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Bought the nextar Q3 gps for our vacation this summer. Took it out of the box charged the battery. Put it in the car hook up dc cord only to find out 3 hours later when the battery went dead the dc cord wasn't working. Called customer service they promised to send new cord in 7 to 10 days. Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products.

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Anybody have any use with the Nextar GPS? Walgreens has it on black friday for 90 bucks. just curious on what you guys thought about it. Not looking for something big and fancy, likewise im not looking for a cheap POS either :lol:
-Thanks for the help


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  • Reviews are mixed - do a search on Amazon for that particular model. My daughter has had one for two years now, she loves it, forgot the model #.. Don't count on customer service or map updates. What you get is what you get.
  • I would certainly pay another 10-20 bucks for a Garmin or TomTom.
  • I would certainly pay another 10-20 bucks for a Garmin or TomTom.
    ..w/o missing :o a heart beat!
  • yeah, i found mixed reviews as well.
    and the only thing with payin the extra couple bucks on black friday is that we don't have a best buy or anything fancy like that, lol. (Small town Oklahoma, lol) We DO have a Radioshack, Walgreens, and a Walmart. thats about it for electronics. not sure if Walgreens should be in the 'electronics' group but anyway :D .
    So, I am left with the Nuvi 250w for $170 from Radioshack. I found mixed reviews on this one as well.. Seems most, if not all of the reviews i have found on GPS are all mixed though. ugh.
    EDIT- Walmart just released their BF deals. They have the Nuvi 200 for $97. From the reviews i've read on here it seems that it is a great, simple little device. No diamonds, but still gets the job done and not being a POS :lol: . Opinions?
  • If it meets your feature needs that is a great deal.
  • A co-worker bought a Nextar (not sure which model at the moment) and I tested it side by side with my Garmin nuvi 750, so I could explain to the non-electrical/mechanically inclined person how to use it. It is WindowsCE based and appears to have extra features, but not that can be used simultainiously.
    I found the display of the Nextar to be very responsive, showing position and upcoming street names in non-routing mode 1 or 2 seconds before my 750. However, the daytime display on the Nextar had a color/contrast scheme that made it more difficult to distinquish roads from background yellow color at a glance, and some of the screen was used up to simulate the sky. Although, it was easy to make out roads in the night color scheme.
    Maps for that Nextar were 2008 Navteq maps (using 2007 or earlier data), but were preinstalled on the SD card, with no sign on their website whether any updates were available. While that unit could play MP3's and show JPG's, apparently not while navigating, because they would need to be on a different SD and you would have no maps at that point.
    My 750 came with 2009 maps, but if not, could be updated at no charge. For example I just bought a Garmin Legend HCx handheld bundled with City Navigator NT 2008 maps, and Garmin is mailing me 2009 map updates at no charge. Street maps are in my 750's main memory, so I can have pictures, or play music from SD or microSD while navigating (using wire or FM to play through car stereo).
    So while my nuvi lags the Nextar a bit in responsiveness, the nuvi makes use of more of the screen with a bolder color scheme, easier to see at a glance, has more up to date maps, and can do more things simultainiously. Although, there may be little difference in the maps unless you use roads or navigate newer neighborhoods not on previous maps.
    Another consideration may be that you can use online sources like Google Maps or Mapsource to find and set waypoints on a Garmin. But I don't even know if the Nextar can communicate with a PC, because when I connected its USB cable, my PC just made alternate low beep/high beep, high beep/low beep, like the USB was constantly connecting/disconnecting.
    Personally I would get a gps from one of the major players (at least more support from peers, if not the manufacturer).
  • you might want to check radioshack they have the TOMTOM XL 4.3' wide screen refurbished GPS for Only $99.99 Very good Basic Unit !
  • you might want to check radioshack they have the TOMTOM XL 4.3' wide screen refurbished GPS for Only $99.99 Very good Basic Unit !
    Should I be worried about the refurbished part?
  • edited January 2009
    My wife gave me a Nextar M3-03 for Christmas. I can't find out much about the unit but it has maps copyright 2007 and Intellimap copyright 2008 so everything appears current. So far I like the unit, it appears well built and performs well. I haven't used it at highway speeds yet but at 45-50 it easily keeps up with the car. Signal acquisition is normally less than a minute and sometimes only 10-15 seconds. I will admit I'm a little scared of the unit though. There are an awful lot of bad reviews for the units themselves and Nextar in general. The speaker also could be better. At max volume it's not that loud and is distorted a good bit. At lower volumes it sounds alright and does a pretty good job at pronouncing names. Nextar does not appear to offer map updates, even for fee, ever. With discounts and rebates my wife ended up paying $70.00 for it. At that price it's a pretty good deal (if it works). I'm not sure I would be comfortable paying much more for one.
    Rereading the above I thought I should add this: I think the screen is pretty good. It's easy to see what's on it and bright enough to see in all but the brightest sunlight. On mine the default color scheme used a grey background instead of the more common yellow. The yellow is available and I'm using it but I'm not sure which I like better. The unit gives ample warning of upcoming turns including a chime where you are actually supposed to turn. I would recommend it except for the apparent quality control issues and the company's, reported, atrocious customer service.
    I should have made clear those acquistion times are indoors at my computer desk. Mounted on the windshield of my truck it locks on in seconds, most of the time it seems instantaneous.
  • My sister bought 3 Nextar GPS units & with in 3 months all 3 the screens went bad 1 black screen but still had sound the other 2 the screens just went solid bright white but had sound sent in under warranty sold the replacements on ebay and bought 2 Garmins & 1 tomtom , But i do have to say they did do a good job of Navigating and had lots of extra's features for the $99 she paid for them But they just don't hold up very good !
  • But i do have to say they did do a good job of Navigating and had lots of extra's features for the $99 she paid for them But they just don't hold up very good !
    This one is doing great. I did order myself a Garmin Nuvi 255 last night. My wife says she will use the Nextar. It will be untypical of her if she does because she usually is reluctant to us technological gadgets. She bought a 2 year replacement warranty for it so it if dies I probably will also sell the new one on Ebay and get her a Garmin as well.

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