Ssd Tweaker Windows 10 X64

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SSD Tweaker is a small tool which aims to optimise Windows for the best possible solid state drive performance.

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Ssd Tweaker Windows 10 X64 64

For the most part this just involves turning off Windows features that generate drive activity. And so in a few clicks you can disable the Windows indexing service, NTFS 8.3 name creation and 'last access' date stamping, boot tracing and so on. Or simply click 'Auto Tweak Settings' and the program will optimise all your settings at once.

Microsoft has announced that it is free to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and many users are enjoying Windows 10 right now. As a Solid State Drive (SSD) has been available for years, Microsoft has done a lot of work to make Windows 10 run fast with SSD. Leave SuperFetch “on” in Windows 10 and it will automatically enable itself for slower mechanical drives and disable itself for fast SSDs. You don’t need to tweak this by hand–Windows 10 just does the right thing. Windows 7 will disable SuperFetch system-wide if you have a fast enough SSD. Either way, SuperFetch is disabled automatically.

As with many tweaking tools, there are some risks here. Turning off 8.3 name creation may break some old software in unexpected ways, for instance. And disabling indexing entirely will make your Windows searches much slower, so it's far better to manually disable indexing of your SSD drive alone. (SSD Tweaker does tell you this, to be fair, but only in a tooltip-like Help pane - it's easy to miss.)

If you'd like to see if the program can help to optimise your SSD's performance, though, don't let this put you off. Just be sure to make a note of your original settings before you apply any tweaks, so it's easy to restore them later, should it be necessary.

Please note, there's also a commercial SSD Tweaker Pro version available. This also allows you to tweak relevant hibernation settings and Windows services, as well as providing the ability to check and optimise Windows TRIM status. The program can be yours for $12.95, and you can find out more at


An easy-to-use tweaking tool that allows you to configure a number of vaguely SSD-related settings in a click. Some of these tweaks may have negative effects, though - note your original settings (or create a system restore point) before using SSD Tweaker Iskysoft dvd maker.

Ssd Tweaker Windows 10 X64 Activator

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Ssd Tweaker Windows 10 X64 Iso

Compare the different edition features of the SSD Tweaker.
Ssd tweaker windows 10 x64 activator
General Features
Windows SSD Optimizations
Free updates to latest release

Software Activations
(The same computer is only counted once.)

Lifetime License Refresh
(If you replace every licensed computer, you can reset the license again.)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Windows Server Support (Home/2003/2008/R2)
Memory Management
(To optimize RAM Usage)
Windows UAC Support
Prefetch & Superfetch Control
(For IO management)
Advanced Features
TRIM Checkup

TRIM Diagnostics &Optimisation Wizard
(Make sure TRIM ismaintaining system performance)

Automatic software updating

SSD DIPM Support Control
(For battery life improvement)
Windows Services Control
Advanced DLL Management
Get Started
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