Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Legendaries

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Haveyou ever wanted something similar to the games you’ve played, but not quite thesame? Have you ever found yourself longing for a story in a series that usuallyprioritizes gameplay over story? Or do you just want something fresh from aseries that feels like it’s starting to stagnate?
  1. Legendary Pokemon within Black and White are split into different categories, these are Roaming Legends (Tornadus and Thundurus), Stationary Legends (Reshiram and Zekrom, Cobalion, Terrakion.
  2. Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a series of hacks by someone named “destinedjagold”. The games consist of: Reign of Legends, Rescue Rangers, and Life of Guardians. These three games are set in new regions, with new stories and characters. They also implement Pokemon introduced after Generation 3, as well as “Fakemon”, unique fan-made Pokemon.
  3. Pokemon Ruby Destiny - Reign Of Legends is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. This online game is part of the Adventure, Strategy, GBA, and Pokemon gaming categories. Pokemon Ruby Destiny - Reign Of Legends has 30 likes from 30 user ratings.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Walkthrough Head up and talk to Tamishii if you chose a boy or Jayson if you chose a girl. Head into the gym for an event with your brother and Wally a begginer getting his first pokemon. This game is actually pretty spotless, and is a great hack of the game it is based off, Pokemon Ruby. Its agood idea but i work better alone.


PokemonRuby Destiny is a series of hacks by someone named “destinedjagold”. The gamesconsist of: Reign of Legends, Rescue Rangers, and Life of Guardians. Thesethree games are set in new regions, with new stories and characters. They alsoimplement Pokemon introduced after Generation 3, as well as “Fakemon”, uniquefan-made Pokemon. This review will focus on Life of Guardians, the third gamein the series; it’s the only one I’ve beaten at the time of this review.
Yay for Redundancy!
Lifeof Guardians (which I’ll refer to as LoG from now on) is set in a region calledHevah. The player is a young boy or girl who wishes to become a GuardianTrainer, but doesn’t know what one is, or how to become one. He/she and theirbest friend Kevin find themselves caught up with the Dark Organization whenthey try to steal a shaman’s Pokemon; it is from here that you choose yourstarter and set out on a journey.
Thoughthe story is more interesting than in the official games, I can’t help but feelit has a lot of missed potential. The two evil teams are the Dark Organizationand Team Earth. The former appears at first to be bent on taking control ofHevah, while Team Earth is similar in concept to Team Plasma. Both are good inconcept, but could have been fleshed out a little more. More background andbuildup should have been given to all of these characters and their motives,but they fall short.
Thegame also introduces story-branching, which allows you to join the PokemonRangers (basically the Hevah equivalent of cops), or Team Earth. There’s also aneutral route that lets you ignore them both and collect the rest of theElemental Symbols… but the end of the game turns out the same no matter what routeyou take! The only difference is that each route gets its own specificlegendary. Again, this is massive missed potential. Both the good and the evilroutes should have been longer, with more character development for theprotagonist (who is not completely silent and has occasional monologues). Thebranch between plotlines should have also been smoothened a little; one of theroutes has the protagonist basically doing a 180 on their prior personality fora little while. The ending also feels like it was rushed; the main villainshould have been given MUCH more exposition than what is presented in game. Ifit’s one thing I can give the game credit for, however, it’s that the story iscertainly darker than typical Pokemon game. And don’t get me wrong, the story’sstill much better than what Nintendo can make nowadays… it’s just got unusedpotential due to the concepts used.
Nice Dino-Dragon you got there.
LikeI said earlier, the hack brings you to a new region with new characters andmore recent Pokemon implemented. Pokemon from Generations 4 and 5 have beenadded, and work similarly to how they were in their respective games. However,some Pokemon have been hampered by the fact that Generation 3 predated thePhysical/Special Split (in which the offensive stat used by an attack nowdepended on the attack itself, rather than the type it was). Luxray inparticular was hit somewhat hard; its STAB attacks don’t utilize its strongerPhysical Attack stat because they’re Electric type.
Structurally,the game is still very similar to the official games. You collect badges(symbols in this game) and fight against the evil teams in the region. However,due to plot reasons, you’re forced to backtrack. A LOT. And you don’t haveaccess to Fly until near the end of the game. The running around gets tediousand adds unnecessary time to the game. The hacker of this game should havereprogrammed the badge mechanics to allow you to use Fly earlier in the game tocut out the backtracking. Fortunately, LoG implements these triangle-likestones into the game that you can talk to get a hint as to where to go next;you’ll rarely (if ever) get lost.
Alsonew to this hack is the high difficulty curve. Because LoG was meant to be thelast game in the Ruby Destiny series (it’s not now that a new game by the nameof Broken Timelines is being developed), it was made much harder as a result.Throughout the game, you’re given barely any money from trainer battles, so youcan’t use healing items for the early part of the game. All this encourages isbacktracking to Pokemon Centers since they’re free, or excessive grinding toensure you won’t need those healing items. On top of that, the levels oftrainer Pokemon are higher, and the AI is smarter. By smarter, I mean justabout everyone SPAMS Double Team. And once you’re floundering around helplesslyunable to hit your foe, they’ll buff themselves and sweep your team withimpunity. It’s annoying, and it’s not real difficulty. There are certainly waysto make the game harder so players get more strategic… but Double Team spam andsheer outleveling are not those ways.
Speakingof the level curve, the jump at end of the game is RIDICULOUS. Your Pokemonshould, on average, be in the high 40’s to early 50’s. The final bosses? Alllevel 80. Unless you want to grindfor a good few hours, you better have something that can bypass this“challenge” completely (coughcoughLaprascoughcough). This game also doesn’t usethe traditional Elite Four setup. Instead, you’re forced to fight 17 Masters,one for each type. Their Pokemon are just as high-leveled, but thankfully,you’re allowed to challenge them in any order and there’s a nurse in the centerof the area that will heal your Pokemon a maximum of 3 times.
Whilethe gameplay has its issues, the region is certainly more open ended andencourages exploration. There’s also a lot of legendary Pokemon to catch, sidequests to take on, and if you're so inclined, seeing the alternate story paths is still interesting enough to warrant another playthrough. The post-game has its own storyline, which isalready far better than what the official titles have come up with.
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Legendaries
Graphicsand other Technical Aspects
..Ok..? Kinda freaky and cool at the same time.
LoGmainly uses assets from Ruby and Sapphire. While this is fine for the mostpart, other hackers have gone out of their way to implement assets from futuregames into their own hacks, making LoG look a little outdated. The sprites fromGen 4 and 5 Pokemon were implemented quite well, and most of the Fakemon lookgood.

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Thehack also implemented features that weren’t in Ruby and Sapphire, which I findquite impressive. There’s a part of the region with snow, and since it’s socold there, you’re forced to find a scarf to stay warm or else you’ll berandomly frozen when you walk through patches of grass. The sidequestsimplemented are simple, but were also something absent from mainline Pokemongames.

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Onthe other hand, there are various grammatical errors throughout the game’sscript. While it’s something I can’t really fault the creators for since it’s ahack and not an official Pokemon game, the errors still bother me a little.
Mostof LoG’s soundtrack was taken from other games. Admittedly, they did a verygood job remixing some of the songs used into a GBA format. We have songs likeSimple and Clean from the Kingdom Hearts series, Lost Woods from Ocarina ofTime, and the victory theme from Chrono Cross.
Thegame’s length can vary quite a bit. I clocked in 30 hours by the end of thegame, but a good chunk of that time was spent grinding using the speed upfeature in VisualBoy Advance. There’s quite a bit to do, so it should still belonger than an official Pokemon game either way.
  • Interesting concepts in the story
  • Implements new Pokemon quite well
  • Region is open ended and there are sidequests
  • Story Branching is a unique idea, though more couldhave been done with how each route ended
  • Music is pretty good
  • There’s a lot to do in post-game

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  • Uses cheap tactics to increase difficulty
  • Story has a lot of wasted potential
  • Grammatical errors present in text
  • Too much backtracking

Overall,LoG is still a very good hack worth checking out. However, it’s rough aroundthe edges. There are very neat ideas, but they weren’t executed as well as theycould have been. Hopefully, some of the concepts like story-branching return indestinedjagold’s next installment with big improvements. Regardless of theflaws though, I still had fun. And I think anyone wanting to get into hacksshould try this one out too.

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