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Norwegian metal group The Kovenant, formed in 1992 by Stian Arnesen (aka Nagash, Lex Icon) and Amund Svensson (aka Blackheart, Psy Coma, Pzy Clone), was known simply as Covenant once, and even released their first two albums, In Times Before The Light in 1995 and Nexus Polaris in 1997, under the name. Trouble arose when an Industrial group also called Covenant sued them and forced them to. Aria Galactica by The Kovenant: Listen to songs by The Kovenant on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

Norwegian extreme metallers THE KOVENANT have re-released their classic album 'In Times before the Light' on VME/Head Not Found Records, featuring the original tracks (not the re-mixed 2002 edition) with the original demos from 1993-1994. The complete track listing is as follows:

01. Towards the Crown of Nights
02. Dragonstorms
03. The Dark Conquest
04. From the Storm of Shadows
05. Night of the Blackwinds
06. The Chasm
07. Visions of a Lost Kingdom
08. Through the Eyes of the Raven
09. In The Times Before Light
10. Monarchs of Mighty Darkness

  1. 『Aria Galactica』は、俺たちのアルバムの中で群を抜いて素晴らしいアルバムになるだろう。(原文:The Kovenant fans will have to wait a few more months for us to begin recording Aria Galactica. Progress is slow but getting there. Working on the vocals atm, and finding a.
  2. Their fifth official album, Aria Galactica, has been in Development Hell since 2003, to the dismay of many fans. The band has not officially split up (even playing live shows from time to time during the nearly decade-long hiatus), but its leader Stian Arnesen has been preoccupied with his other band Troll.

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THE KOVENANT's Nagash (a.k.a. Lex Icon; real name: Stian Arnesen) and Psycoma are in the process of recording their sixth studio album, 'Aria Galactica', which will be the band's final release on Nuclear Blast Records.

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The group last year uploaded a demo sample from 'Aria Galactica' at this location. The three-minute instrumental recording contains a few previews from some of the songs combined into one MP3 file.

The Kovenant Aria Galactica

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Nagash previously stated that the follow-up to 2003's 'S.E.T.I.' (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) would be 'the most exciting, surprising, energetic and accomplished KOVENANT record so far. Again, this will be a drastic detour from our ever-so-unpredictable path, and our ideas are set to fill you with wonder and amazement. Old fans, as well as more recently acquired listeners will certainly find this to be a very characteristic KOVENANT record, and we are most pleased to say that with our emerging creation, we will reclaim our position as a force of innovation and aspiration, not just for ourselves, but for the entire scene.'

The Kovenant Aria Galactica


The Kovenant Aria Galactica Series

Watch THE KOVENANT's video for the song 'Star by Star' (taken from 2003's 'S.E.T.I.'):

The Kovenant Aria Galactica Box Set

The Kovenant was one of the first bands I ever listened to when first getting into heavy metal, and for that on its own, I owe them major props. At some point in time I made a decision when buying one of my first albums, either choosing Acrania (thank the almighty deity I didn't), or the 3rd Kovenant album, Animatronic. I was instantly in love with the band, and sought to collect their entire discography of albums, yet it took me almost a year to procure this one. After collecting all of the band's albums, minus the remaster of their first, I can safely say that with each subsequent album comes an increment of quality overall, or at least to my taste. So based off that, I can safely say this is their best album, and without any doubt in my mind, this is my favorite album of all time, hands down.
If I could describe this album and/or how it makes me feel listening to it with a few words, I would pick 'Wonder', 'Interstellar', and 'Cosmic'. If there's one thing I appreciate in an album, it's atmosphere, and good gracious, this album radiates electronic visions and industrial illusions as if there's a nuclear tomorrow. I've seen issue been taken with the array of synthesizers and keyboards used heavily on this album, but I think they do nothing but add to the album in more than one way. To begin with, I adore how they sound, and project the sound of a dystopian future, filled to the brim with dead bodies of space and galactic dread. Not only do they nail the sound, but they complement the lyricism of techno nihilism and criticisms of humanity's reliance on media. The theme of space, galaxies, and cosmic existences other than our mortal plane, make this album feel so much more grand and immense. Whenever I listen to a track on this album, it feels as if I'm enclosed in a plastic shell, on tour of the grim future, with nothing but cyber connections, and abandoned machinery of advanced and grand proportions, with no use. They may overshadow the other instruments, but the simplicity of the drums, guitar and bass allow for more complex electronics, and don't clutter up the mix.
The tracks themselves are another achievement I can't help but congratulate. Sure it's impressive enough to make an album sound cool and atmospheric, but to then hold that consistently throughout the album, whilst also giving each song a distinct personality and tone, is downright fucking incredible. To be completely honest, this album and I'd say most of the songs didn't take to my liking or stand out on my first hearing, but after closer inspection, and various listenings, I found to appreciate every song. From the intergalactic warning-like intro of 'Cybertrash' challenging religious beliefs and values, to the radioactive ending of 'Industrial Twilight' where it calls out the charade of our lives, demanding reform, and feeling as if the air will be sucked right out of your lungs. And just as an honorable mention on its own, the track 'Neon' feels heavily influenced by more folk and middle eastern elements, whilst incorporating those in the electronics, culminating in an excellent track. And while every track has elements and moments worth mentioning, explaining them all would be a disservice without a lexicon to fully explain why their amazing, just go listen to them, as every track is catchy and memorable in their own rite.
Nagash tones down the intensity on his vocals, offering more industrial/gothic drones rather than the viscous sneer on earlier albums. At first I was turned off by the change in vocals, but I've come to appreciate how well they fit the music, and the fact that he still provides some more rough vocals here and there. There are additional vocals offered as soprano delivered by the lovely Eileen Kupper, and she gives a beautiful performance, offering a more soft yet firm backing vocal style to accompany Nagash.
With every piece of praise I've given this album, i still find it an injustice that i cannot put into words how good i find this album. It somehow feels like a part of my past and my future at the same time, and inspires me to find more music such as itself. The Kovenant is still listed as 'Active' as of 2018, and though I've heard teasers and rumors of a 5th Kovenant full-length, entitled 'Aria Galactica', being in development hell for well over a decade, I can't ever see it coming out. If SETI were to be a final album, then I'd be perfectly fine with that, and in a way, I kind of want it to stay that way, instead of another album muddling the increments of majesty. BUT, if Aria Galactica lived up to the standard of electronic/industrial metal that SETI set, then that would be out of this world.