Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition 2013 Download

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Dragon Ball Z Mugen Edition 2013 Download

Enjoy the best of Dragon Ball Z with Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition for PC Flregkey reg fl studio 12.4.


  • 27 different characters
  • Great graphics
  • Excellent audio
  • 60 different combat areas
  • 4 different game modes

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Character

Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition is an excellent combat game for PC based on the famous and much-loved Dragon Ball Z anime.
As it happens during the TV show, the story of this game takes place on Earth, after a tragic incident that leaves the regular cast of DB in a state of despair. The fate of the whole planet depends on how our heroes face the events to come. However, they manage how to go back in time and prevent the tragic event from occurring. There are tons of secrets to discover about your favorite characters. This is a Dragon Ball Z adventure like no other.
Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition allows you to play with a whopping 27 different characters! This is a huge variety compared to other games based on the series. Of course Dragon Ball Z fans can rest assure that the most popular characters from the animated series are available as well. That means Goku, Roshi, Piccolo, and Vegeta are at your disposal among others. Don’t worry about any changes to characters’ personalities, either. Goku is just as powerful as ever and Roshi continues to be the wisest of them all. Piccolo is still quite proud and arrogant, and Vegeta is just as intolerable as always.
Although this application has a 2D design in the style of the classic arcade titles, it offers extraordinary image and audio quality. Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition also surprises with the variety of its sceneries, since it lets you choose among 60 different combat places. Another benefit of this game is that it lets you customize the duration and difficulty of every encounter. It also offers you the option to choose between four types of confrontations: Arcade (fight against the PC), Team (fight two against two), against a real opponent (invite a friend to join the fight), and Training (practice without limits and learn all the tactics available for each character). With all of these options anyone can find a way to enjoy this game
Download Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition free for PC and enjoy this sensational combat game!