Polished Blinding Light Of Destiny

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Zealous Light of Fate

  1. Merge your 25x Bright Auras into 1x Brilliant Aura, and merge your Basic Weapon Kit (received from quest a while ago), Sanctified Silver of Destiny, 17x Undead Energy (easy to get and probably already in your inventory), 13x Spirit Orbs (from your stack of hundreds by now), 1x Loyal Spirit Orb (from your 254x) and 1x Brilliant Aura into a Bow.
  2. Blinding Blade of Destiny Blinding Broadsword of Destiny Blinding Edge Blinding Rage Katana Blister's Chainsaw Blooddrop Slasher Blood Fire Blood Ice Blood Needle Blood of the Mountain BloodFire Chainsword Bloodgroove Bloodriver Blooming Katana Blooming Pine Ember Blooming Rose Ember Blue Light Sword Blue Sneevil Chainsaw Bogslayer Bom Velhinho.

Dragonfable Blinding Light Of Destiny

Blinding light of destiny quest
[Ummm… I know I haven't posted anything for a while… and for that I foreverbeg your forgiveness. But, I kinda just sat down today and wrote this.Nothing special- just thought I'd share.]
Disclaimer: Lucas' characters—not mine. No money. Just entertainment andflames all the way.
No Turning Back
'Owen, I left him here with the understanding that when he was ready I'dcome for him. You cannot deny him his destiny.'
Owen scowled, 'Don't give me this destiny shit, Kenobi, he's a boy—'
'The fate of the galaxy depends—'
'Depends on him staying here and not being discovered!'
'Shhh, you two,' Beru cautioned, 'Don't let him hear…'
Luke pressed his ear harder against the door as his aunt's voice lowered.He bit his lip and listened. What in stars were they talking about?
Owen spoke again, 'What's going on anyway…? He's too young to go intobattle, we agreed that you wouldn't train him until he's older… So, what isit?'
The hermit sighed, 'A Star Destroyer is in orbit…'
'WHAT?!' Luke cringed away from the door as both his aunt and uncle forgottheir need of lowed voices.
'Is it Vader?' Beru hissed.
'How?' Owen demanded gruffly, 'How in hell did he find him? I thought hedidn't even know about him!'
Luke's eyes widened. Were they talking about him? He shook his head athimself. Impossible. He knew who Darth Vader was and there was nothingabout him that would interest the Empire's second in command.
'I don't know if he senses my presence… or the boy's.'
'Well, if he can feel you then you'd better be staying the hell away fromLuke— hadn't ya?'
Luke felt his lip tremble.
'I need to protect him, Owen.'
'The way you protected his father?'
Silence. Nine year old Luke pulled himself into a ball. It was him. Theywere talking about silly, day-dreaming, nobody, orphan Luke. Him smallmouth bent into a frown. Why would anyone be looking for him? And why hadthey mentioned his father? Did this have something to do with him?
'Owen, you've gone too far,' Beru murmured.
Luke's confusion began to snowball into fear when suddenly he felt a smalltickle in his mind, as if someone had just become aware of him.
Who are you?
Luke jumped as the voice boomed through his mind.
What was that?
Answer me.
Luke held back a whimper, I can't.
Luke's eyes widened once again as he felt the mysterious presence dig intohis thoughts.
Come outside for a moment.
Luke frowned. But…
Come. I won't harm you.
Luke quietly pulled himself up off the floor as the three adults in theother room continued to argue and he slowly walked towards the door.Slowly he pushed it open and squinted as he stepped into the bright sun.He moved away from the threshold several paces, looking from side to side.No one was there. He sighed and shook his head. He was daydreaming again,he turned to go back inside before his uncle noticed he wasn't in hisroom—and he froze.
His passage back into the house was now blocked by the largest man Luke hadever seen. Luke blinked and stepped closer, trying to get a better look atthe giant. A long black cape caressed the black armor of the man, apolished and equally dark mask looked down at Luke in obvious interest.Luke took another step forward, his curiosity overwhelming him.
'Who are you?' Luke whispered, fearful his guardians and Kenobi would hear.
The helmet tilted.
'You do not fear me,' the man observed.
Luke crossed his arms and frowned, 'You didn't answer me.'
The dark form knelt and Luke took another step closer, enthralled by theother's powerful form.
The helmet bent towards the wide-eyed youth and whispered, 'You tell meyour name, and I'll tell you mine.'
Luke didn't uncross his arms, instead he narrowed his eyes, 'Promise?'
The man nodded and held out his hand. Luke eyed it for a moment beforetaking it in his own, gripping it with all the strength he had, and shakingit. He purposefully didn't slap it as the customs of Tatooine called for,this man was an outsider--- and Luke didn't want to look like an ignorantfarmer.
Luke leaned towards the man with a mischievous smile and whispered, 'I'mLuke Skywalker.'
'Owen, all I'm saying is—' Obi-Wan stopped, his face suddenly pale.
Beru grabbed his arm in panic, 'What is it? What's wrong?'
Obi-Wan pulled his lightsaber from his belt, 'He's already here,' hewhispered, staring at the door.
Beru covered her mouth. Owen swore. Then all three turned and looked ateach other in horror.
'Where's Luke?' Obi-Wan hissed. Owen punched a nearby wall fiercely andran for Luke's room with Obi-Wan and Beru close behind him.
Vader rocked back to rest his weight on his heels as he studied the childbefore him.
'How old are you?'
Luke shook his head stubbornly, 'You promised to tell me your name.'
Vader almost demanded the child answer him, but he stopped himself. Herocked forward again, settling on his knees before the boy. He reachedforward, brushing his palm against a tanned cheek. Luke reached up andwrapped his fingers around the Dark Lord's.
Vader leaned closer yet to the child, 'I will tell you my name… But I oncewent by another… one which you might be more familiar with.'
Luke cocked his head, 'I know you?'
Vader shook his head, 'No, but you should. An injustice has kept us apart. Please tell me your age.'
'Nine,' The child replied without hesitation.
Vader smiled unseen beneath his mask and nodded. Indeed, it had been nineyears since he'd last seen his wife. He gently pulled the child closeruntil their checks rested side-by-side, 'Luke, I am Darth Vader,' he feltthe child's muscles tighten in recognition but to his credit he did notpull away. Vader continued, 'I was once known as Anakin… AnakinSkywalker.' This time the reaction in the child was electrifying. Vadersmiled down at the child impressed how intelligent he was. He own eyesstared back at him.
Vader nodded.
'My father…' Luke whispered. 'But they told me you were dead!' His voicewas a hissed whisper as he looked over his father's shoulder at the smallhouse.
'Who?' Luke looked back at his father, the dangerous tone of his voicequickly making him aware of the power his father possessed.
'My Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru… and that hermit Ben Kenobi…'
Vader rose like a storm, swiftly grabbing Luke into his arms, 'We will notbe separated again, young one. Worry not.'
Luke smiled and wrapped his arms around his father's neck.
'Thank you, Father,' he whispered, as Vader pulled his lightsaber from hisbelt and stalked into the small dwelling. The only thing Vader heldtighter than his anger, as he stepped over the threshold—was his son.
The three startled guardians turned together as a hiss sounded lightlybehind them. Framed in the doorway stood the Dark Lord of Sith holding hisnewfound son against him. The child's eyes were aflame… much like AnakinSkywalker's the day the Jedi Council declared he not be trained.
Obi-Wan stepped forward to address his lost pupil, but at the last momentlooked instead at the son.
'Luke, once you accept him—once you claim yourself his son… there's noturning back.'
The young prince's eyes narrowed with wisdom beyond the years of the softskin enveloping them, 'There was no turning back the moment I saw him.'
His conviction reverberated through all present, sending a chill throughthe warm air.
Vader squeezed his son with pride as he turned from the three pale facesand walked towards the door—still open, inviting father and son into theblinding light of the Tatooine day. Vader smiled to himself as he drew onthe Force to crush the life from those who'd kept his child from him,curious that Kenobi did not attempt to stop him. The old man had finallyaccepted defeat. At last the Jedi were no more.
Luke leaned his head against his father's shining helmet, inspiring a newkind of smile from the Sith Lord, one he'd not dawned since the man who wasVader had awakened.
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Polished Blinding Light Of Destiny

Blinding Lights Chords

Polished Blinding Light of Destiny. Toxic Plague Spear. Burning Phoenix Blade. O-Dokuro Blight. Polished Manslayer. Cursed Doomblade. Reborn Sepulchure's Helm. The Blinding Light of Destiny may only be wielded by the strongest, most tenacious of Heroes. Artix has no doubt that you have earned this honor!