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Sony claims that Vegas Pro 10/11/12/13 supports most commonly-used video codecs, including the MP4 (MPEG-4). However, problems like 'Sony Vegas won't Open MP4 files' come up from time to time. For the users of camcorders like GoPro HD HERO4/HERO3/HERO2, Sony NEX-3, Sony Bloggie should be a familiar phrase. What's reason? If you are attempting to edit MP4 videos in Sony Vegas Pro, what's the available workaround?

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In fact, the native import of some flavors of MP4 wasn't supported until Vegas 10. In addition, based on our testing, some MP4 files will import into Vegas Pro without QuickTime perfectly, whereas other MP4 files absolutely require QuickTime. The reason of the error mostly lays in the video format codec parameters. Not all MP4 files are supported by Vegas Pro, but some special .mp4, such as .mp4 (avc video codec, aac audio codec) videos. To make those unsupported MP4 files work well with Sony Vegas Pro, there are two methods:

Solution 1: Install the K Lite Codec Pack is a possible solution.

Note: We found people blaming the codec saying K-Lite is that it blindly installs all kinds of components (not just codecs), many of which are not compatible with each other. And it does not uninstall cleanly. If don't want to install a pile of codecs on your PC, try another approach.

Truespoon Sony Vegas 13

Solution 3: Transcoding MP4 to Sony Vegas Pro more editable formats like MPEG-2 - it seems to be much easier and more effective.

To convert MP4 files to Sony Vegas friendly format, you can use EaseFab Video Converter Ultimate. It does a good job in converting .mp4 files to Sony Vegas Pro most compatible format like MPEG-2 with least quality loss. Plus, it supports encoding camera shootings in different formats (H.264 MOV, MTS/M2TS, XAVC, MXF, etc.) to video editing software compatible file types, i.e. MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, WMV for Windows Movie Maker, AVI to Pinnacle Studio to meet your different needs.

Guide on converting MP4 to Sony Vegas Pro compatible formats

Step 1. Add MP4 video files

You can drag any video file and drop to the program or add them by clicking Load Video button. It allows you to add several video files (including but not limited to MP4, VOB, MKV, MPG, TiVo, WMV, etc.) at a time and convert them at one go.

Step 2. Choose output format for Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Truespoon


Select 'Editing Software' - 'Vegas/Premiere (MPEG-2)' from the format drop-down menu. The output video seamlessly fits Sony Vegas Pro 13/12/11/10, etc. and the original quality of YouTube video will be kept.

Tips: By clicking the Settings button beside Profile, you can adjust the output video/audio resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. to customize the output files to get the best quality you want.

Step 3. Snow leopard dmg. Start converting MP4 to Sony Vegas Pro

Hit the 'Convert' button and your MP4 files will be converted into MPEG-2 files ready to be imported into Sony Vegas Pro.

Once the conversion done, you can click 'Open' button to get the output files effortlessly. Now you have got it right, just to import and edit MP4 files with Sony Vegas Pro 8/9/10/11/12/13 at ease.

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In this article I explain the differences between the 3 different versions of Sony Vegas Pro 13 you can now buy.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 now comes in three different versions:

Sony Vegas Pro Edit 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 (truespoon)

Vegas Pro 13 Edit is the simplest version of Vegas Pro you can buy. This version of the program is just Vegas Pro by itself and does not come with DVD Architect Pro 6.0. It also does not come with the Dolby Digital Professional Encoder, which is something you would only use if you were making DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Vegas Pro 13 Edit is a great entry level version of the program for people who are not interested in making DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. All other functionality in the program is exactly the same as the slightly more expensive Vegas Pro 13.

Sony Vegas Pro 13

Vegas Pro 13 is the full core version of Vegas Pro and also comes with DVD Architect Pro 6.0. This version also comes with the Dolby Digital Professional Encoder, 7x Video Effects plugins from FXHOME, New Blue Fx Video Essential VI and iZotope Nectar Elements.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Suite

Vegas Pro 13 Suite is the deluxe hamburger with the lot version of the program. It comes with a collection of premium professional programs, video effects and applications that would cost $2000 in total if all bought separately. This is a tremendously valuable suite of programs that gives you the ablitiy to create just about anything you can think of. I personally own this version of Vegas Pro and give this suite a big double thumbs up.


Programs, Video Effects and Apps included:

  • Vegas Pro 13
  • DVD Architect Pro 6.0
  • Sound Forge Pro 11
  • Hitfilm 2 Ultimate
  • Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2
  • iZotope Nectar Elements
  • New Blue Fx Video Essentials VI
  • 25x Production Music Tracks

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