Hotline Miami Csgo

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# Hotline Miami Hud *This is an attempt to remake the vanilla hud to have the colors and feel of hotline miami and gta vice city.* ### **Features** * A more colorful UI * Hud scaling * Combo counter * Down counter * ECM timer * Inspire cooldown hint * Bulletstorm indicator * Custom chat * Auto skip menus * Interaction toggle * Ability screen effects * Ping display * And more ### **Installation** * This mod requires [SuperBLT]( * Place the Hotline Miami Hud folder located **inside** of the zip-file into your **mods** folder. * Once in game you will be asked to download the mod_override assets through the blt manager. * Note that the assets are only needed if you wanna change the menu textures, otherwise you can **disable** the update notification in the mod settings menu. * Restart the game for the mod_overrides to load. **Everything can be enabled/disabled in the mod options** ----- #### Compatibility * The hud should be compatible with [VanillaHUD Plus]( which will add your typical info hud on top of this hud. For compatibility info, read the description on the VanillaHUD Plus mod page. ----- * I recommend using [Enemy Health Circle]( or [VanillaHUD Plus]( to see enemy health. ----- * For [Pocohud]( users that also use buff trackers I recommend turning off the interaction texture if the buff timers look weird. If you can't see player ranks by the team names when using Pocohud then disable **Colored Name Panels** __AND__ **Teammate Interaction Text** in the hotline miami hud options. ----- * For a more detailed assault panel I recommend using [Better Assault Indicator]( ----- * To be able to see crew skills and perks in game you will need to use one of the following mods: * [Lobby Player Info]( * [VanillaHUD Plus]( * [WolfHUD TabStats and Enhanced Crew Loadout Standalone]( **I don't recommend using wolfhud or other custom huds with this hud but feel free to try.** ----- ### **Uninstall** * Delete 'Hotline Miami Hud' from the mods folder * Delete 'Hotline Miami Menu' from the mod_overrides folder located inside the assets folder

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game created by Valve Corporation and released on August 21st, 2012 as a successor to previous games in the series dating back to 1999. The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase. Music Kit Various Artists, Hotline Miami - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Skins, DOTA2 Skins, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Skins, Weapons Prices and Trends, Trade Calculator, Inventory Worth, Player Inventories, Top Inventories, Bitskins Hot Deals, Bitskins Lowest Prices, Price list, Item Database, Giveaways. Death Racer's Helmet (A Color Similar to Slate) 2. Delinquent's Down Vest 3. Digit Divulger (A Color Similar to Slate) 4. Flying Guillotine 1. Delinquent's Down Vest. Hotline Miami is an important game because after years of carefully plotted and paced shooters, in which the developers are engineering their game to mould your experience to perfection, with slowly escalating set-pieces straight out of a film - here is a game that runs counter to all of that. Events of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number edit edit source The Colonel is a US Army officer commanding American Special Forces in a conventional war against the USSR in the volcanic region of Hawaii. His unit is composed of 4 men: Jacket, Beard, Daniels and Barnes. Seemingly a sentimental and unoptimistic man at heart, the war progressively.

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HotlineAlternate ending sequence

Find all hidden pieces and solve the puzzle before completing the game to view the alternate ending sequence.

All mask locations

Cyberlink makeup director. Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding mask, in order of appearance. Collect all masks to get the 'Zoo Keeper' trophy.

    Richard (Rooster): Start the game.
    Rasmus (Owl): Successfully complete Prelude: The Metro with a high score.
    Tony (Tiger): Successfully complete Chapter 1: No Talk with a high score.
    Earl (Walrus): In Chapter 2: Overdose, search the corpse in the south green room on the second floor.
    Aubrey (Pig): Successfully complete Chapter 2: Overdose with a high score.
    Don Juan (Horse): Successfully complete Chapter 3: Decadence with a high score.
    Graham (Rabbit): Successfully complete Chapter 4: Tension with a high score.
    Jones (Alligator): Successfully complete Chapter 5: Full House, then get a crowbar, and go to the entrance of the level. Do not go in the car; instead, walk around the house until you find a manhole located at the southeast corner of the level. Enter the manhole to find the mask next to a corpse in the sewers.
    Dennis (Wolf): Successfully complete Chapter 5: Full House with a high score.
    George (Giraffe): Successfully complete Chapter 6: Clean Hit with a high score.
    Ted (Dog): Successfully complete Chapter 7: Neighbors with a high score.
    Carl (Grasshopper): In Chapter 8: Push It, search the corpse on the ground level in the center room.
    Rufus (Elephant): Successfully complete Chapter 8: Push It with a high score.
    Rami (Camel): Successfully complete Chapter 9: Crackdown with a high score.
    Jake (Cobra): In Chapter 10: Hot & Heavy, search the corpse in the northwest section.
    Willem (Monkey): Successfully complete Chapter 10: Hot & Heavy with a high score.
    Peter (Unicorn): Successfully complete Chapter 11: Deadline with a high score.
    Richter (Rat): In Chapter 13: Assault, search the uppermost room of the final level (where you fight the barricaded Police Chief).
    Zack (Frog): Successfully complete Chapter 13: Assault with a high score.
    Oscar (Mole): Successfully complete Chapter 14: Vengeance with a high score.
    Charlie (Octopus): In Chapter 16: Safehouse, it is on the counter in the kitchen area in the northwest. You must first clear the level and to talk to the owner before it can be obtained.
    Rick (Fox): Successfully complete Chapter 16: Safehouse with a high score.
    Brandon (Panther): Successfully complete Chapter 17: Fun & Games with a high score.
    Phil (Fish): In Chapter 19: Resolution, talk to the janitors, then search for a box in the sewers.
    Louie (Chameleon): Successfully complete the game with the normal ending.
    Nigel (Bat): Successfully complete the game with the alternate ending.
Easy 'Sewer Alligator' trophy

Successfully complete Chapter 5: Full House, then get a crowbar, and go to the entrance of the level. Do not go in the car; instead, walk around the house until you find a manhole located at the southeast corner of the level. Enter the manhole to find the Jones (Alligator) mask next to a corpse in the sewers and get the 'Sewer Alligator' trophy.

Hotline miami soundtrack csgoTrophies

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Hotline Miami Song Csgo

    Trophy Addict (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Combo Beginner (Bronze): Perform a 4x combo.
    Combo Intermediate (Bronze): Perform a 6x combo.
    Combo Pro (Bronze): Perform an 8x combo.
    Combo Master (Silver): Perform a 10x combo.
    Combo King (Gold): Perform a 12x combo.
    Playing Pool (Bronze): Hit an enemy with a weapon bounced against a wall.
    Nigel Lowrie (Bronze): Use a human shield.
    Domino Effect (Bronze): Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another.
    Aced It (Silver): Get an A+ on any chapter.
    Karma (Bronze): Die 1000 times.
    I Got New Friends (Silver): Unlock all weapons.
    Knife for Pros (Bronze): Use all melee weapons at least once.
    1989 (Bronze): Kill 1989 enemies.
    Let In Some Air (Bronze): Destroy 200 glass panels.
    Dog Lover (Bronze): Kill 99 dogs.
    60 To Car (Bronze): Go to the car 60 times.
    These Are My Guns (Silver): Complete chapter five barehanded.
    Pitcher (Silver): Use all throwing weapons at least once.
    Zoo Keeper (Gold): Collect all the masks.
    Guns For Show (Silver): Use all guns at least once.
    Two Birds With One Stone (Bronze): Hit two enemies with the same weapon in one throw.
    Get A Life (Gold): Get A+ on all the chapters.
    Always On Top (Silver): Perform every ground kill in the game.
    Sounds Of Animals Fighting (Bronze): Wear all masks at least once.
    Bat-man (Silver): Clear Chapter 2 using Nigel the Bat.
    Plain Luck (Silver): Hit three or more enemies with the same weapon in one throw.
    That's It? (Gold): Beat the epilogue.

Hotline Miami Csgo Soundtrack

Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:

Hotline Miami Soundtrack Mvp Csgo

    The End? (Silver): Beat the main story.
    Sewer Alligator (Bronze): Find Jones the Crocodile.
    Eye For Details (Silver): Collect all the puzzle pieces.
    The Boss (Bronze): Solve the Puzzle.
    Cat Fight (Bronze): Kill the panthers using Brandon the Panther.
    Smell Something Burning (Bronze): Kill the crapping gangster with a fireaxe.
    This Is It (Gold): Beat the epilogue with secret ending.