disk to usb have been specially designed keeping in mind the large number feedbacks from various segments of industrial users who were till today dependent on floppy drive. Their feedbacks have been proved helpful in many ways in successfully designing the floppy to usb. These are the customers from fields related who have successfully accessed usb as floppy.


3.5 Disk To Usb Converter

a) CNC / Robotics users of Electronica , Seib and Meyer, Charmilles , Fadal, ABB , Kuka , Mazak, Okuma, Jumberca

b) Textiles industry users Bonas, Grosse , Staubli , Shima Seike,

c) Embroidery users of Barudan, Brother , Tajima, ZSK , SWF , Lasser , Saurer

d) Floppy disk to usbfor Music Industry Users of Yamaha , Korg , Tritron, Kerton , Roland , Kawai etc

Apart from users for segments mentioned above, there are many more segments that are still to be discovered. Uncountable people of different industrial segment are still dependent on old and vulnerable floppy drives, due to the high upgrade cost involved in upgrading machine to use usb as floppy. Sighting the huge cost involved in upgradation they are virtually left with Zero options and so have to continue with these filthy old vulnerable and unreliable floppy drives. Scarcity of availability drives and disks have added to the vow and grievances of these users. They have no option left except to pile up the stocks of drives for next coming years down the line, when the search war for these drives will begin. Our USB flash as floppy accessible will allow and enable practically any old drive based equipment to use floppy drive to usb.

So, with this new invention of Floppy drive emulator which enables the user to use USB as floppy, an end of era of FDD has started. Soon will be the time when we will reach a landmark that these floppy drive will no more required on earth, except museums. We as a team have worked day and night on these different floppy drive, studying their nature and need before reaching the this marvellous invention. Currently there are basically 8 different version of floppy to usb that can make machine treat usb as floppy. The details of which can be viewed in 'Floppy to USB Emulator' section. We have manufactured different versions of floppy drive to usb keeping in mind the needs of the industry so that consumers of drives can use USB as floppy. These floppy disk to usb have been designed so smartly that they use same traditional floppy drive 34 / 26 pin channels and same +5 volts dc voltage. The size of these floppy disk to usb was also kept same, so that it can fit into same place. These USB flash drive as floppy have practically started the end of and old era related to floppy drives.

Floppy To Usb Software

Why upgrade to Floppy to USB from floppy disk drive?

Using USB as floppy is undoubtedly more reliable than the old FDDs. It is a reliable substitute that can replace a traditional floppy drive on almost all type of devices by using USB flash as floppy. Enabling the machine to use usb as floppy ensures more convenient, faster and efficient data transfer process. With the use of our floppy drive to usb converter there will be no wastage of time and resources. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, as swapping the floppy drives with the floppy disk to usb is best solution to get rid from data migration process.

  • Floppy Drive to USB have long life ( some what more than 2 Lac in/out operations ) and USB flash as floppy can handle high capacities of upto 100 floppy disk on single drive. The USB flash drive is considered to be trusted media for storage and is more efficient in transferring data. Asfloppy to usb emulator have 2 different interface options ( 34 pin and 26 pin ) It is compatible with almost all different type of devices which are solely dependent on floppy drives.

  • USB as floppy are resistant to impacts from magnetic fields, dust and shock. The process of installation simple and fast.

  • Ease of process to use USB as Floppy.

Dislikes of Floppy Disk Drives over Floppy to usb
  • Low Durability
  • Not available at local stores anymore
  • Easily effected by magnetic fields & dusty environments
  • Slow in speed
  • Low Storage capacity of floppy disk

Ff chartwell bars font free download. No customization , upgradation of software , changes in circuits needed at user or machine end!
Just Plug and Play!

Ports, buttons and display of the Floppy to usb emulator Original Color of the product may differ )
Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB
3.5 disk to usb converter

Successful alternative for for 1.44MB,1.2M,720KB

Convert Floppy Disk To Usb Drive

Connect Floppy Drive To Usb

Convert floppy disk to usb drive usb

USB as floppy Interface Options - 34 Pin, 26 Ziff Type, USB Port (for laptops )

Physical Dimensions of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5' , Slim Type