How To Have A Cursor On Tumblr

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A range of cute, funny, awesome, amazing, and fun tumblr mouse cursors.If you can't find one you like you can request one at our Facebook page. Look through the site, and look for the cursor you want to use. The navigation of the site is on your left. Click on any of those links. You can also use the Search. Tumblr cursors snazzyspace is in no way affiliated with any social networking site, we simply provide resoruces for them. All images and logos are the legal property of the individuals they represent. Tumblr, twitter, facebook and google references and logos are their own legal property. Your mouse cursor plays a vital role when using your computer, and you should be completely comfortable with its appearance. Maybe you want a larger cursor, that’s easy to find in a text without straining your eyes, or perhaps you are bored with the same old pointer that you have been using since what feels like forever.

So you’ve bought a brand new and beautiful premium theme for your Tumblr blog but you’ve no idea how to install Tumblr themes? We’ll help you with that. In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to change a Tumblr theme and install a Tumblr theme from scratch with step-by-step instructions.

Installing a theme from the Tumblr themes directory is fairly an easy process. You just find a theme you like and click on that green Install button. But, the process is different for themes that you buy or download from a third-party marketplace. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, we’ll show you how to use a theme from the Tumblr themes directory!

How To Change Tumblr Themes

Here’s how you can change your default theme into a different theme from the Tumblr themes directory.

Step 1: Click on the Account icon on the top-right corner.

Step 2: Select Edit Appearance.

Step 3: Then click on Edit Theme button

Step 4: Click on Browse Themes.


Step 5: Find a theme you like from the directory. Select the theme you like and click on the Use button

That’s it! You should be able to see a brand new design on your blog.


How To Install Tumblr Themes

Now, let’s say that you’ve bought a high-quality premium theme from a third-party marketplace like Themelantic. Installing these premium themes requires a little bit of extra work.

Here’s how it’s done.

Tumblr Mouse Cursor

Note: Before you make any changes to your theme, make sure to keep a backup of your theme, just in case.

Step 1: Once you download your theme .ZIP file from the theme marketplace, extract its content.

Step 2: If you’ve bought the theme from a premium marketplace like Themelantic, then you’ll find an HTML file inside the extracted folder titled “Install”. Open this file using your browser (eg: Chrome, Firefox).

If the .ZIP file doesn’t have an Install.html file, simply find the main .html file containing the theme code and open it using a code editor. We recommend using Brackets for this job.

Step 3: Select all code in the .html file and hit CTRL + C to copy the code.

Step 4: Go back to your Tumblr dashboard and open the theme editor by clicking on the Account icon on the top-right corner, click Edit Appearance, and click Edit Theme button

Step 5: Click on Edit HTML. Select all code in the HTML window and delete it (remember to backup the code before deleting).

Step 6: Then paste the theme code that you copied from the Premium theme .html file into the Tumblr editor.

Step 7: Click Update Preview button and see how the theme looks. To keep using this new theme, click the Save button.

After finishing the installation, you can customize the theme to your preference.

How To Use Tumblr Themes

Premium themes are much more customizable than free themes. You’ll be able to add sliders, header backgrounds, logos, add widgets, change colors, enable infinite scroll, create tag menus, and much more.

To use all these customization options, go back to the Edit Appearance window from your Tumblr dashboard and edit the settings however you like.


It may seem like a lot of work at first, but installing a theme can be done in a few simple steps. You’ll also notice that premium themes offer lots of options for you to customize the appearance of your Tumblr blog to truly personalize it to make it look unique.

It will help you create a more authentic Tumblr blog that stands out from the crowd. If you’re still looking for a great theme, be sure to check out our other Tumblr themes collections and content!

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There are different ways on creating your cursor. I’ll show some below.

Kawaii Cursor

  1. Realworld Cursor Editor
  2. Photoshop
  3. Paint

All image editor works the same thing.


Cursor Tumblr Code

Just save them as .PNG to have some transparent background.

.GIF or moving cursor does not unless you are using Internet Explorer.

  1. Realworld Cursor Editor - This is the one that I used to make cursor, it’s probably the best free cursor maker. Save the image as .PNG and change the file type to PNG.
  2. Photoshop - Probably best for advanced user.
  3. Paint - Use this to make a quick cursor such as words.

Once you saved your image, upload it to,, or any storage, you can use tumblr’s.

Copy the link provided and paste the link below.

Use this code to make your cursor work. Edit the bolded part.

<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(LINK HERE), auto }</style><a href=“”>Free tumblr layouts</a> <a href=“”>Tumblr Cursors</a>

Paste the code above in your DESCRIPTION.

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