Enterprise Architect 8.0

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Enterprise Architect 12 offers comprehensive and detailed support for wireframing a huge range of common devices and implementation scenarios using custom drawn graphics. Build wireframes for the. Sparx Enterprise Architect Full adalah sebuah aplikasi sistem modelling yang dilengkapi dengan fitur high end yang sangat lengkap untuk membantu mengelola informasi yang anda butuhkan.

Flexible and rich


Unique in its ability to pull together complex domains and create a single, accessible, unified vision. Combines high end tools, a commitment to open standards, accessible pricing and online availability.

Open Standards

Based on open standards like UML, BPMN and SysML. Supporting enterprise architecture frameworks like TOGAF and UPDM. Integrated custom tools to analyze and visualize running software. Advanced simulation, testing tools, team based repositories, version control and more.

Learn More: BPMN, SysML, TOGAF, UPDM, Simulation

Track Tasks

Tracking, prioritizing and assigning tasks is a critical part of managing a model’s development over time. Track model tasks against individual resources and against the project as a whole. Task allocations can be viewed as a Gantt chart, allowing you to monitor progress visually.

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Learn More: Project Management

Test and Debug

Develop and visualize software. Test and verify correct behavior. Simulate processes. Set and manage test points. Debug and inspect executing software. Advanced simulation, testing tools, team based repositories, version control and more.

Learn More: Visual Execution Analysis


Able to dynamically simulate behavior and state models. Confirm process design. Specify triggers, events, constraints and more. Watch the wheels turn! Specify complex and large structural systems. Create and debug embedded solutions. Build custom domain specific solutions. Build your own domain specific modeling tools!


Learn More: Model Simulation

New User Experiences

  • The new Structured Scenario editor lets you rapidly build use case analysis models that drive downstream development.
  • Leverage your scenarios to generate acceptance tests, activity graphs, state charts and other behaviour diagrams. Achieve maximum traceability by linking scenario steps directly to business rules, domain elements, glossary items and more!
  • Create Workflow scripts for finely tuned change management controls. Complementing role based security, scripts can leverage user permissions, compare current vs proposed values and issue warnings for denied changes.
  • Combine Workflow scripts and Model Search for a running list of personal tasks.
  • Streamline the modeling environment easily for your specific role with the new Workspace Layout Manager. At the click of a button, switch between analysis, developer and tester roles or simply define any window layout that works for you!

New Tools and Technologies

  • Execution Profiler adds timing information to analysis of executing apps (Windows native). Quickly report on the most frequently called functions and tasks that consume the most time.
  • Introducing support for SOMF 2 and the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM).

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Lightning Fast Performance!
Application start-up, model load, general editing, code import and diagram display - all tuned for high performance with massive scalability!
'Load on Demand' supported for local EAP models.
New DBMS index packs improve overall performance for extremely large server-based repositories.
Productivity Gains

Enterprise Architect 8.0 Download

  • Enhanced Element Browser now includes Testing, Project Management, Structured Scenarios and Maintenance items, creating a central hub for dynamic model reviews and a context sensitive launchpad for appropriate actions.
  • Dynamic Visual Filtering lets you highlight or hide diagram elements based on selected properties. Perfect for presenting 'as-is' and 'to-be' architectures!
  • RTF Reporting includes new fields and sections, improved template editing and enhanced performance.
  • Glossary Term auto-completion and intellisense suggestions save you typing and help improve consistency of terms across your project.
  • The Source Code Editor includes syntax highlighting for VBScript and JScript, line number toggling and improved management of unrecognised code segments.
  • Improved Windows Vista/7 compatibility with better management of user settings and User Account Control.