Pc Cleaner Pro Review

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  1. The main feature of PC Cleaner Pro is its malware removal and protection service, which the company says will eliminate performance-degrading malware, as well as prevent future malware from installing.
  2. In this Pro PC Cleaner review, I will be covering and discussing the registry cleaning and optimization program called Pro PC Cleaner, developed by Rainmaker Software Group. framebox PROS. Pro PC Cleaner is easy to uninstall; Pro PC Cleaner is easy to use; Pro PC Cleaner is safe and does not bundle with any malware/adware/spyware.
  3. PC Cleaner comes with Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser. Privacy Protector protects your privacy by removing all the unwanted traces in your system. It safely removes Web cookies, history.
Pc Cleaner Pro ReviewPc Cleaner Pro Review

PC cleaner or PC optimizer this breed of utility tools is designed to supposedly make your computer faster by optimizing some settings. Francisation en ligne quebec. For example, you have different options ranging from Storage.

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Pc Cleaner Pro Review
PC Cleaner Pro is an all-in-one malware removal and protection, registry cleaning and performance optimization suite. Offered by the eponymous PC Cleaner Inc out of Newport Beach, California, which was launched in 2011, PC Cleaner Pro offers a variety of capabilities from one-click computer malware cleaning and optimization to more than a dozen separate maintenance and performance improvement modules. A new version was released in early 2013 and offers support for Windows 8 as well as 7, Vista and XP.

Main Features of PC Cleaner Pro

The main feature of PC Cleaner Pro is its malware removal and protection service, which the company says will eliminate performance-degrading malware, as well as prevent future malware from installing on your machine. There are, however, several other functions in PC Cleaner Pro, including a registry cleaner, a performance optimizer, a system settings tweaker, a defragmenter, an internet speed optimizer, and an ActiveX and BHO manager. Several of the modules can be run with a single mouse click following install, or the various modules can be run individually.

There are three steps in PC Cleaner Pro’s system processes: freeing up disk space, speeding up access to data and last but not least detecting and repairing disk errors. This makes that PC Cleaner Pro is a broader, more extensive registry cleaner that does more than just registry cleaning to speed your PC up. The registry cleaning feature in the software works pretty much the same as with other solutions. Its error checking tool scans your computer for corrupt sections, and makes sure that files are in the right folders.

Is Perfect Registry Easy to Use?

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The software interface is intuitively designed, modeling itself after nearly every other software interface available today. A panel at the top offers buttons and dropdown menus that offer a variety of choices, and there is also a wizard and limited context menus. Download and installation are effortless. Every use of the software, however, reports “serious problems” with your PC through a popup that hard sells you to purchase a subscription for an amount that is not known until you get to the payment page.

Customer Service

Sales support is available only by toll telephone, and technical support is provided through a support ticket system. PC Cleaner Pro requires account registration and, although this is difficult to find out from the website prior to installing the software, usability is limited without purchasing a subscription. Unfortunately there is simply no information available on pricing plans without either paying toll charges to phone the sales team or clicking a payment button within the software itself.


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