Fdd To Usb Converter

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If you are to install two floppy to usb on same fdd channel, you need to manually configure the two usb as floppy disk converters. You will notice a twist in the fdd cable. The floppy to usb which will have jumper on S1 will act as A: and will be plugged on the end of twist. This USB Floppy Converter is a boon for all users working on all devices that currently using old floppy. Disk drives to transfer data. Ports, buttons and display of the Floppy to USB (Original Colour of the product may differ).

USB Floppy Disk,3.5' USB External Floppy Disk Drive Portable 1.44 MB FDD for PC Windows 10/7/8/98/ME/2000, Windows XP/Vista/Mac(Black) Yanni 1.44MB 3.5' USB Cable Adapter To 34Pin Floppy Drive Connector U Disk To Floppy Disk PCB Board. This USB Floppy Converter is a boon for all users working on all devices that currently using old floppy. Disk drives to transfer data. Ports, buttons and display of the Floppy to USB (Original Colour of the product may differ).

Get rid of floppies. Use Pen drives in place of floppies on your machines!

Replace your legacy Floppy disk drive with our Converter!

Use USB Pen Drive instead of vulnerable . diskettes!

You can store data of up to 100 floppies on one Pen drive!

With the rapid growth and advancement of USB technology, especially USB storage devices, traditional and mind bothering floppy drives are gradually being moved out of usage.

Several old machines and devices are still dependent on old floppy drives as the only way of inputting the data for processing. To mention few of these are Robots and Machines used for knitting, laser-cutting devices, weaving, embroidery, musical keyboards, milling, CNC and injection molding are still getting their source by the use of so called vulnerable floppies. Adding to the vow of industrial users in addition to the waste of financial resources a lot of precious time is being wasted in inputting data in the machines.

With the rapid change in USB technology the goods news for users is that:

Fdd To Usb Converter Download

No more waste of time and precious resources as you will never require floppies ever again. With the use of our emulator you will have a secure and guaranteed long term reliable solution to your problem of transferring data to your industrial machines.

Few of the worries with old Floppy Disks:

  • Non availability at IT retail stores.
  • Gets damaged by
    • when placed in the range of apparatus generating Magnetic effects like Phones, Stabilizers etc
    • Dusty places and other adverse climatic conditions
    • Gets weared out Mechanically
    • Out of 10 out of box 7 gets damaged on 1st use
  • Capacity is very low.

Features of our Magic Box :

  • Against every one floppy disk drive users need one Simulator. The unit has been designed in such a way that all the connections are same ( data and power ), so no customization needs to be performed while swapping the unit.
  • The USB Pen Drive USB when inserted in the USB Floppy Emulator replaces 100 floppies at a time.
  • This USB converter and Pen drives are almost resistant rather immune to effects created from magnetic field, dusty environment or shocks.
  • A simple software provided at free of cost to format a USB Pen drive into 100 blocks of 1.44/1.2/720 kb capacity each or as per user requirements.

Fdd To Usb Converter

This USB Floppy Converter is a boon for all users working on all devices that currently using old floppy. disk drives to transfer data.

Ports, buttons and display of the Floppy to USB (Original Colour of the product may differ )

This USB as floppy gives a new life to your old machines as it takes over the place of substitutes the old legacy floppy disk drive!
  • Data of upto 100 floppy disk size on a single USB Flash Drive!
  • Reliable media of storage!

Types of available Interface for Floppy to usb

1.) 34 Pin Standard FDD Interface - These version of floppy drive to usb are with standard FDD height and are available in 1.44 MB , 720 KB Double Density and 1.2 MB format versions

2.) 26 Pin Ziff Type FDD Interface - These versions of floppy to usb are with Half height or slim version which are available in 1.44 MB and 1.2 MB format versions

3.) USB Port Floppy Emulator - These 1.44 MB versions of usb as floppy are for new generation computers and laptops which do not come with standard 34 pin FDD Interface. These act as a USB Floppy drive for these machines when plugged on the USB port.


Floppy Drive to USB Details
• USB socket Type A
34-pin / 26 Pin type Ziff socket for controller
Fix sector of size: 512 bytes/sector
5.25'-1.2MB: 80 tracks /15 sector
Diagnostics LEDs Busy-Green
DisplayTwo-digit, 7 segment display to display current virtual . block
Voltage supply5 V DC (ranges 4.5 5.5 V DC) 4pin voltage socket for 3.5' drive
CasingSmoke Grey/Black Plastic case
Frame size3.5 inches and Half Height /Slim versions
Measurements W/H/Dapproximately 100 mm - 25 mm -122 mm
Temperature range0 to 65 C
Relative humidity5% to 90% ( non-condensing)
Scope of supplyFloppy Disk to usb Converter
(Connect like a legacy 3.5' . drive)
Switches on Front PanelLeft- 10-90 , Right- 00-09
Price Per UnitUS $55 to $180 ( based on different Model )

Colour / Specs may change without any prior notice
Why should I Convert Floppy to USB?

From last so many years the floppy disk and the slow RS232 serial communication was the unique means to transfer data from a computer to system. These days the floppy discs are phasing out and are very hard to find in computers and are rarely seen on any shops. So in different countries like UK & USA vendors are providing replacements of floppy drives. But, what will happen if a very expensive industrial machines is stalled for just because that there is no floppy drive compatible to your machine in the market to replace the defective floppy disk drive. We definitely hope that users will not be with the mind to store hundreds of them to keep the machine running?

Now there is no need to worry, as almost everyone has and alternative which will allows to convert floppy to usb on almost any industrial machine or old computer currently working on floppy drive. The best thing is that there is no need to change or upgrade any software or any wiring circuit so as to upgrade the old machines to use USB as floppy. You only need to swap the floppy to usb by replacing the old floppy drive with this usb as floppy. There are no tedious steps involved in it , and no engineering level experience required to use the floppy to usb. Just disconnect the old floppy drive and change with the new floppy disk to usb and that's all! After swapping the floppy drive with floppy disk to usb your machine will now be able to run for another many more years without any worries of floppy drive and you will be able to use usb as floppy.

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How floppy drive to usb works?

The floppy to usb gets itself installed on the standard 34 pin or 26 pin Ziff type interface of machine and fools the machines as if it was still connected with a floppy drive. When the machine tries to read or write or try to perform any action of floppy disk drive, it sends a signal to floppy drive to usb which is connected on the FDD channel. Here the magic of floppy drive to usb starts. It reads the USB pen drive connected and then emulates the data to be processed as a floppy drive thereby treating usb as floppy, thereby transferring the data to the machine/device/equipment in the same way that is used by standard floppy drives. In simple words, your equipment will never come to know that the information it was trying to get actually came from a USB flash drive.

Embroidery machines like Tajima, Melco, SWF, Lasser , Saurer , Happy , Barudan and Brother can easily be configured to read from USB Flash drives using these easy to install floppy to usb.

Fdd Interface To Usb Converter

Just for the compatibility issues there are 2 different dimensions of floppy disk to usb available with us. One is the standard 34 pin full height interface version of floppy to usb which comes with 3 different format versions i.e 1.44mb , 720 kb double density and 1.2 mb formats. The second type of floppy drive to usb is with 26 pin Ziff type interface with half height slim version which comes is 1.44 , 720 kb double density versions.

No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Just Plug in USB port

Manual - Floppy to USB 1.44 Mb USB Floppy drive Version ( USB port Interface )

The main use of these usb floppy drive emulators comes into play where the old propriety applications transfer data into floppies in Non-dos formats or only on the FDD. There is no viable fool proof method that user can redirect this data to a usb pen drive , where user is willing to install a floppy to usb converter on the equipment to get rid of floppies. As we know that the new generation computers and laptops do not have a standard 34 pin FDD interface where one could try to install a standard FDD or floppy drive to usb emulator. Also due to non availability of any PCI FDD controllers , or usb FDD controller user is left with no choice except to continue with old floppy drives. Using this intelligent version of floppy to usb emulator or the usb floppy drive emulator the purpose could be easily achieved, as using this will enable the user to have a version which can be connected to usb port and gets itself detected as usb floppy drive. Now we have a simple method of formatting the usb flash disc using floppy to usb software, and once formatted can be plugged into usb floppy drive emulator, and getting itself detected as floppy disk inserted in usb floppy drive emulator. Now user can simply access the usb as floppy disc and can do data transfer on A: from propriety software or even in Non Dos formats.

Note : Few things to be kept in mind prior to the start of use of this version of floppy to usb emulator. If the flash disc is not inserted in usb port of usb as floppy, the display of floppy drive to usb displays '0.0.' which means either there is no usb flash in usb port or if it is there then it has not been detected. The dots in between the digits reflect very important diagnose in this floppy drive to usb version of emulator. The dots in between the digits must vanish as you plug-in the usb disk in the usb interface port of floppy disc to usb converter. In the case of dots not vanishing even after inserting the usb flash disc, it is recommended to use slow speed or in other words USB 1.0 backward compatible flash drives. These usb flash drives must have been formatted in single block or multiple partition using the floppy to usb software before being inserted in the usb interface of floppy drive to usb converter. If the process of formatting the usb disc is not done using the floppy disk to usb formatting software, the floppy drive to usb emulator will not be able to access the usb disc. In the front of this floppy disk to usb converter there are 2 switches. The two switches are used to change the partitions created by floppy to usb formatting software in the event usb is plugged in. The rare of floppy disk to usb converter has a mini din connector. The user can connect the mini din connector of floppy drive to usb using a mini usb cable to the usb port of a computer. When it is connected the computer will read this device as a usb floppy drive where you can easily treat usb as floppy.

Features : 1.44mb USB100 usb floppy drive emulator

* Can read and write in Non-Dos formats alongwith FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

* Can store data of upto 100 floppy disks on a single USB drive

* Reads and writes the usb like physical floppy disk ( sector by sector and track by track )

* Supports Ready Signal and Slow Motor read speed

* Write back process directly writes treating usb as floppy disk

* No internal memory , so performs access directly on USB disc

Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB

Successful alternative for 1.44MB with Non Dos Support and Boot Floppy disk option

USB as floppy Interface Options - Min Din usb Connector

Physical Dimensions of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5'