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Universal driver for Mac OS X 10.x.x. Only one driver for many Wireless USB Adapters on the chip Realtek The package includes: 1.RtWlanU.kext 2.Wireless Network Utility 3.Icon app in the status bar and a separate utility to delete old files.

The airport card in my laptop died and I couldn't get it fixed before going away for a week. So I needed a stop-gap solution. There are many USB wifi adaptors on eBay that claim Mac compatibility. Some are super-cute little things that only just stick out of the USB port (how they have enough antenna showing to get a signal is anyone's guess). They almost all seem to use a Realtek chipset. (You can verify this by going to System Information on your Mac, opening the Hardware>USB page, and selecting the device.

The bottom pane shows the device info, included the manufacturer name (look at the Vendor ID line). If you're lucky, you'll get a driver CD bundled. If you're very lucky it's even got some Mac drivers on it. Don't even try to use them!

They'll be hideously out of date. And don't go to the Realtek website and download the driver that matches your chip number.

No doubt that too will be hideously out of date. I wasted hours doing that; it reminded me of why the Mac is (usually) a so much better computing environment that Windows and Linux. I wasted hours fiddling with different driver versions, 32-bit and 64-bit kernels, cleaning out old driver installations, Googling forum postings, trying other driver versions, and all sorts of tedious tomfoolery.

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Description, Version, Update Time, File Size, Download. UEFI UNDI Driver. 2.022, 2018/1/9, 61k, Global. MAC OS 10.6 to 10.13. 1.0.16, 2017/10/27, 181k, Global. Free RealTek RTL8188CUS drivers for Mac OS X. Found 4 files. Select driver to download. Jul 27, 2017 REALTEK: download driver for RTL8187B and Windows XP 32bit. Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter - Driver Download. Updating your drivers with Driver. Win8, Win8.1 and Server 2012 Auto Installation Program (SharedID:607371927 SId:627187239).

The simple solution I found, which works on Lion, with 64 bit kernels and 32 bit kernels, is to install the following Realtek driver: Select the RTL 8188CUS>Others>Mac OSX 10.7 Install Package (UI ver 1.9.7) version. Even though the chip number doesn't match my USB key, the software is perfectly compatible with older devices.

And it has the added bonus of working. Remember: the driver doesn't integrate into Apple's airport utility.

So you'll have to run a separate client to set up the wireless network. It isn't pretty. But it works.

Re: EW-7811Un and Wireless Utility problems. I spent 2 days dealing with many of the above mentioned problem. The installation CD that came with the product was on a mini disc. So, that was a no-go. There was no driver for Mac OS 10.7 and download file for Mac OS 10.6 on the edimax site was corrupt and wouldn't open. I was using this site: and tried downloading at least 5 times.

I downloaded 10. Sizzla The Story Unfolds Rar Extractor. 5. The driver installed fine, but I experienced the same (above mentioned) problem with the wireless utility crashing upon starting every time.

I tried the realtek site and downloaded the 10.6 European version. Same problems! I finally found a site (edimax USA) where I could download Mac OS 10.7 and the accomanying instructions. Everything worked just like they said it would, and it was up and running after about 10 minutes. Too bad it took me so long to find it. Anonymous said. I have an old MacMini with PowerPC and 10.5.8.

I try to use a TL-WN723N V3 USB WiFi Adapter, and followed instructions as per above reccomendation of one of the commenters: install worked, but when clicking Wireless Network Utility, message says: 'You can't open the application 'Wireless Network Utility' because is not supported on this architecture.' That means that the driver/application is not for PowerPC? Thanks in advance for gsome help. I did found a solution here: So, to sum up the situation: - MacMini with PowerPC, OSX 10.5.8 - One of the myriad USB dongles using Realtek's 8188XX chips (seems that the suffix after the chips' name, either SU, EUS, CU a.s.o, doesn't really matter on 10.5.8); mine was an TP-LINK product, TL-WN723N V3 Steps: 1. Bottom of page, find the Mac driver package (v1.0.0.3, click under 'Mac' column) 3. Inside the archive you will find several installers for several OS X-es. Choose the one which fits.

Apparently, all versions have the most used Realtek chips, so they seem quasi-universal 4. Install, restart. Insert USB WiFi dongle into an USB port.

Go to Network, see the newly discovered Ethernet card in left pane, click, then press Apply. That will activate the card. Go to 'Wireless Network Utility' (in my case was already running, otherwise Go >Applications >Wireless Network Utility 7. Set SSID etc. Thumbs up Edimax! Anonymous said. Bogdan, Thank you for your solution!

I followed your instructions exactly and It worked perfectly on my powermac G5 quad with a TP-Link TL-WN725N which has a RTL8188EU chip. I'll add that it seems Edimax has updated their driver to v1.0.0.4, which wasn't an issue for me just an FYI. Way to be resourceful!

It's been rough trying to get software/hardware to work right and update since there is less support powerpc macs as time goes on, it's a breath of fresh air whenever i'm able to find people still finding and making solutions to problems with these 'ol tanks. They are still viable machines, a G5 quad is no slouch and I hate having to put good computing power on the shelf or trash from lack of software support, so thank you! I'm now one step closer to putting a few of them back online (until the cooling system craps out). Also, thanks to Pete for his blog, cheers! I am trying to get an On Network N150MA to work with 10.5.8 on a Power Mac G4 Digital Audio. According to what I have been able to find it has an RTL8188CUS. I have downloaded drivers from Realtek as well as a variety of the links below.

They seem to install correctly; however, the adapter doesn't show up in the network preferences. And, whenever I try to run the Wireless Network Utility, it crashes.

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I even tried running it with sudo, but it still crashes. According to what I see in the Console, the error is some kind of memory leak. What worked for me on 10.7.5 Lion on a A1237 Macbook Air was to run disk utilities Repair Permissions. Then install from the Realtek site, restart and boom the wireless network utility popped up. But it wasnt working immediately saying to enable the WLAN adapter in System Preferences. Went to Network Prefrences and clicked new adapter in the list and then click the little gear on the bottom of that list. Clicked Set as Inactive, then clicked Set as active, Hit apply and the card showed up in the Wireless network Ulitity.


I then had to connect to my wireless network, once connected i had to click Add it to Profile at the bottom of avalible networks. I then had to retype in the wireless password and save it. After that everything started working, only caveat is the speed of my RTL8188CUS is terribly slow compared to the factory antenna. I can use the built in wifi if i am very close to the access point. I had broken the solder joints on the Macbooks Airs wifi antenna when I was replacing the broken Hinge! This realtek is only a temporary fix until the new antenna arrives from good old eBay! So I just purchased a new Asus N10 Nano that uses the same chipset (probably just rebranded) as the Realtek and have to say I was soooo lucky to find your post.

Creative Cf0040 Drivers

I am currently running a beta version of Yosemite and the drivers that came on the CD didn't come close to working and the wireless utility that comes installed with the driver wouldn't even run! I simply want to say thanks as this was the only thing I could do to get the device to perform as expected.

I do find it a little depressing that I just bought this device and drivers are almost 2 years old and I'm sure the hardware is even more than that. Well, at least it was 12 Euro's.:>Rock on, cheers and thank you, Duffy. Mary HALL, great fix! I used Mary's advice, adapted for my OSX version 10.9, works fabulous!

I had just replaced the keyboard in Macbook Air model A1466 due to my wife spilling water on her keyboard, then discovered the ribbon cable to the track pad was corroded, ordered and installed that, keyboard works, that ribbon cable might have been the whole problem. Anyhow, managed to pull off tiny little soldered connector to Airport card, then a while later the other one. I had a TP Link TP725 nano USB adapter from a previous endeavour laying about, could not get it to work until today. Thanks, Mary! Downloaded from:, and line 'EW-7811Un, EW-7722UTn v2.0 802.11n Nano USB Driver/Utility for Mac OS 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10 Links are on left PDF'. Cambridge, United Kingdom Pete Goodliffe is a software developer, columnist, speaker, and author who never stays at the same place in the software food chain; he's worked in numerous languages on diverse projects.

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He also has extensive experience in teaching and mentoring programmers, and writes the regular 'Professionalism in Programming' column for ACCU's C Vu magazine ( Pete's popular book, Code Craft, is a practical and entertaining investigation of the entire programming persuit. In about 600 pages. No mean feat! Pete enjoys writing excellent, bug-free code, so he can spend more time having fun with his kids. He has a passion for curry and doesn't wear shoes.