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While we have seen PS2 developer like@sp193 busy with several new updates to Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) exploit recently, the dev along with other PS2 devs like Maximus32 have been putting in some work and making some 'HUGE Advancements' to OPL
as@TnA details. Open PS2 Loader or better known as simplyOPL is moving along nicely with the times and making great strides still in 2018, from here i will leave it to TnA who has summed up the various progressions of this very popular PS2 Project
Opl ps2 terbaru need for speed

Langkah terakhir, agar list game PS2 USB bisa terbaca oleh mesin playstation, wajib mensetting OPL. Caranya, setelah muncul menu USBAdv seperti gambar di. OPL TERBARU 1682 Detailed Changelog rev1682 - Jay-Jay-OPL - update default DB theme - Tue Feb 11 15: -0800 rev1679 - Tupakaveli - font: fix scaling in auto video mode - Sat Jan 25 12: +1030 rev1677 - Tupakaveli - add belek666 & jolek to about page, code clean ups - Wed Jan 22 21: +1030 rev1676 - KrahJohlito - validate png size with actual psm - Wed Jan 22 18:57:32. Download nero 19. Bagi yang membutuhkan tema PS2 silahkan di unduh, tema ini bisa di terapkan pada ps2 yang menggunakan mcboot dengan opl sebagai aplikasi pel. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - PS3 PKG Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Tampilan DOWNLOAD LINK PES 2018 PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART. Buat kalian yang masih memainkan game PlayStation 2 namun ingin mencoba update transfer pemain terbaru musim 2019/2020, kalian bisa mencoba mod PES PS2 yang sudah dimod agar tampilannya seperti Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Bukan cuma itu saja didalam mod PES 2020 PS2 ini sudah ditambahkan update transfer terbaru 2019/2020. Untuk teman teman yang masih setia dengan konsol kesayangan Playstation 2, khususnya untuk pengguna OpenPS2Loader kali ini saya akan share Theme OPL PS4 XMB.

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  • OPL - Huge Advancements
    Alright I open a thread specifically to make sure that not only those who are looking at the OPL-Thread see that!​

    OPL is currently getting better every day!
    • THX to @sp193and @Maximus32, the USB-Drivers of the PS2SDK became so good, that video-sequences (FMVs) in most games became a lot better! Some even play without stutters or atleast less of them! i.e. GoW FMVs work fluid now!

    • SMB/LAN-Support has been optimized, THX to @sp193, who fixed some issues! Especially if your Network is quite extended, you might experience higher speeds and no disconnects anymore!

    • The HiRes-GUI (1080i + 720p + EDTV + improved old Video-Modes) and all things related to it like HiRes-Covers or HiRes-Themes are currently MASSIVELY improved upon!

    • A HiRes-Cover-DB is available (intended for testing)!

    • Some old BMP-MemoryLeaks in 'gskit' have been fixed by @Maximus32, as well as some fixes to emptying and setting up the CLUT and/or some VRAM(-Management)-related bugs!

    • This last thing (gskit and GUI-Fixes) is not yet in the different OPL-repositories&forks, except for @Maximus32 's, but it looks good and is likely to be included in the main-repo!

    • >>>Latest Commits for OPL (PSX-Place Edit)
    I thought I'd share it here, before hundreds of new YouTube-Videos pop up!
    I hope that some more people get interested in some tests as well!​
    Best regards,
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Additional Info about Open Ps2 Loader can be seen here:

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System Opl Ps2 Terbaru

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