E46 Wheel Alignment

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01-02-2011, 11:59 AM

The BMW E46 was the best selling generation of the 3-Series. The rear-wheel drive sports sedan is one of the more complicated cars to align, but it has many service and repair opportunities. Alignment Specs: BMW 3-Series 1998-2006 E46. Suspension Tools for BMW 3-Series E46 (1999-2006): Alignment Tools, Ball Joint Installation Tools, Bearing Tools, Smart Racing Products Alignment Tools, Spring Compressors. Wheel alignment on any BMW vehicle requires an understanding of the BMW Kinematic Diagnosis System (KDS), which is an advanced system that maintains the BMW standards of handling, speed, precision and performance. The specifications required for proper wheel alignment have much to do with the camber and caster measurements, along with the toe. E46 M3 wheel alignment. Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by NemosM3, Jun 16, 2016. 16 Jun 2016 at 12:57 PM #1. NemosM3 A mere Chipper. Joined: Jun 2, 2016.

So this morning I decide to go into TWT to do an alignment check seeing as I'm going down to langebaan for the weekend..So the techie tells me the it kinda perfect except the left camber/caster cant remember is out and is negative which means my wheel is leaning inwards at the top..and he cant set it as its already set to maximum...and that I need to go to BMW to rectify. So my question what the hell they talking about and last time on my opel they used a bar and some kind of pump and wala it was straight again. Where can I take the car in Cape Town ofcourse to have this sorted?
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Problem:Aligning wheel with bolt pattern on hub
Application:All model BMWs
Solution:Use the BMW alignment / centering pin
Cost:$25 new
OEM Part Number:71111093774
Where to buy:BMW dealership, Online retailers

BMW wheel alignment pin / centering tool:

Bmw E46 Wheel Alignment

The BMW tool kit is quite handy for routine maintenance. Throughout different posts on this website, we have showcased its many 'hidden' uses of the tools provided by BMW. This particular post will focus on the wheel alignment pin.

By now, any BMW owner who has removed their wheels will tell you that the wheels are held on in place by bolts. This differs from most American cars which have studs protruding from the wheel hub providing the wheel fastening through nuts.

Because BMW uses bolts, it can be difficult to align the lug pattern from the wheel to the hub. The procedure may not be hard on a 14' wheel from an E30 but larger 19' wheels on late models are heavy and cumbersome. The front wheels are most difficult to align when you try to spin the wheel to align the pattern but the entire hub just spins with it.

Luckily the OEM BMW tool kit has a unique tool to aid you in the wheel installation process. There is a metal pin in the toolkit that has many functions but its use in this particular example has the purpose of aligning the wheel to the hub.

E46 Wheel Alignment

How to use the BMW wheel alignment pin?

Place the plastic end of the tool alignment pin into any of the bolt locations on the wheel hub. Next, take the loose wheel and simply align one of the lug holes from the wheel to the alignment pin. This pin will then guide the wheel onto the hub allowing for the rest of the lug pattern to fall in place.

You can now remove the alignment pin and proceed to install the bolts. Remember to hand start each bolt before using a power tool. This will prevent the potential to cross thread the bolts. Tighten the bolts in a cross or star pattern and please remember to torque to factory specifications. Refer to your maintenance or Bentley manual for these torque specs.

Torquing your wheels to proper BMW spec is very important, learn more about its importance on our torque post HERE.

How much is a replacement alignment pin?


Replacement wheel alignment pins can be purchased new for around $17. Wintv 8.5 alternative.

What is the OEM BMW part number?

E46 Wheel Alignment

Bmw E46 Wheel Alignment


Where can I purchase a BMW wheel alignment pin?

Any BMW dealership or online parts store, just google the part number above.

E46 Wheel Spacers


Bmw E46 Wheel Offset

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