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When installing OpenMediaVault via a USB stick you may run into an error. During the installation you are prompted to select the correct drive to install to (in my case /dev/sdb). Towards the end of the install, setup will attempt to install the bootloader to the installation media, which fails.

I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled. I've renabled wordpress. I set up a share folder (wordpress) and given access to me,admin and mysql for read/write. I've changed bind ip to (though the machine i use is Once i clicked enable or change root password on mysql, i now get this error. Table of Contents 1. Install some tools 3. Create links to the mounted drives with their label names 5. Install gparted 7. Install cifs-utils I started using OpenMediaVault as my NAS of choice.

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To fix this issue we need to chroot to the new installation, install the bootloader, then unmount. This is done at the end of the installation, just before rebooting.

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  1. After the error, continue the installation so it can complete.
  2. When the message appears to restart the computer, press Alt+F2 to switch to a new console. Press enter to activate it.
  3. Type the following commands to mount the new OpenMediaVault installation and chroot to it:
  4. Enter the following command to install the GRUB bootloader. Be sure to select the correct drive when prompted (in my case it was /dev/sda):
  5. Exit the chroot and unmount:
  6. Switch back to the install screen by pressing Alt+F1. Press enter to reboot. Remove the USB stick.

Pokemon volt white randomizer nuzlocke download. OpenMediaVault should now boot!


Table of Contents

I started using OpenMediaVault as my NAS of choice. My reason: it includes plugins for running and installing Plex Media Server and VirtualBox. This makes it very handy, especially the Plex Media Server. And it is based on Debian.

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This is work in progress and additions will follow.


1 enable ssh

2 Install some tools

Some things are very useful when using ssh:

  • screen
  • mc (Midnight Commander)
  • zile (lightweight emacs)
  • less
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3 disable quota.

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Quota causes sometimes long waits upon reboot if the drives are large. See OpenMediaVault Forum for an example and the solution: run under ssh:

4 create links to the mounted drives with their label names

When using ssh regularly, it becomes cumbersome to identify the mounted drives by their UUIDs. Solution: create symlinks using e.g. the Label of the drives. Using ssh:

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5 install gpt

gpt is a set of command line tools for GPT partitions, i.e. disks over 2TB. Essential if you want to partition hdds via ssh.

6 install gparted

I like the simplicity of gparted for partitioning discs – so I installed it as well.

7 install cifs-utils

As the remoteshares plugin is not working, I install cifs-tools to set up remote shares manually