Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software Free Download

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Hydraulic Analysis of Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems The Main Screen of HYENA The ACADS-BSG computer program HYENA can be used to analyse automatic fire sprinkler systems with a simple end, side or centre fed configuration or more complicated looped and gridded systems. Try this easy to use 1.85 graph based fire sprinkler design software. The software assists with hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler systems. Hcalc for fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations Hcalc - Hydraulic calculator Hcalc is a simple hydraulic calculator which we originally developed for use with our FHC training courses to help teach some of the fundamental hydraulic calculations & principles which are so important in fire sprinkler design. Sprinkler hydraulic calculations software by Alan Ashfield. Completely free and anonymous downloads:-Click here to download AACALC7.EXE 1890 kB directly.

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Hcalc - Hydraulic calculator

Hcalc is a simple hydraulic calculator which we originally developed for use with our FHC training courses to help teach some of the fundamental hydraulic calculations & principles which are so important in fire sprinkler design. We believe that all fire protection engineers should have a good understanding of the principles of hydraulic calculations to enable them to optimize designs and to ensure that all calculations can be properly checked and verified.

Fire sprinkler engineers, inspectors, and insurance companies will find a use for our free Hcalc - Hydraulic Calculator. It can be used for teaching the principals of hydraulics in fire protection engineering, checking calculations or for solving simple hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler, hydrant, hose reel and other types of water-based fire protection systems.

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Fire protection engineers and consulting engineers from around the world have installed Hcalc to help them with calculations and the verifica

Pipe pressure loss calculations

Fire sprinkler calculation software

Hazen Williams pressure loss formula

With Hcalc you can calculate the friction loss in a circular pipe using the Hayes and Williams pressure loss formula which is specified in NFPA 13 and EN 12845 and in many other international design standards.
You can specify the pipe size, flow rate, and the pipes C-factor and Hcalc will calculate the pressure loss per meter and for the total pipe length and the water velocity. You can select the type of pipe material from the drop-down list or enter your own pipe C-factor.

Whenever you need to carry out pressure loss calculation or to verify the simple calculator is ready to help.

Flow from a fire sprinkler head

Sprinkler head - K-factor calculation

With Hcalc - Spk Flow you can solve any of the three variables in the K-Factor formula, the flow from the sprinkler, the pressure required at a sprinkler and the K-Factor without the need of remembering the formula.

The K-factor formula is one of the basic building blocks of fire sprinkler design and fire protection hydraulic calculations, most of us will have committed it to memory but now with Hcalc you know longer need to. You can have this simple tool sitting on your desktop so you no longer need to find your calculator or pen and paper.

You can use Hcalc any type of fire sprinkler or water mist nozzle or in fact any other nozzle or head which you have a K-Factor, this could be a hose reel nozzle, a foam monitor or a fire hydrant.


Hcalc Is compatible with the following Microsoft operating systems
Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit editions), Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 7

Hydraulics for engineers

If you have an interest in hydraulic calculations and the formulas associated with then then we have an excellent series of articles which will enhance your skills as a fire protection engineer.

Instruction Manual

Hcalc is easy to use but will have still provided an on-line user manual and a short video tutorial to help get you started.


You will also find all the formulas which have been used clearly set out and with additional information.


Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation software, free download Filehippo

Hydraulic calculation for fire sprinkler systems

If you're interested in learning more about hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler systems would like to know how to carry out calculations for a simple tree (end fed) systems using the time honoured longhand method with paper and pen, then you may find our article how to calculate a fire sprinkler system to be of interest.

We personally would not recommend this method anything more than a very simple system as by its nature will very likely to make an error somewhere in the calculation which is then compounded as you move along. Our FHC hydraulic calculation software is ideal for carrying out some calculations from the simplest to the most complicated system design.

CPI win SPIDI (SPRINKLER & HYDRANTS) is the tailor-made Italian Software created for fire fighting water systems professional design, in particular for Sprinkler, Hydrants and Monitors system.

Sprinkler system design software – Hydrant system design software

When looking for a simple software, but complete, with all the features that a software design must have, CPI win SPIDI is the right one for you, thanks to its easy and flexible user interface that ensures a short learning curve and rapid estimate turnaround. It permits: system design according to EN 12845 and/or NFPA 13 codes, dimension the pipings and make the calculation, choice the pump group, create a complete report, create the material list and then create technical drawings and sections in dwg/dxf, with all the necessary information.

CPI win® SPIDI allows the user to follow (even in the same project) the European standard EN 12845 and the NFPA 13 standards (considering also all study cases for the installation of ESFR and CMSA sprinkler, in addition to all types of sprinklers contemplated in the respective standards). But it has a great flexibility that permits you to design also with any hydraulic parameter and free classification.

It can import directly a sprinkler piping system from a dwg/.dxf file or design it with the software stand-alone Render 3D CAD, with tools to quickly draw your system within a few clicks.

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation software, free download

Funzionalità sprinkler e idranti

  • DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT of 3D piping, also on multiple levels and with the main CAD functions
  • Simultaneous management of various independent piping system within the same project with separate calculation;
  • All types of objects commonly used in a water system, perfectly scalable: hydrants, sprinklers, valves, installation supplies, joints, hangers, etc.
  • POWERFUL TOOLS (Wizards) for quick input of entire extended system parts: with CPI win SPIDI you can create great network parts, inserting thousand of sprinklers in a few seconds by two or maximum three mouse clicks (branches, trees, grids, vertical grids and layouts for automatic filling of whole areas), inserting automatically candles, risers and vertical grids for rack systems. The Hydrant Wizard, also, permits to create assembled column of hydrants, until the desired height
  • FREE CLASSIFICATION TOOL to input data for every other code (for example if you need to apply FM code).
  • PERSONAL FILTERS associating labels to pipes and objects, allowing to quickly change the common properties
  • Ability to force the lenghts detected in the design;
  • RENUMBERING of pipes and objects in logical sequence;
  • AUTOMATIC INSERTION of Joints and Hangers;
  • AUTOMATIC CALCULATION of all special pieces (elbows, valves, Tees, etc.) with ability to force the type and number as desired;

Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Calculation Software

  • ABILITY TO SET terminals flow and pressure, to monitor their coverage areas, in order to optimize their position and numbers;
  • CONSTANT DESIGN CHECK that detects errors in the design composition;
  • DWG/SKETCHUP IMPORT in render section, real time design development and evidence of any other systems or structures interference.
  • SYSTEM SIZING AND VERIFICATION CONTROL of calculation results obtained for each entities, optimizing projects performance and cost efficiencies.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TECHNICAL REPORTS in according to standard code choice.
  • DETAILED PARTS LIST according to processing and mounting system chosen and available pieces.
  • CREATION AND EXPORT of a detailed system plan and of technical sections too.
  • EXPORT RENDERED SYSTEM in DWG format thanks to MEP technology.