E46 Android Head Unit

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  2. E46 Android Head Unit Review
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  1. Belsee 9 inch BMW E46 M3 Head Unit Navigation Car Radio Android 8.0 Oreo Octa Core PX5 Ram 4GB Rom 32GB Sat Nav Single 1Din Stereo Wifi. 新建网页 5. SKU: OB46. Built-in Android 8.0 Oreo system special autoradio for BMW E46. Octa-core PX5 chip, Ram 4GB, Rom 32GB.
  2. Alpine makes a double din head unit that is only 3 inches deep. Kenwood has a 3' deep head unit available to pre-order. I've been considering one of those for my 2004 330CIC. They should fit without cutting anything and I found a double din face plate that matches the E46 dash on Amazon.
  3. 9 inch Android 10.0 Touch Screen for 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX Android 10.0 Radio DVD GPS for 2003-2010 PORSCHE Cayenne Android 10.0 GPS Navigation Touch Screen for 2006-2009 Ford Fusion.

With the previous android head unit I had, I found it almost impossible to get the kind of mid-bass I like. There was not enough fullness to the sound no matter how I set viper4android and I had to use the loud setting on the head unit which as you probably know isn't ideal.


So you have BMW E46 and you want to use modern music sources, right? You have two ways then: you can switch your standard Business CD radio to higher model, compatible with MP3 CD and AUX as well as just replace original BMW radio with the aftermarket one. If so, I guess you should consider E46 Android radio.

In general you can choose between two kinds of aftermarket units:

  • 1 din, which is narrower than original, so you will need adapter in this case
  • 2 din, which is fits perfect in every dimension

If you read this site, you probably already know I’m rather fan of neat and factory-like looking solutions, so if you need radio which will be up to date, I would recommend you 2 din unit. This solution gives your E46 Android features and all most popular interfaces: USB, AUX line, Bluetooth connection as well as GPS and even touchscreen.


1 din radio is the cheapest way to use MP3, USB and Bluetooth in your E46, but the adapter it needs makes such radio looking really uncool. No matter how much you try, it will never be well composed visually into the dashboard.

E46 Android Head UnitAndroid

Best E46 Android units

There are lots of various units based on Android and they are available for few years, so you will find brand new models, most of all with Android 5 as well as used ones based on older versions.

Equipment varied from just CD MP3 and USB compatibility, through GPS, Bluetooth and touchscreen to finally even tire-pressure monitoring. There is only one thing that all these radios have in common: they are not made by major car-electronics brands. You can choose between probably never heard befeore chinese manufacturers, which doesn’t has to mean anything bad, but for sure doesn’t help if you consider choosing the one radio.

Bmw E46 Android Head Unit Reviews

That’s why as a result I prepared for you few propositions.
These are most popular and/or interesing E46 Android unit you can buy. Enjoy!

E46 Android Head Unit Review

Do you use some of these radios? Feel free to write few words about quality, usability or just review your unit. Powerdirector ultimate suite. Or maybe you recommend device not from beyond this list?

E46 Android Head Unit No Sound

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