Motorola Pc Suite Download Windows 10

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Lots of people looking to download Mi PC Suite for windows. It is more than the normal USB driver because a USB driver simply connects your phone to the pc. On the other hand, the Pc suite gives more functionality to create your working easy with your phone. Xiaomi PC Suite 2019 for Windows is available for download in this page. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from mobile phone tools without restrictions. Motorola Mobile Phone Tools MML 1.5.19 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10 PCs but also without a hitch on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Motorola Pc Suite Free Download For Windows 10 64 Bit
  2. Motorola Pc Suite 5.1
  3. Motorola Driver For Windows 10
  4. Nokia Pc Suite Download Windows 10
  5. Motorola Pc Driver Windows 10

Today the world revolves around smartphones. Living our life has almost become app based. We access information, buy products, communicate, play and entertain ourselves using our Android or Apple devices. Yet sometime we feel the need for something more to get out of our phones and tabs. That where the PC suite comes in handy. These softwares can be downloaded on your desktop and used to manage, browse and control the content on your phone.

PC suits are great way of bridging the gap between your computer and Android or iOS devices. You can edit and download apps directly from the computer and also receive calls and notifications. We are going to list some PC suits which you can use for any type of phone or tab.

Part 1: The Top 10 PC Suites for Android Phone

1. Wondershare TunesGo PC Suite

We have found this the best PC Suite for Android. It has an elegant and attractive design which is simple to use. It is an all in one PC Suite that gives you total control of your Android phone. You can backup, restore, transfer and install and uninstall apps using this.

The Best PC Suite For Android Phone

One Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Files on Android Phone

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer everything between two mobiles.
  • Highlighted features such as 1-click root, gif maker, ringtone maker.
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.
Security Verified, people have downloaded it

Main features and functions

  • One click phone to phone transfer option
  • Transfer media between Android and iTunes Library
  • Take screenshots of your phone


  • Very easy to create backup and restore your Android device
  • Ability to run root Android devices in one click
  • Supports older versions of Windows


  • Cannot connect the Android phone via wifi.


This user on Pcadvisor appreciates the PC Suite for its fast and simple approach. The file conversion feature is a added benefit.

2. Moborobo Free PC Suite

Moborobo Free PC Suite can easily organize and transfer the content on your phone. The program scans the content on your phone and puts them in different categories like photos, music, apps.

Download Moborobo

Main features and functions

  • Rooted phones can be synced via wifi
  • Apps can be downloaded from the program's app store called Mobo Market
  • You can uninstall apps in bulk


  • Rooting or jailbreaking not required
  • Full of features

Motorola Pc Suite Free Download For Windows 10 64 Bit


  • Takes a bit of time to install the initial drivers
  • There is some lag in performance


The editor at Softonic reviews the PC suite as a stable and useful application. But Installing drivers for your phone is a drawback.

3. 91 PC Suite

It is an advanced program to control and backup data of your phone. You can edit and create contacts, sms and manage the calendar and to do list. All settings of Android can be accessed.

Download 91 PC Suite.

Main features and functions

  • Features many advanced options.
  • You can download themes and apps directly from 91 PC Suite.


  • Does not drain too much system resource
  • Can be used by beginners and experts without any hassle


  • Contains flash advertisements in the program
  • Can only be connected by USB.


Softpedia editor prefers the software for its lightweight system and considers it a good program to manage your phone.

4. Bluestacks Free PC Suite

It lets you transfer apps and phone content to your pc. You can play the graphics intensive games on desktop. Apps can also be directly installed on pc using this. You can enjoy your favorite game and use whatsapp simultaneously.

Download Bluestacks.

Main features and functions

  • It features cloud connect
  • Bluestack app player downloads apps directly from the web browser


  • Runs the heavy games without any glitch
  • Consumes less amount of pc RAM


  • System requirements are high
  • You cannot control apps on the home screen
  • Prompts for purchases


The review on Laptopmag website finds the program to be sales driven. Though it does the job of running apps on pc quite efficiently.

5 . Andy Free PC Suite

It is best for playing games and accessing the Android file system on the phone. It is able to data sync, browse files and control notifications. It automatically updates the Android version on your phone.

Download Andy

Main features and functions

  • The phone can be used as remote control to play games
  • Supports full multi-touch gestures
  • Rooting of Android OS


  • The program can be customized
  • Presents complete Android interface


  • Works only with Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • The programs malfunctions sometime


Softonic finds the program to offer great emulator experience. It is great for advanced users who can edit and customize it according to their preferences.

6. Youwave

Youwave is best for testing apps on your computer before installing them to your phone. It also runs apps on your pc. You can sync and move files between phone and PC.

Download Youwave.

Main features and functions

  • SD card functionality to share content between pc and Android device
  • Supports online multiplayer games


  • Apt for testing apps
  • Perfect Android emulation


  • Does not work with Android Kitkat version
  • Unable to run some apps


The editor review at Softonic suggests that Youwave offers one of the best Android experience on pc. But it is not very stable as many apps fail to run on it.

7. MOBILedit

You can access your phone content and easily modify them using this powerful tool. The PC Suite takes backup of your files while you are browsing them. You can view the files according to a timeline.

Download Mobiledit

Main features and functions

  • Can connect through USB, Bluetooth and Infrared
  • Auto backup feature
  • Supports MS Outlook and Outlook Express


  • Gives total access to phone data
  • Works with most phones available


  • It is more expensive than the other softwares


In a review at Pcworld, it says the program is good for phone management through pc. But the drawback is its price.

8. Android SDK

Android has released their own PC Suite. It gives you all features of a emulator and is best for app developers. It is best for developing apps and testing them.

Get Android SDK

Main features and functions

  • Gives complete access to phone hardware and software
  • Serves as a platform for building new apps and testing them
  • Numerous options and features for customization


  • It is an intensive development tool
  • Best for testing apps


  • Using it can be a bit difficult as it is aimed for professionals


It is the best platform to create and develop apps according to the Softonic review.


It can be used to sync and manage data between your pc and phone. It is also able to root and recover your device. It supports MAc, Linux and Windows.

Download QTADB.

Main features and functions

  • Shell commands can be executed
  • Able to manage texts and messages from pc
  • Able to root Android device.


  • Offers a wide range of features
  • One of the comprehensive PC Suites

Motorola Pc Suite 5.1



  • Requires installation of Android SDK to function


The reviewer at Technorm feels it does not offer anything new but only presents old features in one program.

10.Xamarin Android player

Xamarin has been created by a programming company. You can control your phone efficiently and manage apps on it. It has been reported to be almost bug free.

Main features and functions

  • Useful for developers to run and test their apps
  • Gives complete Android feel


  • Works with all different Android versions
  • Program controls are easy to understand and use


  • You need to download Virtualbox to run this which in itself is a large download.
Motorola driver for windows 10


A software reviewer on Findmysoft feels it provides realistic Android phone experience on the computer without any problems.


Part 2: The Best 5 PC Suites for iPhone

1. Syncios iOS & Android Manager

It is a good PC Suite for your iPhone and iOS devices. You can transfer, edit and browse your iPhone easily. It is totally free.

Download Syncios iOS & Android Manager

Main features and functions

  • Shows general phone information like iOS version, serial number
  • Features audio and video converter
  • Has a ringtone maker


  • Good performance and easy to operate
  • Has a builtin media player


  • Installs additional software without permission.


The Cnet review says it is an useful program for iPhone users to manage convert and transfer data between phone and pc.

2. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Backup, restore, browse and transfer your iPhone content using this software is quite simple. You can also send messages from your pc just like from phone.

Download it here.

Main features and functions

  • A header bar with recognizable icons provides quick access to apps
  • Can be synced with WiFi
  • Easy to create backup


  • The visual interface makes it very easy to use
  • Countless options and useful tools


  • It is a bit difficult to set up
  • Syncing of device is slow and difficult.


Softpedia considers it a good choice for less tech savvy users. It performs all the essential tasks effectively.

3. Pushbullet

It is another PC Suite for iPhone users to connect to pc. It can send texts and links, manage notifications and enable you to chat using your pc.

Download Pushbullet.

Main features and functions

  • Mapped addresses from Apple maps can be sent to phone as a link
  • Few easy tabs to manage phone data
  • Features RSS feeds


  • Fast and easy
  • Can send texts, links and notifications with one click


  • Requires sign up and a Facebook or Google account to use it
  • Previous free features are now paid


Pcmag reviews it as a handy tool for transferring data between iPhone and computer. Though they state that there are better options available.

4. MobiKin Assistant for iOS

It is a popular software that is used by iPhone users to transfer and manage files via pc. It can retrieve lost data and restore too.

Download MobiKin Assistant for iOS.

Main features and functions

Motorola Driver For Windows 10

  • Keyword based search of phone content
  • Folders and complete playlists can be transferred


  • Compatible with multiple iOS devices
  • Creates backup in 3 simple steps


Lags sometimes.


One user on Cnet calls this software really convenient for managing iPhone files on pc.

5. iPhone PC Suite

This program gives you more than iTunes can. You can use it to sync data with your pc and perform all tasks of a PC Suite. Download here.

Main features and functions

  • Easily backs up and restores iTunes
  • Delete multiple photos in batch
  • Converts videos and music to iOS formats


  • Provides many backup options
  • Easy to use

Parallels desktop 12 activation key. Cons

  • Has compatibility issues with some antivirus programs
  • Has lags and freezes sometime


Users on called this a great software to manage their iPhone. On the other hand, some users reported that the program crashed on startup.

Comparison Chart:

We have made a chart which will help you to pick the right PC suite for yourself. The softwares have been judged on various parameters.

PC SuiteWiFi ConnectionConverterBackup optionDeveloper option
Wondershare TunesGo PC Suite
Moborobo Free PC Suite
91 PC Suite
Android SDK
Xamarin Android player
Syncios iOS & Android Manager
Apowersoft Phone Manager
MobiKin Assistant for iOS
iPhone PC Suite

TunesGo Andrid PC Suite could also help you root your Android phone easily. Why not download it have a try? If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

Motorola Mobility hived off from Motorola Inc, concentrating on the production of mobile phones. It was bought by Google on 12th August 2011 for a nifty $12.5 billion. Although Motorola has quietly been at the center of most technological advances of the past century, it is mainly known for its mobile telephony manufacturing - radios and phones; the Moto E phone is just one of its many brilliant mobile phone innovations.

The Moto E Phone is the perfect phone for those who would like the experience of a Smartphone but do not want to shell out too much money for it. The 2015 model may be a bit more expensive than its predecessor, but the cost is justified given the major upgrades that are built into it. The phone allows you to store and sync data with your computer using the Motorola PC suite for Moto E.

Motorola PC Suite for Moto E is a great way of linking the Moto E phone to your computer for a variety of reasons. The Moto E phone is made by Motorola, a company that has been at the forefront of technology for a very long time. When you hear of the name Motorola, you would not imagine that this innovative electronics company has been a pioneer in the invention of several, high-value electronics that you use today. It was one of the leading companies to come up with radios, in the early 20’s, designed the first portable cellular telephone, called the DynaTAC.

Part 1: The Best Motorola PC Suite for Moto E - Wondersahre TunesGo

Today, developers have come up with software that can connect a number of mobile brand devices to a PC. In the case of the Moto E phone, one of the best alternatives is TunesGo from Wondershare.

TunesGo is the desktop solution for people who want to fully mirror their phones on the computer. It allows you to connect to the PC and carry out operations like you would on the phone. If you want to use a messaging service such as Viber on your PC, simply connect the phone, then load Viber, and then type messages on the PC. They will be sent via the phone is the usual manner; chatting with multiple users has never been easier.

The Best Motorola PC Suite - One Stop Solution to Transfer and Manage Files on Motorola

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Manage, export&import your Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer.
  • One-click Root - Root your Android phones/tablets to take full control of your device.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported).
  • App Manager - Install, uninstall, import or backup Apps in batch.
  • Gif Maker - Create Gif from photos, motion photos, videos.
  • iTunes Manager - Sync iTunes Music to Android or transfer music from Android to iTunes
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.

Main features and functions of TunesGo.

TunesGo has a very clean and simple user interface. Once you get to the home screen, you are immediately notified about vital statistics about the phones memory status, and shows all the items stored on the storage card. You also get an itemized list of how much space is used by music, video, photos, and a lot more; unfortunately, you cannot see what capacity is used by applications that the user may have downloaded.

When it comes to viewing, editing and sending SMS messages, it has never been easier. Since users can mirror their phones on the PC, you feel like you are sending the message from the phone, but using the much-easier keyboard of the PC.

TunesGo easily transfers content to and from the PC. When transferring videos and images in formats that are not supported by the phone, TunesGo automatically, and easily, converts the media. It does not matter how large the media may be, the conversion is seamlessly fast. All content converted by TunesGo plays very easily on Android phones.

There is a free demo version of the software which users can get and test. Some of the features, such as transferring contacts, video and music format conversion have been disabled. However, you can transfer the media, as-is, so you can back it up for easy transfer back to an Android phone in the future.

When you buy the Motorola E phone, you will have a commendable Smartphone at quite a low price. You get the reliable technology of Motorola and do not have to pay too much for it. Motorola usually bundles the Motorola PC Suite with every unit that they sell, so you will be able to connect your phone to your PC right from the start. Use the PC suite to sync your contacts to the PC, backup any media and information that you may need in the future, edit media and share it with friends and family through email, or MMS.

Should you need to put your stored media, contacts, and other data on another Android phone, you should use the TunesGo set of tools from Wondershare. The versatility and flexibility of the tools contained in TunesGo cannot be understated. With this software, you get uncommon ease of use. So you can easily connect your phone to that of your best friend, via the PC, and share media, contacts and much more. With TunesGo, you have the best mobile device to PC connection software ever.

Part 2: Motorola PC Suite for Moto E

This is a suite of utilities that were developed by Avanquest for Motorola phones. With the PC Suite, one can access the powerful features of the Moto E Phone while on the PC. This makes it easier to do such tasks as sending SMS, emails, and a lot more. When you are in an area that does not have internet access, and you need to use your computer, then you can connect the Moro E Phone to the PC using the Motorola PC Suite and access the internet through the phone. The PC suite allows connection between the Moto E Phone and the PC via cable, Infrared or Bluetooth.

Main Features and Functions of Motorola PC Suite

The main reason why mobile phone users want to sync their phones to PCs is the synchronization of contacts and email. With the Motorola PC Suite a user can quickly save all contacts to the PC and interact with them from there. Users can fully synchronize the data, or select a few contacts. Editing can be done, on PC and Moto E Phone, using the PC suite.

Synchronization allows the user to send emails using outlook and many other email clients. Looking for contacts has never been easier, thanks to the high speed involved. Users can send SMS texts to one or many contacts using the software.

Another feature that makes the Motorola PC suite for Moto E one of the best is the Multimedia Studio. This is a suite of tools that allows you to edit photos, videos, MMS messages and ringtones. You can then transfer the media created, to the phone. The PC suite comes with a lot of samples which you can customize for your own needs. You can play videos straight from the phone, or simply download them if you want to edit them.



  • The user interface is very simple, making it very easy to use, even for a first-time user.
  • One can easily send MMS and SMS messages right from the PC. This means that you do not have to transfer MMS files to the phone in order to send them; once again, this points to its ease of use
  • The fact that it can connect to a PC via Bluetooth, cable or infrared makes it a very versatile tool.
  • The PC suite allows you to categorize your messages according to sender, making it easy to archive messages. Other programs just use the normal date and time, and this makes it hard to find a particular message from a specific sender.
  • Synchronization of data and contacts is done by a simple click of a button.

Nokia Pc Suite Download Windows 10


  • The PC suite for Moto E has one major flaw, in that it is not compatible with other mobile brands.

When you buy the Moto E phone, you will get the Motorola PC suite free of charge, and you can update the software easily. You can also download the latest version for the Motorola PC Suite for Moto E.

Motorola Pc Driver Windows 10

When you buy the Moto E phone, you will get the Motorola PC suite free of charge, and you can update the software easily. You can also download the latest version for the Motorola PC Suite for Moto E. If you would like more flexibility when it comes to the mobile phone brands that you can connect to the PC, then you should go with TunesGo. Simply download and have a try the best TunesGo Motorola PC Suite.