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Reikan FoCal Store. © 2020 Reikan Technology Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Privacy; Terms; FAQ. Reikan FoCal is a software tool that takes control of your camera, guides you through the setup and fully calibrates your camera autofocus with minimal interaction from you. FoCal Features FoCal runs on Windows or Mac computers and controls your camera to calibrate and analyse.

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Reikan Focal Pro 2.9 Full Rare

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Reikan has released FoCal version 2.9 which brings many new improvements and an almost fully rewritten code to the autofocus microadjustment software.

One of the main drives for the major software rewrite was to become compliant with future macOS updates for Apple computers that will require all apps to use 64-bit architecture. Not all changes were under the hood, however, and FoCal has some UI improvements to show more information about the connected camera and even support for dark and light themes.

FoCal 2.9 is also bringing 'faster, more reliable' communication for connected Canon cameras to Windows, something that Mac users received in a previous update. Emulator psp terbaik. The calibration software is also speeding up their capture and analysis methods so that these tests will overlap. For a full list of all the changes in version 2.9, check out the news post on Reikan's website.

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Reikan Focal Review

I first heard about FoCal about a year ago but put off buying it because of the price for the Pro version (which is needed if you have lenses over 400mm) and some of the reviews I read about the software being confusing or difficult to connect. Then earlier this year I saw someone mention it and was about to repeat some of the bad reviews I read before I caught myself and decided I needed to try it for myself before I bad mouth it without even knowing. I'm so glad I did, because none of the bad reviews I saw held up. It has a lot more features and tests beyond the basic autofocus microadjustments, sure, but it's not at all confusing. The software walks you through the entire process for autofocus calibration in baby steps if you want it to. I've used it with multiple cameras and many more lenses and I've never had issues. It beats the pants off of meticulously setting up and shooting those slope-style targets and then having to analyze the results yourself.

Reikan Focal Pro 2.9 Full.rar

In all, over 40 Canon and Nikon cameras are supported in FoCal 2.9. Reikan FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro can be purchased through B&H Photo which comes with a standard hard target. Current owners who bought FoCal after October 1, 2017 can update for free by logging into their Reikan account and downloading the new release.