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Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp and Jason Cropper founded Weezer in 1992. In 1994, they finished their famous eponymous disc, also known as The Blue Album. During the recording process, guitarist Jason Cropper left the band, and Bryan Bell substituted him. The track titled Undone - The Sweater Song became the hit that year, while the video for it was in heavy rotation on MTV. The second song Buddy Holly, devoted to the popular artist, also became a rock hit. In 2004, Weezer re-released the disc as Weezer: Deluxe Edition. In December 1994, the band made a pause in the tour to recreate. Around the same time, Cuomo started writing the material that was supposed to be the bulk of the conceptual disc Songs From The Black Hole. However, this album never saw light. Some of the songs entered the Pinkerton long-play in 1996, which is considered as one of the best albums by Weezer. Some songs can be heard in different collections.

In the summer of 1997, the musicians finished the support tour for Pinkerton and took a break. They began working over their side-projects: Sharp played with The Rentals; Wilson labored with The Special Goodness, while Bryan Bell performed with his command Space Twins. Around the same time, Rivers Cuomo came back to his native Boston and began writing new songs after he gathered a new band. In spite of the constantly shifting lineup, Mikey Welsh was the regular drummer for the group. However, in February 1998, Cuomo changed his mind and came back to Los Angeles. Soon Wilson and Bell accompanied him. As Sharp did not re-unite Weezer, Welsh substituted him on drums. Nevertheless, the repetitions were no use, artists conflicted with each other - all resulted in Welsh’s departure to his native Portland. Cuomo was in depression, making his room entirely black. In August 2000, the re-united Wezeer played at the Fuji Festival. For some time, the artists performed as Goat Punishment, but finally took back the original title.

In 2001, the constantly touring musicians recorded the disc Weezer, also known as The Green Album, and immediately headed on a new tour. Such energetic rock singles as Hash Pipe and Island in the Sun brought back the past fame of Weezer. In August 2001, Mikey Welsh was reportedly taken to the psychiatric hospital, and Scott Shriner became his replacement. Only in a year, the band released the disc Maladroit, noticeable for such hits as Dope Nose and Keep Fishin. Soon after the issue of Maladroit, the artists got down to their next labor Make Believe, which saw light only in 2005. The winding rock single Beverly Hills, nominated for Grammy, became the chart topper immediately after its launch. The song We Are All in Love, originally titled as We Are All on Drugs, became the next band's big success. In 2008, the group presented their sixth studio attempt Weezer, more known as The Red Album. This experimental disc features alt-rock, baroque pop, rapping and unexpectedly long for Weezer compositions. Pork and Beans became the first hit from the full-length, while the daring single Troublemaker continued its success. A year later the rockers prepared a very powerful record Raditude (2009), which was followed by the album Hurley (2010) that turned out to be as original as its predecessor. The musicians proved that they had plenty of fresh ideas and they had no problems with the realization at all. Listeners were pleased, while critics enjoyed both works as well. All that proved the highest level of both Raditude and Hurley.

Studio Albums

Encouraged by moving to a new label, Weezer have released their best album in the last few years. Hurley is classic Weezer music and a dozen new excellent songs
The pop-rock formation Weezer has long been working on making their music less heavy and more variegated. This again was proved by their new studio work, Raditude
Weezer [Red Album]
Red Album marks the beginning of a new chapter in Weezer's creative work and for the first time in many years can boast the authorship and performance provided by all the band members
Make Believe
Make Believe is classic Weezer, further refining the template of unthreatening heavy metal riffs welded to smart lyrics, largely of satirical nature, and infectious melody







Albums, demo albums and compilations by Weezer.


  • The Blue Album (1994)

  • Pinkerton (1996)

  • The Green Album (2001)

  • Maladroit (2002)

  • Make Believe (2005)

  • The Red Album (2008)

  • Raditude (2009)

  • Hurley (2010)

  • Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014)

  • The White Album (2016)

  • Pacific Daydream (2017)

  • The Teal Album (2019)

  • The Black Album (2019)

  • OK Human (2021)

  • Van Weezer (2021)

Deluxe Albums

Weezer Album Blue

  • The Blue Album Deluxe (2004)

  • The Red Album Deluxe (2008)

  • Pinkerton Deluxe (2010)

  • The White Album Digital Deluxe Edition (2016)

Weezer Songs


  • The Good Life OZ EP (1997)

  • The Christmas CD (2000)

  • The Lion and the Witch (2002)

  • Winter Weezerland (2005)

  • Six Hits (2008)

  • Christmas with Weezer (2008)

  • ..Happy Record Store Day! (2010)

  • Spotify Sessions (2016)

  • Happy Hour (Remixes) (2018)


  • DGC Rarities, Vol. 1 (1994)

  • Mallrats (1995)

  • Triple J Hottest 100 4 (1996)

  • Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 1 (1997)

  • Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli (1998)

  • MTV's 120 Minutes Live (1998)

  • Meet the Deedles Soundtrack (1998)

  • Where Is My Mind? A Tribute To The Pixies (1999)

  • The Cornerstone Player 016 (1999)

  • Kevin and Bean: The Real Slim Santa (2000)

  • Making Noise: A Tribute to Weezer (2001)

  • Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 5 (2001)

  • Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog (2001)

  • WWE Tough Enough 2 (2002)

  • Smallville: The Talon Mix (2003)

  • To Benefit Petra Haden (2003)

  • Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter (2003)

  • A Different Shade Of Green: A Tribute To Green Day (2003)

  • Accepted: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2006)

  • Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 (2009)

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  • JDRF's Hope For The Holidays (2009)

  • Yo Gabba Gabba! - Music is.. Awesome Volume 2 (2010)

  • Death to False Metal (2010)

  • Shrek Forever After: Music from the Motion Picture (2010)

  • Download To Donate: Haiti Charity Compilation (2010)

  • Muppets: The Green Album (2011)

  • Frozen II (2019)


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