Love Death 555

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  1. SakuraShikishima is a character from the eroge Love Death 555. They have been indexed as Female Teen with Pink eyes and Pink hair that is To Shoulders length. Relations Appears in Love Death 555 らぶデス555!〜ν-Realtime Lovers〜 by TEATIME & TEATIME. Quotes Add Spells and Abilities Add.
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Anne Stuart wrote in her Dark Journey: Strangers In the Night, I’ve always been fascinated with the relationship between love and death. One is the ultimate light, the other is the ultimate darkness and the joining of the two is deliciously terrifying extreme.

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Love Death 555 Realtime Lovers

Writing further she said: This is a beauty and the beast fantasy taken to the very limit. There is no pulling back from death, no settling down in an apartment with a car garage with the Grim Reaper. In order to love death, you have to be willing to give it all, with no future, no past, nothing but a deep, velvet now. That kind of complete surrender and triumph can provide the ultimate satisfaction. Small things no longer matter, destiny is in force now and the real world slips away.

For a woman to accept Death as her lover, she must be very brave, selfless and loving. For Death to succumb to human weakness and to a human female, he must be willing to risk everything, as well.

Human emotions are foreign and dangerous where Death and Life are true. For love, Life is willing to give everything for the happy ending even as such a union is doomed to be bitter-sweet. But the greatest victories are always so prepared to take a dark ride on life’s most fascinating amusement park attraction; Death and it’s polar opposite, love made even more intriguing by the mesmerizing union the two create.

Love Death 555

In The Dark journey, we see Death always in his dark glasses that hides his bottomless eyes. He was in love with Laura who was sickly. The two met for the first time on a troubled night that he was to take Laura into the other world of darkness.

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Death was an agent of the dark world but in love he asked his Lord to give him a short while. His plan was to have the chance to love Laura here on earth.

They finally met and after the façade Death was identified for what he is. Still Laura was not afraid. She cannot imagine life without Alex her loving Death. She was ready to go with him even to the unknown.

Our conclusion is a strong tie between love and death. Little wonder then that lovers are ever ready to die for their love. And death has a promise for Laura, a healthy life in the next world.


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Well, just maybe, Death is a better Lover than life.