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This is for more experienced DJ's using IDJ Pool to keep beginners get going. For me the first question is this Is there two versions of IDJ Pool, one for $9.99 and one for $50? I purchased the version for $10 inside the VDJ software where Videos and Karaoke was also available. Digital Music Pool's in depth analytics system makes it easy for you to track key information for marketing and promotional purposes. Find out which DJs are playing your tracks in each region with in-depth stats and data. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.

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ContentUnlimited Audio is a subscription service sold by IDJ (Illinois Record Pool) for customers of the VirtualDJ software.

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‘The Keystone Arms’ 💻🍺

A UK law firm has opened its own virtual pub in a bid to help its lawyers and staff socialise in a more relaxed setting during the second national lockdown.

Virtual dj idjpool

Virtual Dj Music Pool Review

The brainchild of listed outfit Keystone Law, ‘The Keystone Arms’ officially opened its doors last Thursday and features a bar area, beer garden and two pool tables. For those seeking a slightly livelier lockdown experience, the boozer also boasts a dance floor and DJ booth.

Virtual Dj Record Pool

The firm created the pub, which officially opened its doors last Thursday, using customisable virtual networking platform Remo.

A spokesperson for Keystone said the platform offers some “light relief” from the rigours of corporate law and that early feedback has been “great”. So much so that the firm is even considering holding its Christmas party in the pub as a substitute for a physical event.

Virtual Dj Music Pool

And if the landlord or landlady of the ‘The Keystone Arms’ is looking for someone to man the DJ booth then look no further than Legal Cheek‘s very own Adam Mawardi. Noteburner code. Watch him below on the wheels of steel (ok, it’s a MacBook) at our popular Virtual Vacation Scheme earlier this summer.