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Thanks for your reply.. Perhaps I should clarify..
* I would like to combine all installation files for Office 2007 and Visio 2007 into one network share. This I've already done
* I would then like to have one .msp for office installation (Word, PowerPoint, etc..) I've done this. It's a silent install that doesn't prompt for anything, no user intervention, and once installation is complete it brings of a screen showing that it is done..
* Where I'm now stuck is that I want to have a Visio 2007 installation SEPARATE from Office 2007. I created a .msp for this as well.. and instructed it to behave the same way as the Office2007.msp in terms of installation behavior. silent install, supress etc.
My original thought that I just tell my script to point to the visio2007.msp just to install Visio but what happens is I get prompted at the 'Choose A Microsoft Office Product' screen which asks me to install Office 2007 or Visio. I thought the .msp for Visio would solve this and automatically choose this since I suppressed everything. No luck. I have Visio Pro 2007..
You mentioned a config.xml.. Do I have to use a visio.msp and config.xml in together? If so, why wouldn't this be the case for Office 2007? I thought either creating a .msp or .xml (not together) would handle everything..
If need both .msp and config.xml together for Visio 2007, what should I additionally specify in the config.xml?
Many hanks for your help..
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