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To remove the OneSafe PC Cleaner adware and check your computer for other malicious programs, please use the free malware removal guide below. Remove OneSafe PC Cleaner (Virus Removal Guide) The below instructions are for Windows users, however, we also have an Android Guide and a Mac Guide which should help clean up your device. Once OneSafe PC Cleaner is running on the computer, it will begin to display fake warnings and pop-up alerts stating several infections detected on Windows operating system. Obviously, these alerts are just ploy to deceive computer users and force them to pay for the OneSafe PC Cleaner registration code. OneSafe PC Cleaner published by Smart PC Solutions, Inc. Is a potentially unwanted application that is promoted as a valuable tool. It even has an official page,, where it is described as an optimization utility that will help you clean your PC and thus make it work more efficiently. This app has a very clean user interface / design, it allowed me to choose my own security questions, it has a variety of options when choosing how to store your data and what your 'one' password would be.

Editor's Rating
Customer Service


  • Simple user interface
  • Easy commands
  • Fast processing of tasks
  • Responsive customer support, both via email and phone
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Regular version is limited to cleaning features
  • Doesn’t seem to clean system cache
  • Dual pricing strategy
  • Large files finder doesn’t seem to work properly

A new entrant into the Mac optimization software market with the release of its OneSafe Mac Cleaner app, Avanquest Software is a France-based technology company and part of the Avanquest Group founded in 1984. Avanquest markets not only its own software titles but also third party products in categories such as utilities, multimedia, business, art and design, learning, and accessories. OneSafe PC Cleaner is one of the most well-known applications from the French company, and now OneSafe Mac Cleaner seeks to fill a gap in Avanquest's offerings: utility software for Mac users.

The Mac cleanup application delivers the basic functionalities you'd expect from such software, but depending on your budget and needs you can get even more features, such as an uninstaller, a duplicate finder, and cleaning of large and bulky files bigger than 50MB if you get a subscription, which start at $3 per month.


When you first open the free version of OneSafe Mac Cleaner it will automatically start scanning your Mac to calculate the amount of disk space you could regain by removing files the app flags as irrelevant. The developers didn't put too much effort into creating eye candy for the software, rather they focused their time into making a simple and clear interface dominated by gray.

Start ScreenLarge Files ScanLarge Files Scan ResultsActivation Prompt

Large Files Scan Feature

Activation Prompt

All of the software’s different functionalities are one click away on the left. This list can be shorter or longer depending on the version you have purchased: the regular version of the OneSafe Mac Cleaner app will locate and delete obsolete files through the junk scan feature, deleting all old log or localization files, among others. The professional version, however, will enable other neat features such as an uninstaller, a duplicate finder and large file removal tools.


The process with OneSafe Mac Clean begins by selecting a task and hitting the scan button to discover what kind of files deemed unnecessary by the software are occupying space on your hard drive or flash storage. The software should be used if you are looking to free up space by removing files categorized as ‘junk,’ including the Safari, iTunes, Photos and Skype caches, temporary and unneeded user files, log files, and other optional items such as iOS updates, backups of old phones, and copies of applications. OneSafe Mac Cleaner is helpful, since it scans your computer and displays a list of files you can safely remove.

Warning MessageReclaim Disk SpaceScanning in ProgressCleaning Finished

Reclaim Disk Space

Junk Files

After finishing the scan, OneSafe Mac Cleaner displays how much space you can regain by removing the files it has identified, but before hitting the “Clean Now” button you can review and uncheck any folders or files you don't want to erase. The files found and categorized as optional items require you to first review each of them. The Mac optimization app will also remove macOS and application localization files it deems unnecessary, but of course only if you approve it. After each of the categories have been individually reviewed, just start the cleaning and that valuable Mac disk space will be freed up.


Sound booster plug-ins. The regular version of OneSafe Mac Cleaner is limited to the cleaning features listed above, but if you are willing to spend more for the professional version, you'll get additional features like the duplicate finder. While you cannot specify which folder to scan for duplicate files, photos or videos, this feature is handy since it can save you time (and space on your startup disk) if you run it from time to time.

The pro version of OneSafe Mac Cleaner also includes an uninstaller feature. In our testing, the app was able to identify the majority of the software files we wanted to uninstall, but it also left a couple files behind.

Duplicate FinderDuplicate ScanUninstallerStartup OptimizerShredder

Scanning Mac for Duplicates

Startup Optimizer

Additionally this software speeds up your Mac’s boot time by managing the items that launch automatically via the startup optimization feature. The same goes for large files you haven't opened for months. OneSafe Mac Cleaner is able to identify and flag them so you can review and eventually remove these files if necessary.

One final feature that OneSafe Mac Cleaner includes is the shredder, which permanently erases the selected file or folder and its content using powerful algorithms. The process is irreversible, and so any erased items cannot be recovered.


Avanquest's pricing strategy with OneSafe Mac Cleaner is rather interesting, because it takes two separate approaches to its customers. When you visit Avanquest's official site and software store you'll find this program is sold for a flat fee, whereas on – the dedicated web page set up by the same company – you'll see other options, but this time the costs are based on a subscription model. The reason for the dual pricing strategy, a company representative told us, is that they cannot offer subscriptions on the Avanquest website.

On Avanquest’s official website, however, OneSafe Mac Cleaner cannot be downloaded and tested until the one-time fee of $21.55 (or $53.90 for the professional version) has been paid. The developers didn't specify whether or not this lifetime license allows you to update the software when a new version hits.

If you are taking the route, you'll get access to the Mac cleaning app but at greater expense. However here you can download a free version of the app to get familiar with the functionality it provides. The app will initiate a scan as soon as you launch it and then inform you about how much space you can regain if you are willing to pay an annual fee of $36. But access to the ‘pro’ features costs a further $9.99, and extending the license to five Macs will cost yet another $9.99. The monthly fee increases to $5 if you choose the six-month subscription (total price: $29.99 + $9.99 for the pro features) or $9.99 if you choose just one month of OneSafe Mac Cleaner.

  • Remove cache files
  • Empty trash bins
  • Remove log files
  • Remove Language Files
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  • Remove cache files
  • Empty trash bins
  • Remove log files
  • Remove Language Files
  • Remove cache files
  • Empty trash bins
  • Remove log files
  • Remove Language Files

It's up to you which payment method you choose: Avanquest accepts credit or debit cards from the major payment networks (Visa, Mastercard, America Express), Blue Card, and PayPal. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee from the moment of purchase.


Customer Service

Avanquest has provided multiple channels for it to communicate with its OneSafe users. Although their Facebook page is focused on the Windows side of the business, you can always contact customer support via email or phone. The site lists a French phone number, but you can also reach out to support by phone in Germany, North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain and more. Customers from other countries can call an international phone number, through which they can get additional answers to their questions. But support on these phone numbers (24/7 in French and English) is mostly for activation, sales and billing issues. If you prefer phone support, it's best to use the contact details found on your confirmation email or receipt.

OneSafe Mac Cleaner Support Forum also offers remote technical support 24/7 in which you’ll allow a technician to take over your computer remotely to finalize the activation. For more complex issues, you can send them an email: they are very responsive. In our testing, we got a reply from a company representative within a few hours of sending the email.

Bottom Line

Safe Pc Cleaners 100% Free

When it comes to purchasing Mac cleaning software, of course you'll want the best value for your money. OneSafe Mac Cleaner could be an option to consider: it offers a decent selection of cleaning features as it scours your Mac for junk data and cache files (although it doesn't clean the system cache). But that's all the (cheaper) regular version offers. Access to other handy features – such as startup optimization, duplicate finding and large file removal tools – will require you to pay more. Weirdly, the software’s pricing model is subscription based if you visit If you would rather pay one flat fee, you need to purchase it from the official Avanquest store.

If you haven't used Mac optimization software since you first turned your Mac on, OneSafe Mac Cleaner will help you recover gigabytes of ‘lost’ disk space occupied by junk files. But the solution Avanquest offers is dual priced, so you should weigh up whether it is worth paying a yearly subscription when you can have the same functionality for a one-time, flat fee.

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With version 7, you will benefit from brand new cleaning features and improved features for your daily PC optimization.

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Onesafe Pc Cleaner Pro Review

If your computer isn’t working as it should or you’re experiencing frequent crashes, this could be due to Windows issues. Our new Windows Repair Scan finds and automatically repairs Windows related problems.

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Enhanced scan for an even cleaner computer!

The OneSafe cleaning scan now finds and cleans even more unwanted items. The enhanced scan covers more tracking cookies, log files, memory dumps, Microsoft Office cache and driver cache. Clean up gigabytes worth of disk space and even more privacy items with the new scan.

Onesafe Pc Cleaner Review

New Security Menu

Our new security menu gives you easy access to all the tools you need to protect your system and private information. Top features include: malware scan, security check, Windows privacy optimizer, ID scan, shredder, and device wiper. You can also access your free Safe-Passwords account providing military grade encryption for all your passwords.

Cleaning Report

Keep track of your progress in cleaning and optimizing your PC. You might be surprised just how much disk space you are able to reclaim by running cleaning scans with OneSafe.

Startup Manager gets a boost!

We wanted to make it easier for you to speed up PC startup time so we added new recommendations to our startup database. With advice from OneSafe you will know which programs to keep in startup and which ones to safely remove.

Main cleaning scan gets a new look

It was time to update the interface of our main scan. We wanted to give you more info on the categories we scan and why they are important. The new scan provides more system information, better category descriptions and more detail. We hope you like the new look!