The Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time

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Shadow Temple

  1. Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time Master Quest
  2. Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough
  3. Fairies In The Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time
  • Head back, and follow the right wall (with the Lens) until you find a time block. Get close enough and play the Song of Time. In the next area, the path forward is blocked by some translucent blocks. The left wall holds three silver eyes. The left and right ones shoot fire at you, and can be shot with an arrow only when they open up.
  • The Shadow Temple, land of nightmares. The Shadow Temple is a dark, unforgiving dungeon filled with some of the nastiest monsters in Hyrule. You'll need to be wary of your surroundings to escape this nightmare land alive.

Follow the corridor, then use the Longshot to cross the gap and go through the wall ahead of you. Turn left, walk along the wall, then go through it where you can see a face (you can use the Lens of Truth to locate the passages). Open the door and go through the wall in front of you leading to a room with skulls all around. Go right and cross the wall where eyes are blinking. Open the door, play the Sun's Song to stun the ReDead, then get rid of it along with the two bats. Take the Map in the newly-appeared chest. Get out, go right and go through the wall between the two pots. Follow the corridor to reach a similar room, then cross the wall to the north-west (according to the map) near the pot, and open the door. You will find another Dead Hand and some hands. Use the Lens of Truth to locate its shadow, place a bomb there, then strike it with your sword (with the Biggoron Sword, it's an easy fight). Pick up the Hover Boots in the big chest, then go back to the starting room with the eagle statue.

To get to the Shadow Temple, you’ll need the Nocturne of Shadow and the Lens of Truth. Become an adult again if you aren’t already and when you’re ready, teleport to the Graveyard using the Nocturne of Shadow, then go on down. Here, you have to stand on the circle platform and use Din’s Fire to light all the torches.

Look at the skulls on the pillars with your Lens of Truth and look for the one that doesn't disappear. Then push the block in front of the statue to this skull, which opens a gate, then put on the Hover Boots and cross the gap towards the statue's tongue. Follow the corridor, destroy the Beamos with two bombs (or a bombchu), then play the Song of Storms so a fairy will appear and thus fill up your hearts and magic. Go through the right wall, open the door, play the Sun's Song, then slash the ReDeads and take the Compass from the chest. Get out, then walk through the opposite wall. Collect all the silver rupees while avoiding the blades and use the Longshot to climb on the crate and collect the one floating in the air. Follow the now accessible corridor on the other side of the room, pick up the Small Key in the chest, then come back to the previous room.

Place a bomb next to the wall on your left, then open the locked door. Follow the long corridor while watching out for shadows on the ground indicating that some Skulltulas are there. Walk by the two guillotines and go on up to a large room. Take off your Hover Boots if you were still wearing them, then cross the three gaps and guillotines. At the end of the path, get rid of the Stalfos, then play the Song of Storms to get another fairy. To get a Gold Skulltula and arrows, turn left, use the lens and follow the platforms. Otherwise, turn directly to the right, wait for the platform to get down and jump as far as possible. Then, wait for it to go down again and when it goes up a bit, jump on the small ledge on the right, which is linked to the platform on the other side. Collect all the silver rupees, destroy the Beamos that holds the last one, then follow the now accessible corridor.

Use the Lens of Truth to locate a block in the right wall, pull this block on the drawing, then push/pull it towards the 'pike traps', which will be blocked, until you reach the drawing in the back. Then, climb on it and jump to the left. Climb on the pike trap to get to the other side and step on the switch. Walk back onto the pike trap and use the Longshot on the new chest to the far right to find another Small Key. The other chests contain arrows and rupees. Go back to the big room and walk on the ledge on the left up to another guillotine. Use your Lens of Truth to see a moving platform, jump and go on to the locked door. Get in, look for the invisible spikes, then get rid of the two ReDeads and take the rupees in the chest. Pick up all the silver rupees using your Longshot on the sometimes-invisible targets, then open the door on the left (from the entrance). There, walk up the steps, pick up a Bomb Flower and throw it into the skull. Grab the Small Key on the ground, get rid of all the bats to unlock the door, and get out.

Using the Lens, shoot the Longshot at the target above the door on the left to go up, and open it. Put on your Iron Boots to prevent the fans from pushing you back, and go on until you reach the gap. As soon as the opposite fan stops blowing, put on your Hover Boots, cross the gap, then quickly put on your Iron Boots again. Walk to the door, get through, strike the two ReDeads, play the Song of Storms in the middle of the room to get a fairy and grab some arrows in an invisible chest if you need them. Go near the drawing on the wall to get a piece of advice from Navi, then get out and use the lens to see a path on the right. When the first fan on the left stops blowing, go to it, have your back face it and put on your Hover Boots. When it starts pushing you, run to the passage and open the door. Look right, place a bomb on the heap, then use your Lens of Truth and find a Small Key in the chest. Next, get rid of the two ReDeads, take some rupees in the other chest and unlock the door.

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Go left, pull/push the block on the path to the bottom of the ladder, but do not climb the wire fence! (If you climbed anyway, just go back down, where the cube is blocking you, and use Farore's Wind which will create a warp point to be used to go 'through' the fence.) Next, climb on the block and climb the ladder.

Stalfos Duo

Get on the boat, play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol, then during the cruise, fight the two Stalfos. When the boat starts to sink, quickly jump left, then open the door on the right. Use the Lens of Truth to find your way through the maze. To get a Gold Skulltula and some ammo, visit the western room (according to the map), otherwise go to the southern room. Use the Lens to get rid of the Floormaster, then take the Small Key in the chest. Get out, go to the north room and use Din's Fire in the middle of the room to burn down the walls. Grab the Boss Key in the chest, then go back to the boat room.

Look right and above, if you know the Scarecrow's Song, play it, Pierre will appear and you will be able to 'longshot' it to get across. Otherwise, walk to the end of the platform and look at the statue with some bombs at its base. Shoot an arrow at one of these bombs to make it fall, then cross the river.

Attention: In case you wouldn't beat the boss on the first try, use Farore's Wind to create a warp point or use this shortcut to come back from the entrance of the temple to this place: go ahead, cross the gap, in the room with the Beamos, turn left, walk along the right wall and follow the second corridor, at the end of it is a hidden hole, jump, get down on the fence and you will be near the boat.

Open the locked door, put on your Hover Boots and use the Lens of Truth to reach the platforms and open the boss door.

Bongo Bongo

To defeat him, keep your Hover Boots on, stay far away from his hands, use the Z lock and shoot an arrow at one of his hands. If it turns blue, quickly shoot an arrow at the other hand, which will also turn blue. Then, use the Lens of Truth to see his red eye, (if you have the Biggoron Sword, press B to raise it) press B for a long time to load a Spin Attack and when the eye gets close, release B, then strike him several times with your sword. As always, you need to follow this tactic several times. Next pick up the Heart Container and get into the blue light.

In the Chamber of Sages, Impa will become the fifth Sage and will entrust you with the Shadow Medallion.

Original Method Discovered by Kazooie, Acryte, and AKA

Superslide Teleport Method

Superslide Teleport discovered by GuanoBowl, Bombchu Teleport to Shadow Temple Discovered by Runnerguy2489

In order to teleport, you cannot have any of the strength upgrades in your equipment screen. Otherwise when Link grabs the bush, he will just pick it up.


This trick is easiest with a bombchu, but it can be done with bombs as well using a different setup.

As adult, the most commonly used setup for this currently is composed of using the hookshot to shorten the backflip to ensure perfect positioning easily. It can be seen below.

As child, a different setup is needed.
1. With ISG, and your sword sheathed, align with the vertical line on the fence
2. Backflip and in C up mode align the B Button as shown
3. Sidehop twice to get closer to the correct position and destroy some of the grass, ensuring that you leave the bushes to your right and the one closest to the wall in front of you (The chu will explode when it hits the one in front, and the superslide will be activated off grabbing the bush to your right)
4. Stand just within 'Grab' range of the bush in front of you and pull out a bombchu
6. Hold about 50% of the way back on the control stick so that link is walking backwards
7. After walking a couple of steps backwards, press and hold R, followed very quickly by mashing A whilst always holding down slightly. Link will drop the bombchu and sideroll to the right
8. Once you have the superslide, release and repress Z Target so you can see the bushes - this prevents them from unloading
9. When you are at the top of the grave, release everything and you will be teleported above the bush you tried to grab. Turn 180 degrees and backflip onto the seam

The same set up is usable for Adult Link, except 1 distance bombchu hover is required before you backflip onto the seam depending on the method.

Hovering Method

Discovered by fluffy_kitten

This method is commonly used when one has a strength upgrade or no bombchus.

  1. Get on Dampe's hut.
  2. Activate ISG
  3. Bomb hover up to the green ledge.

It might be a little difficult because you won't be able to see the bomb, but with practice it's easy. It's recommended that you face the wall at an angle so that link is facing a bit more towards the back of the graveyard than being perfectly perpendicular to the wall. This way you should get on the ledge in 3-4 bombs rather than 5 if you are perpendicular to the wall.

Hookshot Jump Method


Shadow Early can also be done using the Invincibility Glitch method of Hookshot Jump.

Damage Boost Method

Discovered by Acryte and Kazooie, Torch Skip Discovered by AKA

This is the original method, but it is rarely used because it is not as practical as the other methods and is usually slower.

  1. Get to the wooden box on the ledge in the graveyard either by bomb hovering or using a magic bean plant.
  2. Stand on the box and pull out a bomb or bombchu.
  3. Face the wall.
  4. If you're using a chu, jump off the box then quickly shield drop the chu and press B to jumpslash for a bit more height, and you should be boosted to the greed ledge. For a bomb, hold it on the box until it's about to explode then jump, shield drop and jumpslash.
  5. Once you are on the green ledge you need to carefully walk on it all the way to the back of the graveyard without falling off which can be difficult at some points. Activating ISG can make this easier.

Skip the Shadow Temple Door

If you don't have Din's Fire to light the torches don't worry!

Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time Master Quest

  1. After getting atop the wall around Kakariko Graveyard, stay on top of it and follow it to the very back, rather than jumping down to the warp platform ledge.
  2. Line up so that you are roughly standing in the middle of the staircase leading to the torch room; you can look down to check your position with C-Up.
  3. Turn 90 degrees sideways and sidehop down.

When done right, Link will hang on the ceiling once you clip through the staircase's ceiling, letting you avoid the load trigger for the torch room. Since the Shadow Temple door isn't loaded in the main graveyard room, you can simply walk right into the dungeon.

Ledge Clip into Shadow Temple

If you are in the upper graveyard area from playing the Nocturne of Shadow, you can do a ledge clip and jumpslash in.

Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time Walkthrough

Skip Din's Fire

Fairies In The Shadow Temple Ocarina Of Time

Although the timing is tight, it's possible to light all the torches and open up the door to the Shadow Temple using the Fire Arrows.