Windows Xp 4gb Patch

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Patch v1.1 is the latest patch. 4GB Patch by NTCore. Link The game crashes on Windows 10 upon creating a new game. In order to fix this, the main executable should be patched with the 4GB Patch by NTCore. Windows XP 32 Bit can use at most 3 GB of RAM. If you increase your RAM to 4 GB, XP will be able to use inly 3GB of it. As stated previously, for extreme deterioration of system speed, back up your data and do a reinstall of XP. This will speed your computer up the most.

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Apologies if this has been brought up before.
Several months ago I stumbled upon an article that finally explained fully and clearly everything there is to know about the 4GB physical memory limit in 32-bit versions of Windows.
4gbHere is the full article: .. memory.htm

Win Xp 4gb Ram Patch

The summary:
32-bit editions of Windows Vista are limited to 4GB is not because of any technical constraint on 32-bit operating systems. The 32-bit editions of Windows Vista all contain code for using physical memory above 4GB. Microsoft just doesn’t license you to use that code.
(applies equally to Windows 7, and almost equally to XP since SP2).Patch
The solution: An unofficial kernel patch. Geoff Chappell describes the patch in the article, but it is clear that the average user (and most above average users as well) will not feel comfortable hacking their kernel.
However, some people tend to feel more comfortable applying patches that someone else wrote for them. The article cited above basically invited software geeks to release such a patch, and someone did:

4gb Patch Nv .. s-vista-7/
The above contains download links to kernel patches that unlock the 4GB limit in 32bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Of course should be used at one's risk.
I thought this might be an interest to folks who for various reasons do not want to use a 64bit version of Windows.