Simian Line Spirituality

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  1. Simian Line Palmistry For Spirituality Significance Of Simian Line In Palmistry. The purest appearance of simian line is where just one line cuts diagonally the hand, and there is no suggestion of it contains more than one line. Still, there are.
  2. The “Line” This line is called the guardian angel line. It’s sometimes referred to as a “double life line” because of its location right next to that important line. No matter what it’s called, it means the same thing for a person. The line means that a person has an angel or a spirit guide assisting them through life.

Palm reading is an ancient art form that can give us insight into our personality and reveal facts about our future. It’s an extremely valuable tool that can help someone make big decisions if they need a little guidance.

There’s one line in the palm, however, that is extremely rare and portends many good things for those who have it. Palm readers urge everyone to look for it on their own hands to see if they are one of the lucky carriers.


History Of Palm Reading

Palm reading, or palmistry, actually dates back thousands of years. It was practiced in ancient India, China, Tibet, Persia, and Babylon, to name just a few locations. It is believed to have originated by Hindu astrologers several thousand years ago (the exact date is unknown).

Simian line palmistry

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It was then learned by the Roma people (gypsies) who spread it around Europe and other parts of the world. As the teachings were taught to different cultures, they adapted their own knowledge and incorporated it into palmistry, making this art form just a bit different in different parts of the world.

Across the different cultures, one line was observed that was very rare. It’s found right next to the life line on a person’s left hand. The line is very powerful for those lucky enough to have it.

The “Line”

This line is called the guardian angel line. It’s sometimes referred to as a “double life line” because of its location right next to that important line. No matter what it’s called, it means the same thing for a person.

The line means that a person has an angel or a spirit guide assisting them through life. This angel or guide can take many different forms but are often the spirit of a deceased loved one close to you before they passed on.

This guide often helps a person through especially difficult times. Their presence may not always be apparent, but the guardian angel line ensures that this guide will never abandon you or leave you on your own.

Check Your Own Hand

To see if you have this guardian angel line, take a look at your left palm. Find your life line, which is the large line running through the middle of your palm. The life line gives insight into your health, vitality, energy levels, quality of life, sexual health and prosperity. The deeper and more pronounced the line, the stronger these energies are.

The guardian angel line will be found right next to that line, running parallel to it. It should be fainter than the life line, but still apparent. The guardian angel line often first appears at the age a close family member or loved one has passed away. That person then begins guiding you from the afterlife, helping you along your journey.

Jesse Weinberg

There are a bunch of different markings in palmistry, and each of them can have positive or negative indications depending upon where on the palm they're located.

But, one marking in particular has a distinctly negative meaning.

Simian Palm Lines

Downward lines on the palm, branching out from either the Heart, Head, Life, or Fate Lines can decrease the strength of these lines, and indicate that situations in those areas of life could get out of control.

Terrifying, right?

So, what are the downward markings exactly? What do they look like?

I've taken a photo of my own wrinkly *ss hand to make it clear.

If you can't tell, all of those lines indicate I am a very old and wise soul.. and not to brag, but it does make me feel like I'm better than you.

As you can see, most of the downward lines on my palm are located on the early part of my Life Line, so let's start with the influence there.

Downward Markings On The Life Line

The Life Line reveals information about the encounters in your life, your relationships with others, health, physical, and emotional well-being.

When you have downward facing lines in your Life Line, it shows a tendency toward negativity in life and times during which a situation has gotten out of control.

A palm is read from thumb to pinky, so the closer the line is to the thumb, the earlier the time of life. If you have a lot of downward lines on the early part of your Life Line, you probably had a difficult or tumultuous childhood.

Simian Line Personality

If the lines appear later, you might have a more difficult time later in life with health or emotions.

Downward Markings On The Fate Line

Downward branches or markings on the Fate Line can be seen as obstructions to the individual's career, either through losses, negativity, or a pessimistic outlook.

Simian Line Spirituality Meaning

Because the Fate Line is also a symbol of someone's inner journey, these obstructions could be self-inflicted.

If the individual is willing to face their own demons in order to get out of their own way, they could right the ship and achieve whatever they want in their career.

Downward Markings On The Head Line

The Head Line is considered one of the most important lines on the hand in Chinese palmistry, and is symbolic of the mental and psychological makeup of the individual. It also represents the development of one's psychic or intuitive abilities.

Downward markings on the Head Line are indicative of a cynical outlook, an unwillingness or inability to listen to the advice and wisdom of the higher self or those around you.

This could also indicate an individual who struggles with mental illnesses such as depression, or periods of intense and overbearing sorrow and distress at a certain point in life.

Downward Markings On The Heart Line

The Heart Line symbolizes a person's emotional state, as well as their emotional and physical relationship with others. It's also an indication of the overall health of the heart organ.

This line is located above the Head Line and the Life Line, and begins at the index finger or middle finger.

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One interesting thing to note is if the Heart Line begins at the index finger, it indicates that you're satisfied with your love life, but are very picky about who you choose to be with.

If it begins under the middle finger, it indicates a self-centered approach to love by someone who is consumed by the need for external validation.

Simian Line Spirituality Group

If the Heart Line starts between the index and middle finger, you may be too quick to give your love away.

Simian Line Spirituality Definition

Downward branches on the Heart Line indicate a time in the individual's life of heartache and unhappiness in relationships. If one of these branches crosses the fate line, it could be indicative of loss or fatality in a romantic relationship.