Install Delphi 7

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I tried to install Delphi 7 on Vista several times and Vista prevented me from doing so by telling me that there are known problems with this application (Delphi 7). Several other people in my company experienced problems with installing D7 on Vista. Download Delphi for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. More than 616 downloads this month. Download Delphi latest version 2020. This is how to install these: Delphi 1-7 Use the Components- Install Component menu entry to install the component into the default dclusr-Package. All Delphi versions Create a new package using the File- New- Other menu entry, add the component's unit to that package, compile and install the package Step by step instructions.

  1. Install Delphi 7 Windows 10
  2. Install Delphi 7
Install Delphi 7

How to install Delphi 7 and DSPack 2.3.4 in Windows 7


Delphi 7 is one of the most favorite Delphi IDE. I more often use Visual Studio 2010 in my daily life. Platypus 2 game free download full version. So when getting research using Delphi, there are some new experience in using this IDE, such as installing new package to the IDE, troubleshooting compatibility issue between Delphi 7 and Windows 7.

I will explain the general process of installing Delphi 7 in Windows 7.

  1. The installing process is so simple, just like installing another application.
  2. After installing process and opening the IDE, you will get message box telling about “delphi32.$$$”. Sorry, I forget the detail message.
  3. The solution is so simple:
    • Open the properties of directory where the Delphi 7 is installed.
    • Uncheck the option of Read Only in General Tab.
    • In Security Tab, give full access to the user that will use Delphi 7.
Install Delphi 7

Install Delphi 7 Windows 10

Install delphi 7 windows 10

Install Delphi 7

Now, it is the time for installing some packages in this IDE. I will use DSPack 2.3.4 for the example.

  1. Extract the DSPack to the folder DSPACK234 in the Delphi 7 directory. (example: C:Program Files (x86)BorlandDelphi7DSPACK234)
  2. Open Delphi 7 IDE and choose Tools –> Environment Options –> Library Tab. Click the right button in Library Path, then add the following path to the list:
    • C:Program Files (x86)BorlandDelphi7DSPACK234srcDirectX9
    • C:Program Files (x86)BorlandDelphi7DSPACK234srcDSPack
    • Notes: change the “C:Program Files (x86)BorlandDelphi7” with your own Delphi 7 directory.
  3. Click OK to close the Environment Options window
  4. In the folder {Delphi 7 directory}/DSPACK234/packages, do this things:
    • Double click DirectX9_D7.dpk and Delphi IDE will open, click compile in the Package window.
    • Double click DSPack_D7.dpk and Delphi IDE will open, click compile in the Package window.
    • Double click DSPackDesign_D7.dpk and Delphi IDE will open, click install in the Package window.
    • Note: if you are using Delphi 5 or 6, you have to choose three dpk packages ending with D5 (for Delphi 5) or D6 (for Delphi 6).
    • After the installing the package successfully, you will see tab DSPack in your IDE, like this one: