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Stay informed, subscribe to our blog: Latest Tweets. Tweets by HAProxy. Enter Docker Compose. For our HTTP server we’ll use HAProxy, that means we need to create a container with HAProxy that will listen to port 80 and load balance the requests to the different Node.


Ensuring the backend servers HAProxy is forwarding your users’ requests to are healthy is important. How you check for health is based on the type of service hosted in the backend. Web applications need to be checked differently from database servers. In this tutorial, I will show you different ways of doing HAProxy health checks so to help maintain a great user experience.

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TCP Checks

The standard and most basic check is a TCP check. It merely sends out a simple packet and waits for a reply back from the destination server. This verifies that the network interface on the host being checked is online. What it won’t do is tell whether the service being hosted by the backend server is healthy.

Web Server

The following is an example of a simple web server health check. It consists of two servers that provide a web service to users.


CheckThis instructs HAProxy to perform health checks on the node.
Fall 3Instructs HAProxy to offline the node if 3 consecutive health check failures occur. The value can be set to any number.
Rise 2If the node is marked offline due to failed health checks, this instructs HAProxy to not mark the node online unless it has two consecutive successful health checks. The value can be set to any number.

Network Service

Not every balanced service is a web application. You may also balance network services, such as email servers or caching servers (Redis, Memcached).
The following is an example of a simple web server health check. It consists of two servers that provide a web service to users.

Mail Server Health Checks

Haproxy Windows Binary

Memcached Cluster

Redis Cluster

HTTP Checks

Whereas the TCP check only validates that a network connection can be made, an HTTP check is used when you want to verify that a specific website URL is healthy. If it returns a status 200 or 300 response, everything is good. Anything above that, such as a 500 status response, will be considered bad health and HAProxy will mark the backend server as offline.

Example 1: This check will use a HEAD request against the index page of your domain using HTTP version 1.0.

Example 2: This check will use a HEAD request against a specific URL using HTTP version 1.1. It also sets the domain name, which is needed for backends that use virtual hosts.

MYSQL Checks

Preparing MySQL

HAProxy requires access to your MySQL server to perform its checks. You will need to create two accounts on the MySQL server for HAProxy. One will be a basic user and the second a user with administrative rights.

Advantage system care serial

  1. Log onto the MySQL server.
  2. Log into MySQL using an account with administrative rights.
  3. Create the user HAProxy will use to perform checks.
  4. Flush privileges to apply new ones.
  5. Exit out of MySQL console.

Install MySQL Client on HAProxy Server


HAProxy requires the MySQL client to be installed before it can communicate with the MySQL servers.

Red Hat CentOS

Ha Proxy Software

Ubuntu Debian

Haproxy Windows Download

Haproxy Windows

Haproxy Windows Docker

Configuring HAProxy to Check MySQL