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Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (b. November 7, 1996), better known by her stage name Lorde, is a pop star hailing from New Zealand. While her earlier music focused on criticizing. Lorde is a singer/songwriter who became an international crossover hit in 2013 with her debut studio album, Pure Heroine. The album's debut single, 'Royals,' soared to no.

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Twitter - instagram - facebook - youtube - tour - sign up - store.

Qual comeback você está mais animado? 1- Rihanna 2- Lorde 3- Bruno Mars4- Adele5- Normani

Lorde on Twitter

Rat girl ()

i am so TIRED of being so EMPTY and now that i FINALLY feel soemthing it is HURTING me it BURNS and i dont know what to DO so i will create an atmosphere that is so LORDE

ً ()

lorde has a grip on our subconscious so strong that her ass can disappear like dust in the wind for years and yet she still remains one of the most talked about artists on social media despite her doing absolutely nothing except traveling to antarctica to avoid this civilization

Ev yapımı dinamit ()

Lorde albüm yayınlarsa küresel ısınma hafifler diye düşünüyorum Yeni Zelanda aklını kullan biraz

Gingerella ()

Ik heb geen spotify wrapped want ik heb apple music maar ik wil jullie langs deze weg laten weten dat mijn meest beluisterde artiesten Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Halsey, Lana Del Rey en Lorde zijn xx

Sarah T. Roberts ()

In this year of our Audre Lorde 2020, in the neverending year of COVID, in the waning days of waiting for the UHaul to arrive at the White the lost debit card the thing that finally breaks me? Stay tuned.

Carl Del Rosario ()

Chromatica’s impact lol Rihanna and Lorde, kung nandito kayo, pakigalaw ang baso #SpotifyWrapped

David Kevin ()

I hope Lorde releases more music that makes her this happy. Totally in her bag here.

Reagan ()

O cara falando parece um lorde inglês. Amigão, quem perde tempo debatendo na internet tem q ser tratado q nem lixo para aprender q ngm gosta de ter o saco enchido. Forte abraço.

Rach. ()

Lorde has been my #1 most listened to artist since 2016 but I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear it was Mr. Styles to take her place this year

Sick ()

they fucked up there’s no way i listened to igorrr and lorde for less than 12 hours

Solesad ()

Lorde Discography Wikipedia

pobre mi marido tiene que soportar todas mis patologías (el nene y la nena = harry y lorde)

Fatima🏳️‍🌈 ()

lorde I will listen to ur album even if u talk about antarctica please just give me new music literally give me ANYTHING ???

Zoe ()

dear lorde, i don’t care if your whole album is a national geographic documentary about antarctica, i’m just begging for new music please and thank you :)))

Celestia ()

lorde, i will listen to your national geographic antarctica give to

Tracklist ()

Qual comeback você está mais animado? 1- Rihanna 2- Lorde 3- Bruno Mars4- Adele5- Normani

Anielle Franco ()

Nesse 25/11, Dia de enfrentamento à violência contra as mulheres, reforço nossa luta por todas as mulheres: negras, indígenas, lésbicas, bis, trans. Sigo c/ Audre Lorde: não serei livre enquanto alguma mulher for for prisioneira, msm q suas correntes sejam diferentes das minhas.

Billie ()

phoebe bridgers got 4 grammy nominations, lorde released a book and i just wrote my last exam today is a good day

Hellbaby, the baby from hell ()

honestly if lorde needs to fuck off to antarctica to cope with everything i get it. i would also fuck off to antarctica if i could

Elliott ()

Lorde’s email about Antarctica - her 50 Words For Snow era incoming !!!

ᚪ ()

*silencio* Lorde; pues hice un libro sobre mi viaje ala antartida , lo quieren?😳 👁👃🏻👁

Evan ()

Yummy remix ft. Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Halsey and Lorde 🥰💞🥰

Iz 🪴 ()

lorde will literally do anything BUT make an album girl nobody asked you to hang out with penguins

Centi (ia) ()

The Folklore studio session is finally released guys #folkloreOnDisneyPlus

🌈🐏 ()

ahora quiero un dónde está Wally con Lorde en sitios rollo un anticuario y un jardín botanico

Izzi ()

the fact that lorde went to antarctica back in 2016 and is now releasing a photo book is so funny to me like this woman doesn’t give af about timeliness

Rawnak ()
Lorde discografia mega

we asked lorde for an album but she gave us a whole book instead and you know what? i’m not complaining. the penguins life sounds peaceful

Pitchfork ()

Mixmeister fusion 7.7 serial key. [email protected] has announced a book of photos from her 2019 trip to Antarctica

Sem Spoiler ()

Lorde anuncia livro de não ficção sobre sua viagem à Antártica A obra reúne fotos tiradas por uma amiga e textos da cantora sobre a viagem que marcou a sua vida. O livro é um precursor perfeito para esse álbum [L3] de uma forma abstrata, contou Lorde.

Maisie peters ()

seeing lorde’s name appear in my email inbox? immediate serotonin. the only email i’ll ever read in the actual moment in which i’ve received it

Teaching Tolerance ()
Lorde Discografia

I wish I had knownthat exhaustion is not a badge of honor,and I need energy for my students..I wish I had knownthe words of Audre Lorde:Caring for ourselves is not self-indulgence,it is self-preservationand that is an act of political warfare.

Chris Lord-Alge is an American mix engineer. He is the brother of both Tom Lord-Alge and Jeff Lord-Alge, both of whom are also audio engineers. Chris Lord-Alge is known for his use of dynamic range compression.[1] He is also known for collaborating with Howard Benson, who has produced the plurality of the albums Lord-Alge has mixed.[2]

While working at Unique Recording Studios in New York City in the 1980s, Lord-Alge earned recognition for mixing James Brown's Gravity album (which included the hit song 'Living in America'), the Rocky IV soundtrack, Prince's Batman soundtrack, Joe Cocker's Unchain My Heart album, Chaka Khan's Destiny album, Carly Simon's Coming Around Again album, Tina Turner's Foreign Affair album and 12' remixes of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita', the Rolling Stones' 'Too Much Blood' and Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark', 'Cover Me', and 'Born in the U.S.A.'.[3] In 1989-1990, brothers Chris and Jeff Lord-Alge collaborated on the Oingo Boingo album Dark at the End of the Tunnel, with Jeff-Lord Alge and Bill Jackson recording and Chris Lord-Alge mixing.[4]

Chris and his brother Tom are known inside the music industry for crafting their mix with an abundant use of dynamic compression[5] for molding mixes that play well on small speakers and FM radio, thus somewhat contributing to the loudness war.

In early 2010, Waves Audio released the 'CLA Artist Signature Collection',[6] a collection of six application-specific audio plug-ins for vocals, drums, bass, guitar and the last two of them called 'unplugged' (designed for acoustic elements) and 'effects' (a collection of six different effects).[7] Slightly before that, Waves had also released a bundle of CLA-branded compressors, featuring the CLA-76 (UREI 1176LN), CLA-2A (Teletronix LA-2A) and CLA-3A (UREI LA-3A). These are among Chris' favorite dynamics units.[8] It is assumed that Waves were unable to get a license to produce authorised versions of the 1176, LA-2A and LA-3A as their current manufacturer and owner, Universal Audio, already produced their own range of audio plug-ins modelling these units; so they branded them under CLA's name instead.[9]

List of Grammy Awards [10][edit]

2010American Idiot: The Original Broadway Cast Recordingmixing/engineeringBest Musical Theater Album
200921st Century Breakdownmixing engineerBest Rock Album
2005Boulevard of Broken Dreamsmixing engineerRecord of the Year
2004All Things Newmixing engineer (tracks 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12)Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
2004American Idiotmixing engineerBest Rock Album


Lord Discography

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