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  • Chromium browser is available for portable usage. Chromium being the open-source brother of Chrome browser is less not used by many but is efficient enough just like chrome browser.
  • Download the Portable Google Chrome installer (link below). Once it’s downloaded, run the installer to get it setup on your flash drive. The installer is a 7zip-powered extractor. Click the “” button to select your flash drive, and then click Extract.

Surf the Web securely when on public or shared computers by running Google Chrome from a flash drive. When you run the browser from a removable drive, your browsing history, cookies and all personal. Google Chrome Portable is a portable version of the popular Google Chrome Web Browser also known as Chromium. The Browser was made portable by Carsten Knobloch. To install, simply launch the executable and then copy the Portable Google Chrome folder to your USB device. Saved settings and changes are stored in the profile folder. Download GoogleChrome Portable with Manual Update for free. Google Chrome Portable with Manual Update Program data is stored in 'Chrome' folder and Settings are stored in 'Profil' folder. To update this portable version run or double click UPDATER.EXE and choose Release-Channel to get the latest version.


Many people are happy to stick with the default browser set up when they fire up their computer for the first time, which means Edge if you’re a Windows 10 user and Safari if you’re on an Apple Mac. Both browsers have improved massively in recent years, but part of that improvement is down to the growth in rival browsers like Google’s open-source alternative.

Chrome is no longer the young upstart it once was, and its pioneering spirit is often forgotten in the mists of time. It was Chrome’s sleek tab-driven interface with minimal real estate that was adopted by Firefox and then Internet Explorer. Chrome was the first to provide a resource-friendly browser that loaded quickly and didn’t suck the life out of your system, although again the competition has now caught up – and in some cases – surpassed its achievements.

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Download Google Chrome Portable Installer

Oh, Chrome was also the first to adopt a rapid release cycle, so if you’re fed up with a new browser number appearing in the About menu every few months, you can thank Google for that too.

Chrome may no longer look like the dazzling young starlet, but it more than holds its own against the competition. It’s still quick to load, quick to perform and easy to use. It bundles the Flash plug-in so you don’t have to download it separately and the browser sync function makes it easy to back up and sync your settings across multiple computers.

While the competition has definitely caught up, Chrome has enough going for it to keep existing users happy supporting the browser that has led to so many improvements in the way we view and access the web.

Chrome Portable 87 is now in the Stable channel. This is the 64-bit version of Chrome Portable.

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It’s not quite the pioneer it was, but Chrome continues to evolve interesting new features and performance tweaks to make it a decent alternative to your existing browser.