Seville Classics Fan Not Blowing

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Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan. Get it now on This personal tower fan measures 17 inches and weighs less than 10lbs. With LED light indicators it’s easy to now when this fan is on. It’s easy to operate too with only a single button for turning it on and off. Seville Classics has been an industry leader in storage & organization solutions for over 40 years. Our product offering includes garage storage systems, commercial.

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This fan is a very nice little fan. It came with a bigger fan as well. This fan takes a bit of a time to 'warm up' which is a bit strange, but it is still a very nice fan. Has a few options. There is a timer option to set how long it should stay on for. Also an stationary and moving mode. Also there are three options for breeze strength. This is a good for to keep by the desk. It is not too powerful, but you cannot expect much when it is such a small size. I used it for a period it time to keep my laptop cool by laying it on it's side and blowing under my laptop. This worked quite well. This probably is what it is meant to be used for, but it worked. Also, if you look into the fan you can see a bunch of dust that accumulates. It can be blown out with a air canister. All in all, it is a nice fan but has slow start up.

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Seville Classics Tower Fan Not Blowing Air

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