Jpeg2000 Dual Codec Dvr

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Stand Alone DVR. All-in-One 10″ Series; All-in-One 15″ Series; All-in-One 17″ Series; All-in-One 7″ Series; All-in-One Series; Bank DVR; JPEG2000 DVR. Dual Codec T1 Series; Dual Codec T2 Series; H.264 DVR. H.264 HT; H.264 D1; H.264 Pro; H.264 LITE; H.264 T1; H.264 T2; MJPEG DVR; LCD DVR. 7″ Premium Series; Portable DVR. Eytron JPEG2000 dual codec digital recorder, 16-channel DVR With the Eytron JPEG2000 dual codec digital recorder 16-channel DVR, you can save and archive images from your camera on the hard-drives of this digital recorder. You can connect the JPEG2000 to up to 16 cameras via the video input and to a monitor via the video output. J2000 JPEG2000 J-2000 j-peg argus 8CH DVR RECORDER h.264 dual codec VIDEO DVD. H 264 Amp Amp Jpeg 2000 Dual Codec Network Dvr Software Network Stand Alone DVR Network (JPEG2000+H.264) 2 Contents. Outstanding picture quality by JPEG 2000 compression algorithm (No mosaic effect). User’s Manual User’s Manual 6.

by AFTER Surveillance (

8 Series ( JPEG2000 & H.264)

WHY Dual Codec?

We Admit that every Compression have its advantages and
Disadvantages. Dj jazzy jeff youtube. JPEG 2000, is Amazing Picture Quality on
playback but slow over the network due to the large image size.
H.264 is extremely fast over the network but not as good as
JPEG 2000 for playback.


  • Get the Best of Both Technologies--
The 8 series ( Dual codec Model)
  • JPEG 2000 for recording-
  • H.264 for transmission

WHY JPEG 2000?

Simply the Best Picture quality on playback.

Jpeg 2000 Dual Codec Dvr Systems

JPEG 2000 is a wavelet-based image compression standard.
It was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group
committee with the intention of Best picture quality on playback.
JPEG 2000 can operate at higher compression ratios without
generating the characteristic 'blocky and blurry' artifacts of
the original DCT-based JPEG standard.

There are several advantages of

JPEG2000 over the ordinary

JPEG standard:

  • Superior compression performance: At high bit rates,
  • where artifacts become nearly imperceptible, JPEG 2000
  • has a compression advantage over JPEG by roughly 20% on average.
  • At lower bit rates, JPEG 2000 has a much more significant
  • advantage over certain modes of JPEG. The compression
  • gains over JPEG are attributed to the use of DWT and a more
  • sophisticated entropy encoding scheme.
  • Multiple resolution representation: JPEG2000 provides
  • seamless compression of multiple image components,
  • with each component carrying from 1 to 16 bits per
  • component sample. With tiling, it handles images of
  • arbitrary large size in a single codestream.
  • Progressive transmission by pixel and resolution accuracy,
  • commonly referred to as progressive decoding and
  • signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) scalability: JPEG2000 provides
  • efficient codestream organizations which are progressive
  • by pixel accuracy, by quality (SNR), by resolution or by size.
  • Lossless and lossy compression: JPEG2000 provides both
  • lossless and lossy compression in asingle compression
  • architecture. Lossless compression is provided by the
  • use of a reversible (integer) wavelet transform.
  • Random codestream access and processing, also referred
  • as Region Of Interest (ROI). JPEG2000 codestreams
  • offer several mechanisms to support spatial random
  • access or region of interest access at varying degrees of granularity.
  • Error resilience: JPEG2000 is robust to bit errors
  • introduced by noisy communication channels. This
  • is accomplished by the inclusion of resynchronization
  • markers, the coding of data in relativelysmall independent
  • blocks, and the provision of mechanisms to detect and
  • conceal errors within each block.
  • Sequential buildup capability: JPEG2000 allows for encoding
  • of an image from top to bottom in a sequential fashion without
  • the need to buffer an entire image.

Eytron Jpeg2000 Dual Codec Dvr Software

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• JPEG2000 : Recording & Playback
• H.264: Transmission Via network
• Triplex (Playback / Recording / Network)
• Multi Languages OSD
• IR Remote Controller
• VGA output (for LCD Monitor) Codec
• Jog-shuttle for convenient search
• USB (Device) port for firmware upgrade
• USB2.0 (Host)/CD-RW/DVD-RW for back up
• Easy PTZ camera control by front panel buttons
• Remote viewer via network
• H.264 compression for high speed transmission
Model NumberJ2000D-04T2J2000D-08T2J2000D-16T2
CompressionJPEG2000 : Recording & Playback / H.264 : Transmission Via network
Storage Capacity2 SATA HDDs
VGA(Option)1CH (Supporting TFT LC D Monitor )
Video OutputMonitor / Spot Monitor / VGA(Option)
AudioInput: 4CH, Output:1CH
Split ScreenFull screen, Quad display1,4,6,8,9 split1,4,6,8,9,13,16 split
Compressed RateLow, Mid, High, Super, Hyper
Recording SpeedNTSC
60fps(Full), 120fps(Dual), 240fps(Quad) 50fps(Full), 100fps(Dual), 200fps(Quad)120fps(Full), 240fps(Dual), 480fps(Quad) 100fps(Full), 200fps(Dual), 400fps(Quad)
Recording ResolutionFull (720x240 / 720x288), Dual(360x240/ 360x288), Quad(360x120 / 360x144)
DisplayReal time for all channel
Tri-plexTri-plex operation (Playback / Recording / Ethernet )
Motion DetectArea division : 16x12
Recording ModeTime, Motion, Schedule, Alarm, Emergency
Search ModePercentage Search, Date/ Time Search, Event Search
Password ProtectionAdmin, Manager, User1~8 Allowed to access the system
Alarm Input4 Alarm (NO/NC)8 Alarm (NO/NC)16 Alarm (NO/NC)
Relay Output1 (NO /NC),2A MAX
BackupUSB2.0(HOST), CD-RW or DVD-RW, Download via IP Network, VCR back-up
IR Remote ControllerBuilt-in
Network (TCP/IP)Remote Software( Remote live view, playback, and save as AVI), IE( Remote live view, backup, and save backup to AVI), Two users access is available, High speed transmission
Firmware upgradeCD-RW / DVD-RW / USB(DEVICE) for firmware upgrade
Operation Temperature41F~104F (5C~40C)
Operation HumidityLess than 90%
Dimension(mm)430(W) x 400(D) x 92(H)
Weight(N .W)Approx 7.5 kg (W/O HDD)Approx 8 kg (W/O HDD)
Power SupplyDC Adapter(DC12V 6.5A above)