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First Posted: Mar 19, 2014 01:47 AM EDT

Maxis, the publisher and developer behind the 'SimCity' games announced on Reddit that the 'SimCity Offline Mode' is now available for download.

The new patch or the Update 10, which can be downloaded for free, does not require gamers to have an active Internet connection when playing the single player mode.

Maxis clarified on the Reddit post, 'An Internet connection is required to download Update 10 when it becomes available on March 18, 2014. You will not require an active Internet connection to play SimCity Offline in the Single-Player Mode'

To download the update, players must have an Origin account. But once Update 10 has been installed, Origin can be put into offline mode. Maxis also added that all the previous DLCs of the game are still available in both the single player and multiplayer mode.

The developer continued, 'All region maps are available in Single-Player Mode. Since Single-Player Mode does not require a persistent internet connection, Leaderboards, Citylog, Achievements, Friends List, Player Profile, the Region Wall, and region invites are not available in Single-Player Mode. The Global Market will be available in Single-Player Mode, but prices will be fixed.'

As for the game cheats, here are the codes detailed by Maxis in the post and in the reply section:

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For non-Sandbox games in single player:


Add 10,000 Simoleons to city budget: CTRL + ALT + S

Add 5,000 Simoleons per hour to city budget: CTRL + ALT + W

For offline and Sandbox Mode:


Add 100,000 Simoleons: ALT +W

Toggle fire on/off: ALT + F

Toggle crime on/off: ALT +C

Toggle health on/off: ALT + M

Toggle air pollution on/off: ALT +A

Toggle homeless on/off: ALT + H

Toggle Sewage on/off: ALT +S Pokemon diamond and pearl free online.

For Sandbox mode only:

Toggle garbage on/off: ALT +G

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Toggle EP1 futurization on/off: ALT + U

Toggle controlnet on/off: ALT + N

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