One Ok Rock Tour 2016

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ロックバンド・ONE OK ROCKが2016年に2日間で11万人を動員した野外ワンマンライブとL.A.でのレコーディングドキュメンタリーを映像化。「Re:make」「じぶんROCK」「Cry out」「Clock Strikes」「20 years old」「Deeper Deeper」ほか、全21曲を収録。

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ONE OK ROCK has also held concert tours overseas in Asia, U.S., Europe and South America. In March 2013, Simple Plan announced a new version of their song ' Summer Paradise ' with Moriuchi for a Japanese-only release 12 They later performed together at the music festival, Punkspring 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. With One OK Rock scheduled to hit the stage at 10:15 and no word from promoters on what would happen in the meantime, fans entered the venue to find a DJ spinning noughties rock tunes – Blink182, Newfound Glory, Jimmy Eat World and more. While it was nice singing along with the soundtrack to my teenage years while the room filled up, the.

One Ok Rock Tour 2016



One Ok Rock Tour 2020

01. Re:make
02. じぶんROCK
03. Cry out
04. Clock Strikes
05. 20 years old
06. Deeper Deeper
07. Let’s take it someday
08. カゲロウ
09. Always coming back
10. the same as…
11. Be the light
12. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.
13. Take me to the top
14. アンサイズニア
15. Taking Off
16. The Beginning
17. Mighty Long Fall
18. Nobody’s Home
19. Wherever you are
20. キミシダイ列車
21. 完全感覚Dreamer

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One Ok Rock Tour 2016 Setlist


One Ok Rock Tour 2016