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FollowAdder is a form of Instagram automation that can accomplish all your basic functions for Instagram, such as following and liking. Let’s take a look at my FollowAdder review to see how it works to promote your Instagram account.

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1. Introduction

FollowAdder is simply an Instagram bot. Follow Adder characterizes this by including all the important features of a bot along with some extra ones too. It automates basic activity on your Instagram like liking, commenting, following and unfollowing. It is an automated administration system for your Instagram so that you don’t have to waste hours every day and complete these ordinary tasks yourself. There are so many different Instagram automation tools and software that you can choose from these days and it can be pretty difficult to find one that actually works well. My FollowAdder review will help you to decide whether to use this or not.

2. FollowAdder review – Features

Let’s take a look at some key features in my FollowAdder review:

2.1 Search Feature

Using the search feature and you can view other Instagram users accounts so you can get a better overview of how to apply it to your own account and gain more followers/engagement.

2.2 List Feature

This is one of my favorite features. Because it allows you to create lists and this really works when you want to note down and target a more specific subset of people that you want to get them to follow you.

You are able to create quite a few different lists such as those that allow you to:

  • Follow individuals in a specific list or send them a direct message
  • Create a targeted list of photos that you can comment on and like
  • Create your own list of photos but you can share or direct message to others
  • Create your own list of comments that you can use for commenting on other people’s photos
  • Following, following back, and unfollowing

After you’ve done making your first list you can start using it to follow the people that you’ve included in that list. Alternatively, you can unfollow people from your lists or have it arranged so that you’re automatically following back anybody that follows you.

As you can see, following people is the most effective way in marketing an Instagram account and it can work very well, especially if you’re following people that are in the same niche as you that are probably going to be very interested in your photos and the content that you’re sharing.

2.3 Photo Feature

FollowAdder allows you to share your own photos on Instagram using the bulk uploader.

So that instead of having to constantly upload photos on their own and spend time editing and thinking of cool captions, you can just bulk upload a bunch of photos at once so that you don’t have to sit around throughout your day doing it for each photo that you want to upload.

I think this feature is really effective because it saves you time that you can put towards something else. Moreover, it shows other Instagram users that you’re an active account that’s constantly sharing great content worth following.

It’s also possible to like other people’s photos automatically as well, for more engagement, and you can leave comments if you want but that’s not highly recommended in this FollowAdder review.

Follow Adder Keygen

Followadder Keygen

2.4 Direct messaging

This is also a really useful feature because it allows you to send messages to new followers as well as any lists that you’ve created.

You can use these direct messages to promote a specific product or service or simply to introduce yourself to other users and develop your own personal brand.

2.5 Targeting Specific Hashtags

This feature works really well when you need to grow a loyal following as well as improve engagement.

Lightblade vr free. You can organize so that after choosing a hashtag related to your topic, niche, or business you can make it so that your account automatically goes through and likes as well as engages with all of the photos in that category of the hashtag that you chose.

These people are going to be very interested in your account, as long as it’s relevant to theirs and is going to be a lot more likely to follow you as well as engage back with you as long as you are posting quality content and appear to be a legitimate account.

Followadder Keygen

3. FollowAdder review – Pricing

FollowAdder provides you with 5 packages to choose depending on how you want to promote your Instagram account.

3.1 Starter package with $8.33/month

What you get:

  • Manage 1 Instagram profile
  • Includes ALL Features
  • Free Support
  • Free Software Updates

3.2 Premium package with $12.50/month

What you get:

  • All features in Starter package
  • Manage 3 Instagram profiles

3.3 Professional package with $19.17/month

What you get:

  • All features in Premium package
  • Manage 5 Instagram profiles

3.4 Agent package with $31.33/month

What you get:

  • All features in the Professional package
  • Manage 10 Instagram profiles

3.5 Publicist package with $70.83/month

What you get:

  • All features in Agent package
  • Manage 25 Instagram profiles
Followadder Keygen

Feel free to try this Instagram bot because there is a 7-day refund if you are not completely satisfied. Don’t forget to use FollowAdder coupon codes during the checkout process to save your money.

4. FollowAdder review – Pros and cons

4.1 Pros

  • All of their features are really effective
  • FollowAdder has a good security
  • This is the current market leader

4.2 Cons

  • The customer support is not so strong.

5. Summary

Follow Adder Keygen

There are a lot of different people that could make great use of an automation app such as FollowAdder, especially if you’re having troubles with your business as it is and you were finding it a hard time to grow your accounts manually. FollowAdder is a good way for you to save more time and you can spend that extra time on other, more productive things to do. For getting more followers, increase engagement, and opening up the potential to more leads for your business, I would recommend you trying out FollowAdder and seeing how much you can make of it.

I hope you like my FollowAdder review.