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Download Pdf- Barbarian - Electric Wizard - Tabbed by: Kevin Email: [email protected] Tuning - Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb Main riff. Barbarian – Electric Wizard. Electric Wizard are a doom metal band from Dorset, England, UK. The oblivion and ecstasy of crushing doom and high grade marijuana, a sonic aural trip far, far away from this world, where only cyclopean walls of crackling vintage valve amplifiers set to the full overdrive and primal ritualistic beats can wash away all the filth and drudgery of. Electric Wizard 1994. Witchcult Today 2007. Come My Fanatics 1996. Dopethrone reissue 2006. How to download? World Charts New Releases Upcoming Albums. June 7, 2016 June 9, 2016 Jessica Howkins Beartooth, Billy Talent, Download, Download Festival, Editor, Editors Choice, Electric Wizard, Festival, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, The King Is Blind With Download Festival starting for many Wednesday, but officially Friday-Sunday, the editors of Distorted Sound are here to bring you.

The first track from Electric Wizard's 'Black Masses'


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monstruous riffs!

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WizardElectric wizard official site

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remids me of hades. nice work



Electric wizard witchcult today download

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Doom in the house!

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Electric Wizard Shirt


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Hear me Lucifer . . . .

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magnificently heavy. all hail the doom lords.

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soo grungy af, love

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ooooofffff.. perfect!

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Black mass.. forever! m/ 666

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Electric wizard are KINGZ!!!! Check out ARDUOUS HARVEST!! Atmospheric stoner core!!

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I listen to this shit just to scare people Billy squire christmas lyrics.

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True DOOM!

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Let live doom metal, it all began with it!

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Electric Wizard Download Windows 10

Painfully heavy, love it.

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My favorite band

Electric Wizard discography
Electric Wizard performing live. From left to right: Jus Oborn, Liz Buckingham, Shaun Rutter (background).
Studio albums9
Compilation albums2
Music videos2

This is the discography of Electric Wizard.

Studio albums[edit]

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
US Heat.
1994Electric Wizard
  • Released: 1994
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
1997Come My Fanatics..
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
  • Released: 25 September 2000
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2002Let Us Prey
  • Released: 25 March 2002
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2004We Live
  • Released: 28 June 2004
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2007Witchcult Today
  • Released: 12 November 2007
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2010Black Masses
  • Released: 1 November 2010
  • Label: Rise Above
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2014Time to Die
  • Release: 29 September 2014
  • Label: Spinefarm
  • Format: CD, vinyl
2017Wizard Bloody Wizard
  • Release: 10 November 2017
  • Label: Spinefarm
  • Format: Cassette, CD, vinyl
'—' denotes a release that did not chart.

Extended plays[edit]

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsNotes
1996Demon Lung
  • Released: 1996
  • Label: Rise Above
Split 7' with Our Haunted Kingdom.
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Man's Ruin
Chrono.Naut / Nuclear Guru
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Man's Ruin
Split CD with Orange Goblin.
  • Released: 3 August 1998
  • Label: Bad Acid
Reissued with extra songs in 2000.
2008The House on the Borderland
  • Released: 5 September 2008
  • Label: Rise Above
8Split 12' with Reverend Bizarre.
2008The Processean
  • Released: 13 December 2008
  • Label: Rise Above
Sold exclusively at the Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary Show.
2012Legalise Drugs and Murder
  • Released: 31 March 2012
  • Label: Rise Above (Vinyl) Satyr IX Productions (Cassette)
  • Format: Vinyl, Cassette
800 Clear 7' sold exclusively at the London HMV show. Comes with B-Side 'Murder and Madness'.

Later announced will be released on 800 Purple[7]

Cassette came free with October issue of Terrorizer #228 (October 2012). containing 6 tracks.

On 23 June 2016 it was re-issued on 12' EP via Witchfinder Records

'—' denotes a release that did not chart.

Electric Wizard Official Site

Compilation albums[edit]

YearAlbum details
1999Come My Fanatics../Electric Wizard
  • Released: 1999
  • Label: Rise Above
2006Pre-Electric Wizard 1989–1994
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Rise Above


Electric Wizard Download

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  • 'I Am Nothing' (2014)
  • 'Sadiowitch' (2014)
  • 'See You in Hell' (2017)
  • 'Wicked Caresses' (2017)


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